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Operating Instructions; Place The Laundry In The Drum; Measure Out The Detergent - Zanussi TL592 Instruction Book

Washing machine tl592
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Before using your appliance for the first time, we recommend that you do a preliminary wash with
the machine empty, as a precaution to clean the drum, the tub and the detergent dispenser.
1. Pour a dose of detergent in the "washing" compartment.
2. Select the "whites 90°C" program without prewash.
3. Press the on/off button " ". The cycle starts.

1. Place the laundry in the drum

lift up the lid of the machine.
open the drum with your two hands by pressing
the button A and the two flapdoors till they
introduce the laundry into the drum ; close the
drum and the lid of the machine.
Be careful : before closing the lid of your machine,
make sure that the drum flapdoors are correctly
closed :
the two flapdoors fastened,
the button A pressed out.

2. Measure out the detergent

Measure out the amount of detergent
recommended by the manufacturer in the main
wash compartment ( ).
If you wish to carry out a prewash, pour the amount
required into the prewash compartment ( ).
3. Add the bleach agent, if
You may use a bleach agent in all the washing
programmes. However, make sure that the fabric
withstands the treatment. Bleach is automatically
washed down into the drum. Pour 1/4 to 1 glass of
12° chl bleach into compartment marked (
before switching the machine on.
4. Add the fabric softener
Pour the softener, if required, into the compartment
marked ( ). Do not exceed the MAX level.
Your washing machine has been conceived in
order to save water and detergent products.
Please take care the filling level of the detergent
products do not exceed the MAX marks located
near the display window of your detergent
5. Press the half load pushbutton
" if required.


Liquid detergent
only compartment
Powder detergent


Table of Contents

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