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Miele CVA 6805 Installation Instructions Manual


Installation Instructions
CVA 6805


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  • Page 1 Installation Instructions CVA 6805...
  • Page 2: Technical Service

    Miele’s Service department, Ex‐ tended Service Contracts offered by other providers for Miele products will not be recognized by Miele. Our goal is to prevent unauthorized (and untrained) service personnel from working on your Miele products, possibly doing further damage to them, you and/or your home.
  • Page 3: Saving Energy

    Saving energy If the settings of the following functions are altered from the factory default, en‐ ergy consumption will increase: – Eco mode – Lighting – Time display – Timer...
  • Page 4: Packaging Material / Disposal Of Old Machine

    Packaging material / Disposal of old machine Disposal of packaging material Disposal of your old appliance The cardboard box and packing materi‐ Old electrical and electronic appliances als protect the appliance during ship‐ often still contain valuable materials. ping. They have been designed to be However, they also contain harmful biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Page 5 Plumbing The appliance must be connected to Notes on connecting to the a cold water line that: water supply – is directly connected to the fresh wa‐ The appliance must be connected to ter supply in order to ensure a circu‐ the water supply by a qualified pro‐...
  • Page 6 Plumbing Parts must only be replaced with original Miele spare parts, available from Miele. Fitting the stainless steel hose to the appliance Make sure that the stainless steel hose is not kinked or damaged. The Screw the supplied brass compres‐...
  • Page 7 Plumbing This product is tested and certified by the WQA against ORD0902 for California "lead free" compliance. Miele & Cie KG Carl-Miele-Straße 29 D-33332 Gütersloh...
  • Page 8: Electrical Connection

    All to your power supply, please consult a electrical work should be performed by licensed electrician or contact Miele’s a qualified electrician in strict accord‐ Technical Service Department. See ance with national and local safety reg‐...
  • Page 9: Installation

    Installation Installation and combination options The appliance is designed to be built into a tall unit.
  • Page 10 Installation It can also be combined with other Miele built-in appliances. If the coffee system is to be built in above another appliance, there must be a full-width, closed shelf between them.
  • Page 11 Installation – A ventilation gap of at least 1 5/8" Ventilation (40 mm) depth must be provided be‐ Condensation water can damage the hind the appliance for air to circulate. coffee system or surrounding cabi‐ – The ventilation cross-sections in the nets.
  • Page 12 Ensure the electrical and water con‐ If there is not a seal at the front of the nection does not get damaged when building-in niche, adhere the Miele pushing the appliance into the niche. sealing strips from the back (see pic‐...
  • Page 13: Adjusting The Door Hinges

    Installation Adjusting the door hinges If the machine door becomes difficult to open or close after installation, you can adjust the hinges to realign it (TX 20): Open the appliance door, and partial‐ ly tighten the side socket screws. Carefully turn the lower socket screws to center the machine in the niche.
  • Page 14: Copyright And Licenses

    . You will need to enter the specific product name. Miele will provide the source code for all components of software licensed under the GNU General Public License and comparable Open Source licenses. For source code requests, please e-mail
  • Page 17 Technical Service. U.S.A. Canada Miele, Inc. Importer Miele Limited National Headquarters 9 Independence Way Headquarters and Miele Centre Princeton, NJ 08540 161 Four Valley Drive 800-843-7231 Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8 Phone: 609-419-9898 Fax:...
  • Page 18 CVA 6805 en – US, CA M.-Nr. 10 215 120 / 0...

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