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ABB CEM 05100 User Manual

ABB CEM 05100 User Manual

Ethernet communication adapter cem 05100


CEM 05100
User's Manual
Rev A


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  • Page 1 Ethernet Communication Adapter CEM 05100 User’s Manual Rev A...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS..............15 CONTACT INFORMATION................... 15 INDEX........................16 © 2006-2009 by ABB AB. All rights reserved. Trademarks Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Windows, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.
  • Page 3: General

    TCP and UDP protocols. Like all other ABB serial communication adapters, the ABB Ethernet communication adapter have the size of 2 DIN-modules and follows the ABB’s pro M- standard, which defines mechanical dimensions, way of mounting (35 mm DIN-rail) and design outlook.
  • Page 4: Type Designation

    220 - 240 V Optional functionality No options Functional upgrade Table 1: Type designation of ABB Serial Communication Adapters. 3 INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the power supply. 2. Strip the wires and connect them to the top terminals of the SCA.
  • Page 5: Status Led

    3.1 STATUS LED The status LED, part 6 in figure 1, indicates the state of the SCA. The chart below describes the state of the SCA and how the status LED indicates this. Status LED SCA Status Green Link has been established and OK. Flashing Green Transferring data.
  • Page 6: Technical Data

    5 TECHNICAL DATA Network Protocol and Standards Compatibility Data protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP. Power Supply Nominal voltage: 100-240 V AC Voltage range: -20 % to +15 % of nominal voltage. Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 5 % Power consumption: 0.80 VA at 230 V AC, 50 Hz. Terminal wire area: 0 –...
  • Page 7: Dimensions

    Figure 3: The physical dimensions of the SCA. 6 AUTOMATIC METER READING The ABB Ethernet communication adapter provides Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) using M-Bus protocol over UDP or TCP over a network. This is done transparently without altering the original M- Bus telegrams.
  • Page 8: Accessing The Web Server

    7.1 ACCESSING THE WEB SERVER This section will describe how to access the built-in web server in ABB Ethernet communication adapter. To access the SCA for the first time, the IP-range of the local area network used must be 192.168.1.x, with free for the SCA to use.
  • Page 9: Odinsingle Energy Reset

    7.3 USER AND SECURITY MANAGEMENT This section will deal with the user management feature in the ABB Ethernet communication adapter. It will discuss how to add and remove users and setting their privileges and settings.
  • Page 10: Security

    login requires neither. The guest without login type means that only an administrator can change settings, but anyone can access the meter-data readout. 7.3.1 SECURITY From a security-perspective, the SCA is designed to be used in a private network. It is not intended to be used in a public network like the Internet.
  • Page 11: Guest Without Login User-Type

    Restart the web browser and a login window will appear. Login with username and pass. 7.3.3 GUEST WITHOUT LOGIN USER-TYPE A guest without login-type user can be added to the system, no username and password is required to be entered when creating this type of user. To login as this type of guest, click OK without entering any login information when prompted.
  • Page 12: Configuring Adapter Settings

    7.4 CONFIGURING ADAPTER SETTINGS This section will describe how to configure the ABB Ethernet communication adapter’s IP-address both statically and by a DHCP-server. 7.4.1 ASSIGNING IP-ADDRESS STATICALLY Enter the Module Setup by clicking on the Module Setup tab. Uncheck the Enable DHCP check box and enter the information for static IP-address.
  • Page 13: Assigning Ip-Address Through Dhcp-Server

    Click Save and restart to send the new settings to the SCA. The SCA reboots automatically and implements the new setup. Wait a few seconds before attempting to access the ethernet module again. 7.4.2 ASSIGNING IP-ADDRESS THROUGH DHCP-SERVER. Click on the Module Setup link and check the DHCP checkbox. The IP settings will then be received from a DHCP server when the SCA is restarted.
  • Page 14: Timeout Configuration

    7.4.3 TIMEOUT CONFIGURATION The AMR timeout in the Module setup page of the SCA is a way to ensure that a connected electricity meter communicates in only one way at any given time: UDP, TCP or via the web server. The timeout is locked to one protocol, and is released either when the protocol closes the connection or when the timeout limit is reached.
  • Page 15: Abbreviations And Acronyms

    IP address. Serial Communication Adapter Unshielded twisted pair. The cable used by 10BASE-T and 100BASE-Tx Ethernet networks. 9 CONTACT INFORMATION ABB AB P.O. Box 1005 SE-611 29 NYKÖPING Sweden Tel: +46 - 155 295000 Fax: +46 - 155 288110...
  • Page 16: Index

    10 INDEX Accessing the web server......7 Module Setup ........11, 12 Add users ..........9 Assigning IP-address statically.....11 Overload protection ........ 3 Assigning IP-address through DHCP- server..........12 Automatic meter reading, AMR .....6 Removing users ........11 Reset port..........4 RJ-45 Ethernet connector ....... 3 Configuring Adapter Settings ....11 SCA parts ..........

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