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Keurig K40 Elite Owner's Manual

Keurig k-cup k40/k45 elite brewer
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Owner' s manual
K40/K45 Elite Brewer



  Summary of Contents for Keurig K40 Elite

  • Page 1 Owner’ s manual Keurig K-Cup K40/K45 Elite Brewer ® ®...
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    Contact installed and located in accordance the power cord or use an adapter. Keurig Customer Service to report with these instructions before it is used. Consult a qualified electrician if any malfunction of or damage to the...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    K-Cup Pack Holder and the other in the bottom of the K-Cup Pack ® ® KEURIG GOURMET SINGLE CUP HOME BREWING SYSTEM ® Holder. To avoid risk of injury, do not put your fingers in the K-Cup Pack ®...
  • Page 4: Helpful Hints

    6. Brewing into a travel mug. page 3 of this guide. The serial number can be hot cocoa, Keurig recommends using bottled To brew into a travel mug, simply remove the found on the bottom of the brewer box or on the or filtered water.
  • Page 5: Product View

    Features K40/K45 Elite Brewer K40/K45 Elite Brewer Controls and Indicators Water Reservoir Lid K-Cup Pack Holder Housing Small Cup Button Auto Off Light (Green) ® (E and F are the Drip Tray Plate Water Reservoir Small Mug Button Heating Light (Red) K-Cup Pack Holder ®...
  • Page 6: Setting Up Your Brewer

    SECTION 1 Set-Up & First Brew You cannot use your Keurig brewer until ® Place Water Reservoir base into the left side of IMPorTanT: fig. Lock Tabs the brewer and be sure the Water Reservoir it has been set-up for its first use as set forth below.
  • Page 7: Ready To Brew Your First Cup

    Pack Holder (fig. 5). pack. ® CAUTION: K-Cup pack will be hot. ® CAUTION: There are two sharp needles Enjoy your first cup of Keurig Brewed ® that puncture the K-Cup pack, one above ® gourmet coffee, tea or hot cocoa! the K-Cup Pack Holder and the other in the ®...
  • Page 8: Stopping The Brew Process

    SECTION 1 Set-Up & First Brew adding Water Ready to Brew Your First Cup (Continued) The red Heating Light may be illuminated as the water is heated for the The blue Add Water Light will illuminate when the next brew cycle. The brewer will be ready for use in approximately 15 water level in the Water Reservoir is low or if the seconds.
  • Page 9: Purging The Brewer

    Brewing Iced Beverages Purging the Brewer Your iced tea and iced coffee taste best when fresh-brewed hot over ice. If your brewer has not been used for more than one week, you should purge Try it by placing a tall cup filled with ice on the Drip Tray Plate (the Drip the water from the internal tank.
  • Page 10: Section 2 — Controls & Indicators Programming Auto Off Timer Feature

    SECTION 2 SECTION 3 Controls & Indicators Cleaning & Maintenance (LED Control Center) Programming auto off Timer Feature cleaning external Parts Set the brewer to turn off two hours after the last brew. Regular cleaning of the brewer’s external components is recommended. Press the Power Button to turn on the brewer.
  • Page 11: Cleaning Water Reservoir/Lid

    The Funnel can be Rinse the filter screen with the strong force of water from your faucet. 2. Cleaning the Funnel — fig. If you have a sprayer, aim the water spray at the filter screen. removed from the K-Cup Pack Holder by ®...
  • Page 12: De-Scaling

    SECTION 3 Cleaning & Maintenance De-Scaling Instructions Step 3: Repeat brew process until the blue Add Water Light is illuminated. Step 4: You may need to perform additional cleansing brews if you notice any A. PREPARE residual taste. Step 1: To begin, you will need the following: NOTE: If the red Descale Light is still illuminated after completing At least 48 oz.
  • Page 13: Section 4 — Troubleshooting

    SECTION 4 Troubleshooting SITuaTIon SoLuTIon SITuaTIon SoLuTIon Brewer does not Plug brewer into an independent outlet. Brewing a The Exit Needle may be clogged (refer to page 11). • • have power Check to be sure that it is plugged in securely. partial cup Clean K-Cup Pack Holder if necessary and rinse...
  • Page 14: Section 5 — Warranty

    God. stored in our system. Keurig will, at its option, repair or replace a defective brewer without charge upon its receipt of proof of the date of purchase. If a...
  • Page 15 We’re here to help! Scan this QR code with your smartphone for step-by-step videos on Keurig is committed to your satisfaction. If you have questions, just give cleaning, de-scaling and more. Or if you prefer, you can watch the videos us a call to have them answered quickly without leaving the comfort of on your computer at
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