Additional Safety Information; Operating Environment; Medical Devices - Nokia Internet Stick CS-17 Manual

Wireless modem
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The crossed-out wheeled-bin
symbol on your product,
battery, literature, or packaging
reminds you that all electrical
and electronic products,
batteries, and accumulators must be
taken to separate collection at the end of

Additional safety information

Small children
Your device and its accessories are not
toys. They may contain small parts. Keep
them out of the reach of small children.
This device model has been tested and
meets RF exposure guidelines when
positioned at least 0.5 centimetre (1/5
inch) away from the body when
plugged directly into a USB port on the
their working life. This requirement
applies in the European Union. Do not
dispose of these products as unsorted
municipal waste. For more environmental
information, see the product Eco-
Declarations at
host device or used at the end of the
Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-175D that
may be supplied in the sales package.

Medical devices

Operation of any radio transmitting
equipment, including wireless phones,
may interfere with the function of
inadequately protected medical devices.
Consult a physician or the manufacturer
of the medical device to determine
whether they are adequately shielded
from external RF energy. Switch off your

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents