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Installation; Levelling; Moving Of The Appliance - Zanussi TL592 Instruction Book

Washing machine tl592
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The floor must be clean and dry, free from floor
10 A + Earth
polish and other greasy substances, so that the
machine does not slide about. Do not use any
grease as lubrification.
Installation on deep pile carpets and floor
coverings with foam backings is not recommended,
as the stability of the machine is no longer
guaranteed. If the installation must be done on a
carpeted floor, the openings located at the lower
part of the back of the appliance must remain
free. These openings ensure a good ventilation of
your appliance. In case of small format tiles, place
a standard rubber mat under the machine.
With sprung floors, in particular wooden plank
floors with yielding floor boards, screw down a
waterproof wooden base at least 15 mm thick,
across at least 2 floor boards. Wherever possible,
place the appliance in the corner of the room - there
wooden floors are most secure and least liable to
resonance vibrations.
Never compensate for small unevennesses in the
floor by placing wood, pasteboard or such like.
The front adjustable feet must be blocked after
installation of the appliance by means of the locking


It is essential that your machine is absolutely level.
Raise or lower the front feet of the machine; tighten
the nuts of the feet with an adjustable wrench.
Also make sure that the machine does not touch
the wall, the furnitures etc. during the functioning.
This in order to avoid vibrations, noise or displace-
ments of the appliance during operation.

Moving of the appliance

To move your washing machine, put it on its
wheels by turning from the right to the left the
special lever situated at the bottom of the ma-
chine. Once the machine placed at the chosen
place, bring back the lever to its initial original


Table of Contents

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