Miele 09 741 510 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Operating and Installation Instructions
Coffee System
To prevent accidents and appliance damage
read these instructions before installation or use.
en - US, CA
M.-Nr. 09 741 510


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  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Coffee System To prevent accidents and appliance damage read these instructions before installation or use. en - US, CA M.-Nr. 09 741 510...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 5 Guide to the coffee system ......... 10 Controls and display elements .
  • Page 3 Contents Creating a user profile ..........33 Accessing profiles .
  • Page 4 Contents Cleaning and care ..........44 Overview .
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using electrical appliances basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: Read all instructions before installation or use of the coffee system. Persons which lack physical, Please read these instructions sensory or mental abilities or carefully to prevent accidents and experience with the machine should not machine damage.
  • Page 6: Technical Safety

    Check this Only use Miele original spare parts. before connecting the machine. Only then can the manufacturer If in doubt, contact a qualified guarantee the safety of this machine.
  • Page 7: Proper Use

    Be careful when damaged in any manner. Contact emptying it. Miele. Always attach the cord to the Please note: appliance first, then plug it into the wall – Keep away from the areas under the outlet.
  • Page 8 Descale Do not fill anything but ground the machine more frequently in areas coffee or a Miele cleaning tablet for with very hard water. degreasing the brew unit into the ground coffee chute.
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS For machines with stainless steel trim: Do not use sticky notes, transparent adhesive tape, masking tape or other types of adhesive on the surface of the trim. These damage the surface, causing it to lose its dirt repellent protective coating.
  • Page 10: Guide To The Coffee System

    Guide to the coffee system Front view a On/Off touch control K b Controls and display c Door grip d Hot water dispenser e Drip tray f Main dispenser (height-adjustable with lighting) g Milk container with lid...
  • Page 11 Guide to the coffee system Interior view h Ground coffee chute cover i Brew unit j Ground coffee chute k Grind control lever l Coffee bean container m Water tank with inlet n Drip tray with no-spill grid for transport o Waste unit p Drip collecting cup q Main dispenser connector cap...
  • Page 12: Controls And Display Elements

    "Settings" Change settings, display information, or check which settings are currently active j Two servings ° Prepare two servings of a beverage k Parameter , Check or change coffee preparation settings l Optical interface (for Miele Technical Service only)
  • Page 13: Accessories

    Accessories Included accessories Optional accessories – Coffee scoop Miele offers a range of useful for measuring ground coffee accessories, as well as cleaning and conditioning products for your coffee – Milk container with lid machine. for storing and preparing milk –...
  • Page 14: First Steps To Use

    ^ Tap the arrow buttons until the – Time of day current time appears. Tap the OK button. – Display (time of day) ^ Tap the On/Off button K. The setting is now saved. The display briefly shows the "Miele - Welcome" message.
  • Page 15: Water Hardness

    First steps to use Water hardness Display You can choose between the following Water hardness is an indication of the options: amount of minerals dissolved in water. The higher the mineral content, the – On: The date and time are always harder the water.
  • Page 16 First steps to use Determine water hardness You can also determine the water hardness with the supplied test strips. ^ Dip the test strip in water for about one second. Then shake off any excess water. The result will be visible after about one minute.
  • Page 17: Operation

    You are in the beverages menu when To confirm the selection, tap the OK the display shows: button. Miele Exit menu or cancel action To exit the current menu, tap #. Select drink If a button has not been pressed for a while, the coffee machine will revert to the drink menu.
  • Page 18: Filling The Water Tank

    Filling the water tank Change the water daily to prevent bacteria growth. Before using the coffee system for the first time, clean the appliance. See "Cleaning and Care". Only fill the water tank with cold, fresh tap water. ^ Open the appliance door. Hot or warm water or other liquids can damage the coffee machine.
  • Page 19: Filling The Coffee Bean Container

    Filling the coffee bean container You can make coffee or espresso from roasted whole coffee beans that the coffee machine will grind fresh for each portion. Add fresh beans to the coffee bean container. Alternatively, you can make coffee or espresso from ground coffee (see "Coffee beverages prepared from ground coffee").
  • Page 20: Turning The Coffee Machine On And Off

    Turning the coffee machine on and off Turning on Turning off for longer periods of time When the machine is turned on, it heats up and rinses out the pipework. This If you will not be using the coffee cleans and heats the pipework to ready machine for a while: the machine for coffee preparation.
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Coffee Dispensers To The Cup Height

    Adjusting the coffee dispensers to the cup height The coffee dispensers can be raised or lowered to the height of your cup or glass. If the dispensers are closer the beverage will not cool down as quickly and the crema will have a better consistency.
  • Page 22: Preparing Beverages

    Preparing beverages Preparing espresso, coffee or Preparing double portions lungo (large) coffee You can request two portions of espresso or coffee at once in one cup or in two separate cups simultaneously. To fill two cups at the same time, ^ Place a cup under the main spout.
  • Page 23: Cancel Preparation

    Preparing beverages Cancel preparation You can cancel the process at any time: You can cancel preparation while "Stop" ^ Tap the OK button or x . is displayed. ^ Tap the OK button. You can use the "Coffee pot" function twice.
  • Page 24 Preparing beverages Filling ground coffee The display shows the message "Use ground coffee?" Use the scoop supplied with the machine to ensure the correct amount Preparing coffee beverages from of ground coffee is used. ground coffee Do not add more than one level If you want to prepare a coffee scoop of ground coffee to the coffee beverage from ground coffee:...
  • Page 25: Beverages With Milk

    Preparing beverages Beverages with milk You can prepare various specialty coffee beverages with milk or Hot milk and Milk froth. The following specialty coffee options are available: Cappuccino consists of about two-thirds milk froth and one-third espresso. Latte macchiato consists of one-third a Lid each of hot milk, milk froth and espresso.
  • Page 26: Preparing Beverages With Milk

    Preparing beverages Preparing beverages from a Preparing beverages with milk profile ^ Place a suitable cup or glass under the main dispensers. If you have already created a profile, you can select it before preparing a ^ Tap the touch key for the desired beverage.
  • Page 27: Customizing Your Coffee

    Customizing your coffee To ensure that your coffee system is To prevent damage to the grinder: ideally adjusted to the type of coffee you use, you can use the "Parameters" , menu to change the ground amount, Adjust the coffee grinder one level adjust the brewing temperature or at a time.
  • Page 28: Displaying And Adjusting The Parameters For A Beverage

    Customizing your coffee Displaying and adjusting the ^ Tap the arrow buttons until "Amount of coffee" is highlighted. Tap the OK parameters for a beverage button. ^ Tap ,. ^ Tap the arrow keys to change the The , symbol is illuminated. ground amount.
  • Page 29: Pre-Brewing Ground Coffee

    Customizing your coffee Pre-brewing ground coffee When the pre-brewing function is Turned on, the freshly ground coffee is first moistened with a little hot water. Then the remaining water is forced through the moistened coffee at high pressure. This helps release the flavor of the coffee.
  • Page 30: Setting The Serving Size

    Setting the serving size Setting the serving sizes while The flavor of a coffee beverage depends not only on the type of coffee, preparing beverages but also on the quantity of water used. You can adjust the amount of water Setting the serving sizes for used for each portion of espresso, Espresso ., Coffee / and Lungo...
  • Page 31 Setting the serving size Setting serving sizes for cappuccino Setting serving sizes for Café latte, and latte macchiato hot milk and milk froth ^ Place a suitable cup or glass under ^ Place a suitable cup or glass under the main dispensers. the main dispensers.
  • Page 32: Selecting The Beverage Size In The "Parameter" , Menu

    Setting the serving size Selecting the beverage size in Setting the serving sizes for the "Parameter" , menu various profiles ^ Tap , . You can customize the serving sizes of the individual beverages for each ^ Tap the arrow buttons until the profile.
  • Page 33: Creating A User Profile

    If you have already created a profile in ^ Repeat the process until the desired addition to the standard Miele profile, name appears in the top line of the you also have the following options: display.
  • Page 34: Selecting A User Profile

    This selection is only possible if a profile has already been created in profile has already been created in addition to the standard Miele profile. addition to the standard Miele profile. ^ Tap the arrow keys until "Select a ^ Tap the arrow keys until "Delete user profile"...
  • Page 35: Reverting To A User Profile

    You can customize the unit so that, after each drink prepared, it automatically reverts to the standard Miele profile or retains the most recently selected custom profile. ^ Tap the arrow keys until "Change profile" is highlighted. Tap the OK button.
  • Page 36: Settings

    Settings Change and save settings The "Settings" menu allows you to customize the coffee machine for your ^ Tap "Settings". personal needs. ^ Use the arrow buttons to select the desired setting. Accessing the "Settings" Confirm with the OK button. menu ^ Tap the arrow buttons until the ^ Tap "Settings".
  • Page 37: Overview Of Possible Settings

    Settings Overview of possible settings The factory default setting for each menu item is displayed in bold. Menu item Possible settings Language German, English, additional languages Country Time Display off / on / Night dimming Time format 12 h / 24 h Date Timer Timer 1...
  • Page 38 Settings Menu item Possible settings Showroom program Demo mode( on / off) Factory default settings Do not reset Reset...
  • Page 39: Language

    Settings Language Setting the time of day You can select your language and Tap the arrow keys to set the hours and country for all text displayed on your minutes. machine. Date Tip: If you have accidentally selected the wrong language, follow the flag Tap the arrow keys to set the year, icon F to return to the "Language"...
  • Page 40 Settings Select timer Turn off after The available options are: The timer function "Turn off after" is only available with the Timer 1 option. – Timer 1: Turn on at, Turn off at, Turn off after If none of the buttons has been pressed –...
  • Page 41: Eco Mode

    Settings Lighting To activate and deactivate the timer If the timer for "Turn on at" is activated, The following options are available: the + symbol and the desired turn-on – Adjust the brightness of the lighting time will appear on the display 23:59 while the machine is turned on.
  • Page 42: Info (Displaying Information)

    Settings Info (displaying information) Water hardness In the menu option "Info" the number of You will find the information on water portions prepared for each individual hardness in "First steps to use". beverage can be displayed. Display brightness You can also see whether more than 50 portions can be dispensed before the Use the arrow keys to adjust the display machine needs to be descaled...
  • Page 43: Showroom Program (Demo Mode)

    Settings Showroom program (demo mode) Do not activate this setting for domestic use. The coffee machine can be presented in the showroom or at exhibitions in "Demo mode". In this mode the machine lights up, but no drinks are prepared or actions carried out. The coffee machine cannot be turned off with the On/Off button K when demo mode is activated.
  • Page 44: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Overview The coffee machine must be cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up of bacteria. Recommended frequency What needs to be cleaned/maintained? Daily Milk container and lid (at the end of the day) Water container Waste unit Drip tray and no-spill grid Once weekly Main dispensers (more often for heavier staining)
  • Page 45 Cleaning and care Danger of burns! All surfaces are susceptible to Let the unit cool down before you scratching. On glass surfaces, clean it, especially the water in the scratches can lead to breakage. drip tray. All surfaces can become discolored if they are cleaned with unsuitable Do NOT use a steam cleaner to products.
  • Page 46: Rinsing The System

    Cleaning and care Rinsing the system Milk pipework When a coffee drink has been Make sure that the milk lines are prepared, the coffee machine also cleaned regularly and thoroughly. rinses itself before turning off. This Milk contains natural bacteria that removes any remaining coffee residue.
  • Page 47 When the number of days left equals 0, machine. It is available from Miele. the display will show the message "Clean milk pipework". At this time, the To avoid damage to the unit, use function for preparing beverages with only this detergent.
  • Page 48: Milk Container With Lid

    Cleaning and care Milk container with lid Ensure that the neck and lip of the container are kept clean (both when filling and when moving the container). Otherwise the unit can malfunction. ^ The milk container (glass) can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand using warm water and liquid dish soap.
  • Page 49: Main Dispenser

    Cleaning and care Main dispenser Clean the stainless steel cover of the main dispenser by hand only, using warm water and some dishwashing liquid. All other components are dishwasher safe. ^ Release the dispenser by seizing it by the sides of the magnet and pulling it to the front.
  • Page 50: Milk Valve Maintenance

    Cleaning and care Milk valve maintenance You should put the milk valve in maintenance mode once per week to ensure good quality milk froth. ^ Tap x . ^ Tap the arrow key Y until "Maintenance" is highlighted. Tap the OK button. ^ Tap the arrow keys until "Condition milk valve"...
  • Page 51: Water Tank

    Cleaning and care Water tank Waste unit Change the water every day to prevent After a certain time, the coffee machine a build-up of bacteria. will display a message indicating that the coffee grounds container needs to Make sure that the valve, the be emptied.
  • Page 52: Drip Tray

    Cleaning and care Drip tray Make sure that the metal discs (contacts) on the drip tray are Clean the drip tray daily to prevent cleaned and dried properly. The odors and mold. discs will only be able to detect that the drip tray is full if they are clean The coffee machine will show a and dry.
  • Page 53: Drip Tray Cover

    Cleaning and care Drip tray cover Bean container ^ Remove the drip tray cover. ^ Pull the bean container out of the unit and pull the lid toward the back and ^ The drip tray cover can be cleaned in off.
  • Page 54: Interior And Unit Door

    Cleaning and care Interior and unit door Brew unit ^ Clean the interior and the unit door Clean the brew unit by hand only with warm water and liquid dish soap using hot water. Do not use soap. once all removable parts have been The moving parts of the brew unit removed.
  • Page 55 Cleaning and care ^ Carefully pull the brew unit out of the To replace the brew unit, repeat the coffee machine. previous steps in the reverse order: ^ Push the brew unit back into the If you cannot remove the brew unit or can only do so with difficulty, the brew coffee machine, making sure it is unit is not in the correct position (see...
  • Page 56: Degreasing The Brew Unit

    These cleaning tablets have been specially formulated for use in the coffee machine to optimize degreasing. They are available from Miele. After 200 portions, the display will show the message "Degrease brew unit". This message will be displayed until the ^ Remove the ground coffee chute brew unit has been degreased.
  • Page 57: Exterior

    K. ^ Use only a clean, soft sponge with warm water and liquid dish soap to clean the housing. Dry all parts with a soft cloth. Tip: You can also clean the exterior using the Miele micro fiber cloth.
  • Page 58: Descaling

    You will need two descaling tablets for beverage is made. the descaling process. ^ Tap the OK button to confirm this Only use the Miele descaling message. tablets. Other types of descaling When the number of remaining agents can damage the machine beverages is 0, the coffee system will and affect the taste.
  • Page 59 Descaling ^ Tap the OK button. The descaling program is now complete and beverages can be prepared in the machine again. When descaling the machine, be sure to wipe off any splashes of descaling agent immediately! These could damage the surfaces. After descaling the machine, carefully clean the water tank and the drip tray to ^ Fill the water tank to the mark with...
  • Page 60: Frequently Asked Questions

    Display messages ^ To address the "fault", follow the instructions on the display. ^ If the fault message still appears on the display, contact Miele Technical Ser- vice. Fault Possible cause and solution Fault 1 to 4 An internal fault is present.
  • Page 61 Frequently asked questions Fault Possible cause and solution ^ The brew unit cannot reset to the correct position or it is Fault 73 clogged and the ground coffee cannot be processed. "Check the brew unit" ^ Check if you can remove the brew unit (see "Cleaning and care –...
  • Page 62 Frequently asked questions Fault Possible cause and solution "Too much ground There is too much ground coffee in the ground coffee coffee" chute. If more than one level scoop is put into the ground coffee chute the brew unit cannot process it. The ground coffee will be directed into the waste container, and a fault will appear in the display.
  • Page 63 ^ Remove the coffee machine's plug from the outlet. ^ Contact a qualified electrician or Miele Technical Ser- vice for assistance. The coffee machine The turn-off time programmed into the timer has been turns off suddenly.
  • Page 64 Frequently asked questions Fault Possible cause and solution The touch keys do not An internal fault has occurred. respond. The coffee ^ Open the unit door. machine can no longer The current process is stopped. be operated. ^ Disconnect the power supply by unplugging the machine's power cord.
  • Page 65 Frequently asked questions Fault Possible cause and solution No milk or milk froth is The milk pipework or the air intake hose is clogged. coming out of the main ^ Follow the instructions in "Cleaning clogged milk dispenser. pipework". The display shows the The milk container lid may be contaminated, causing message "Fill and insert the sensors to malfunction.
  • Page 66 Frequently asked questions Unsatisfactory result Fault Possible cause and solution The consistency of The milk temperature is too high. Good milk froth can only the milk froth is be prepared with cold milk (under 55°F/13 °C). unsatisfactory. ^ Check the milk temperature in the milk container. The milk pipework or the air intake hose is clogged.
  • Page 67 Frequently asked questions Fault Possible cause and solution The crema on the The grind level is too coarse or too fine. coffee or espresso ^ Set the grinder control to a coarser or finer setting (see is not right. "Adjusting the grinder setting"). The brewing temperature is too high for the type of coffee being used.
  • Page 68: Cleaning Clogged Milk Pipework

    Cleaning clogged milk pipework Step 1: Cleaning the milk If the quality of the milk froth is unsatisfactory, the air intake hose may pipework in the milk container be clogged. Follow the instructions in "Step 2: Clean air intake hose and angled section in the door".
  • Page 69 Cleaning clogged milk pipework To reassemble the lid: ^ First insert the gasket in the lid. Then insert the milk intake pipe into the gasket. Make sure not to slide the beveled end of the milk intake hose into the gasket.
  • Page 70 Cleaning clogged milk pipework Step 4: Milk valve maintenance ^ Tap x . ^ Tap the arrow key Y until "Maintenance" is highlighted. Tap the OK button. ^ Tap the arrow keys until "Condition milk valve" is highlighted. Tap the OK button.
  • Page 71: After Sales Service

    Miele’s Service department, Extended Service Contracts offered by other providers for Miele products will not be recognized by Miele. Our goal is to prevent unauthorized (and untrained) service personnel from working on your Miele products, possibly doing further damage to them, you and/or your home.
  • Page 73: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most current product specification, technical & warranty information. The installation steps are described in the enclosed "Installation Diagram". Leave these instructions with the appliance for the consumer/user. Information is subject to change.
  • Page 74: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of packing material Disposal of an old appliance The cardboard box and packing Old appliances may contain materials materials protect the appliance during that can be recycled. Please contact shipping. They have been designed to your local recycling authority about the be biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Page 75: Electrical Connection

    If there is any question concerning the electrical connection of this appliance to your power supply, please consult a licensed electrician or contact Miele’s Technical Service Department. See back page for contact information.
  • Page 76: Installation

    Installation Installation and combination options The unit is designed to be built into cabinetry.
  • Page 77 Installation A combination with other built-in Miele appliances is possible. For combination installations, it is very important to install the unit with a protective base between the appliance and the unit (exception: installation with a built-in plate warmer).
  • Page 78: Ventilation

    Installation ^ If there is no sealing strip around the Make sure no power is supplied to installation recess, stick the Miele the unit while installation work is sealing strip onto the unit from the performed. The same applies in the back before putting it into the recess.
  • Page 79 Installation ^ Open the door and partially tighten Tip: A place to set down the coffee machine at the level of the installation the screws. recess is helpful. It makes connecting the unit easier. ^ Align the unit by carefully adjusting the lower Allen head screws until the ^ Unscrew the four feet on the unit is centered in the installation...
  • Page 80: Adjusting The Door Hinges

    Installation Adjusting the door hinges If the door cannot be opened or closed easily after installation, you will have to align the door (TX 20): ^ To adjust the door flush with the front of the cabinet, turn the screw a. ^ To adjust the door horizontally and vertically, turn the screw b.
  • Page 83: Adresses

    Technical Service. U.S.A. Canada Miele, Inc. Importer Miele Limited National Headquarters 9 Independence Way Headquarters and Miele Centre Princeton, NJ 08540 161 Four Valley Drive 800-843-7231 Phone: Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8 609-419-9898 www.miele.ca 609-419-4298...
  • Page 84 CVA 6401 en - US, CA M.-Nr. 09 741 510 / 02...

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