Get Started; Antenna Locations - Nokia Internet Stick CS-17 Manual

Wireless modem
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with Hotfix KB943198, or Service Pack
3 or newer), Microsoft Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu 9.04, or
Apple Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, or 10.6.

Get started

The device contains the following
parts shown on the title page:
indicator light (1), USB plug covered
with a protection cap (2), and cover of
the SIM card slot (3).

Antenna locations

Your device has internal antennas. Avoid
touching the antenna area (4)
unnecessarily while the antenna is
transmitting or receiving. Contact with
antennas affects the communication
quality and may cause a higher power
level during operation and may reduce
the computer battery life.
Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition
is not supported.
Insert the SIM card
Warning: Keep the
protection cap out of the
reach of small children.
1. Remove the protection cap (5).
2. Lift the cover of the SIM card slot
3. Insert the SIM card (7).
Ensure that the contact surface on
the card is facing down, and the
bevelled corner is on the right.
4. To close the cover, press it against
the device (8), and slide it into

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents