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Dell SonicWALL Installation And Implementation page 4

Network security appliance
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Provide the site environmental and technical readiness requirements and review the same with Dell.
Furnish the network design; including IP addressing information (please contact your Dell sales
representative if network design Consulting Engagement is desired).
Excluded Services
Installation of any Supported Product(s) into a non-supported rack.
Routing of any cables external to the rack.
Performance tuning or benchmarking of the network.
Providing and/or installing cabling, including fiber, not specified herein.
De-installation or re-installation of product(s) or application(s).
Configuration and support of third-party, non- Dell products.
Subsequent on-site visits in the event a problem arises.
Dell is not responsible for customer issues related to external devices or network related issues that
result in a loss of connectivity.
Installation and configuration of more than two (2) Supported Products.
Any activities other than those specifically noted in this Service Description.
The terms of this Service Description do not confer on the Customer any warranties which are in
addition to the warranties provided under the terms of any Agreement.
Service specific Customer responsibilities
Customer is responsible to:
Provide space in a Dell approved rack, as required for the appliance(s), per the hardware reference
Verify that the additional weight of the appliance(s) does not exceed the rack weight limits.
Ensure that an electrical branch circuit with the following characteristics is available:
Required voltage and frequency as indicated in the hardware reference manual.
Protection by a circuit breaker in accordance with local electrical codes.
Supply circuit, line fusing, and wire size that conforms to the electrical rating on the switch(es).
Grounded outlet compatible with the power cord and installed by a licensed electrician.
Ensure that the rack is mechanically secured to ensure stability and complies with all local building
Arrange to have all attached components installed and available to connect to the switch, or
purchase installation services from Dell for the attached components.
Ensure that any hardware and software that is to be installed is available and located at the
installation site, including the appliance(s), rack mounting hardware, and appropriate cables.
Ensure the appliance(s) is covered under an active support contract or warranty support (Dell will
not provide this Service on any appliance(s) that does not have active support).
Create a account and register the appliance(s).
Dispose of packing material and other debris.
Ensure that with respect to the existing network equipment configuration:
IP addresses are provided to assign to appliance(s), as needed, in advance.
The Customer environment is stable and functional for Dell to begin Services specified herein.
Provide acknowledgment that Services have been performed.
Terms and conditions about your Service
1 Term of service
This Agreement commences on the date
you place your order and continues
through the Term of Service. The "Term of
4 Installation and Implementation of a Dell SonicWALL Network Security Appliance | v1.0 | December 9, 2012
Service" begins on the purchase date and
extends for the term indicated on the
Order Form. The number of systems,
licenses, installations, deployments,
managed end points or end-users for



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