Network Services - Nokia Internet Stick CS-17 Manual

Wireless modem
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condition is normal. If you suspect the
device is not working properly, take it to
the nearest authorised service facility.

Network services

To use the device you must have service
from a wireless service provider. Some
features are not available on all
networks; other features may require
that you make specific arrangements
with your service provider to use them.
Network services involve transmission of
data. Check with your service provider for
The Nokia Internet Stick CS-17 is a
wireless modem that lets you transfer
data in cellular networks.
To use the device with your computer,
you need the Nokia Internet Modem
application that is automatically
When connecting to any other device,
read its user guide for detailed safety
instructions. Do not connect
incompatible products.
details about fees in your home network
and when roaming in other networks.
Your service provider can explain what
charges will apply. Some networks may
have limitations that affect how you can
use some features of this device requiring
network support.
installed when you connect the device
to the computer for the first time.
Read this guide carefully before using
the device. Also read the user guides
for the Nokia Internet Modem
application, your computer, operating

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents