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Keurig K-Mini Plus Quick Start Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Keurig K-Mini Plus

  • Page 1 Let’s get brewing. Quick Start Guide...
  • Page 2 The appliance should be returned to the nearest authorized service facility For detailed brewer cleaning and maintenance for examination, repair, or adjustment if instructions, videos, and the full Use & Care Guide applicable or contact Keurig customer service. visit
  • Page 3: Power Cord Instructions

    Keurig® My K-Cup® Reusable Coffee Filter ii. If the appliance is of the grounded type, the and Keurig® approved K-Cup® pods in this extension cord should be a Grounding type appliance. The use of non-Keurig® pods or 3-wire cord.
  • Page 4 Before You Brew 2. Pour Power Button STRONG STRONG 1. Fill (8oz) 3. Place Plug & Power Fill & Place Remove packing tape from brewer. Pull plug and Add 1 cup (8oz) of water into a mug. Lift the extend cord from cord storage located at the water reservoir lid and pour the water into the back of the brewer.
  • Page 5 STRONG Brew Button STRONG STRONG Brew Indicator Lift & Lower Cleansing Brew Press the brew button. The brew indicator light Lift and lower the handle. Do not insert a will illuminate solid, then begin to pulse while the K-Cup® pod. The brew indicator light will brewer is heating.
  • Page 6 Brew Your First Cup 2. Pour STRONG STRONG STRONG Brew Indicator 3. Place Lift & Place Pod Fill & Place Mug Lift the handle. Place a K-Cup® pod in the Add desired amount of water into a mug K-Cup® pod holder. Lower the handle completely (6oz minimum, 12oz maximum).
  • Page 7: Caring For Your Brewer

    The brew indicator light will instructions, videos, and the full Use & Care Guide visit Beyond these illuminate solid, then begin to pulse while the brewer is heating. After recommended cleaning instructions, this about 2 minutes, the brew indicator light will illuminate solid again brewer is not user-serviceable.
  • Page 8 Have questions? We’re here to help. Visit for troubleshooting videos, maintenance recommendations, and the full Use & Care Guide. both holes. Gently move it around to loosen any Still need help? Give us a call at 1-866-901-BREW (2739) coffee grounds.