Nokia Internet Stick CS-19 Manual
Nokia Internet Stick CS-19 Manual

Nokia Internet Stick CS-19 Manual

Wireless modem


Nokia Internet Stick CS-19
Issue 2.0


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Nokia Internet Stick CS-19

  • Page 1 Nokia Internet Stick CS-19 Issue 2.0...
  • Page 3 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances shall Hereby, NOKIA CORPORATION declares that Nokia or any of its licensors be responsible this RD-14 product is in compliance with the for any loss of data or income or any special,...
  • Page 4 ENGLISH SAFETY Read these simple guidelines. Not During extended operation, the device following them may be dangerous or may feel warm. In most cases, this illegal. Read the complete user guide for condition is normal. If you suspect the further information. device is not working properly, take it to the nearest authorised service facility.
  • Page 5 To use the device, you need a you may need to subscribe to them. subscription with a service provider. Introduction The Nokia Internet Stick CS-19 is a the internet connection set up wireless modem that lets you transfer through the device.
  • Page 6: Supported Hardware And Software

    ENGLISH Read the user guide for the 64-bit (x64) processor or faster, a connection manager compatible USB port, and 350 mega- bytes of available space on the hard To read the user guide for the disk. You also need one of the follow- connection manager application, you ing operating systems: Microsoft must have a PDF reader application...
  • Page 7: Get Started

    ENGLISH Get started The device contains the following 2. Lift the cover of the SIM card parts shown on the title page: slot (7). indicator light (1), cover of the 3. Insert the SIM card (8). memory card slot (2), USB plug Make sure the contact surface on covered with a protection cap (3), the card is facing down, and the...
  • Page 8 3. Switch on your computer, and • In Mac OS, double-click the connect the device to the USB port Nokia Internet Modem drive on the computer, so that the Nokia and then the connection logo is facing up. manager icon.
  • Page 9: Indicator Light

    ENGLISH 7. When prompted, enter the ported network in your location. If the personal identification number red light flashes, the device is not reg- (PIN) code of your SIM card. The istered to a cellular network because PIN code helps to protect your SIM you have not entered the PIN code, if card against unauthorised use and the PIN code request is enabled in the...
  • Page 10 To uninstall the device and the Use only compatible memory cards connection manager application from approved by Nokia for use with this your computer, do one of the device. Incompatible cards may damage following: the card and the device and corrupt data •...
  • Page 11: Connect To The Internet

    Start menu. For a wireless local area network example, in Windows XP, select (WLAN or Wi-Fi), select View Start > Programs > Nokia > network list and the desired Nokia Internet Modem > network. The indicator beside the Nokia Internet Modem.
  • Page 12: Take Care Of Your Device

    ENGLISH Note: Using WLAN computer battery power and may be restricted in reduces the battery life. some countries. For 6. Start using the connection with example, in France, you are only the software you want. allowed to use WLAN indoors. For 7.
  • Page 13 Nokia products at • Do not store the device in cold werecycle, or with a mobile device, temperatures. When the device
  • Page 14: Additional Safety Information

    ENGLISH Additional safety information ■ Small children 15.3 centimeters (6 inches) between a wireless device and an implanted medical Your device and its accessories are not device, such as a pacemaker or implanted toys. They may contain small parts. Keep cardioverter defibrillator, to avoid them out of the reach of small children.
  • Page 15: Hearing Aids

    USB port on the ■ host device or used at the end of the Potentially explosive Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-175D that environments may be supplied in the sales package. Switch off your device in any area with a ■...
  • Page 16: Certification Information (Sar)

    ENGLISH in progress. Areas with a potentially organisation ICNIRP and include safety explosive atmosphere are often, but not margins designed to assure the always, clearly marked. They include protection of all persons, regardless of areas where you would be advised to turn age and health.
  • Page 17 0.5 centimeter (1/5 inch) away from the body when plugged directly into a USB port on the host device or used at the end of the Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-175D that may be supplied in the sales package.

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Table of Contents