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Summary of Contents for Nokia RD-17

  • Page 1 Nokia USB Modem 5555555/1 Cyan Cyan Magenta Magenta Yellow Yellow Black Black...
  • Page 2 Cyan Cyan Magenta Magenta Yellow Yellow Black Black...
  • Page 3: About Your Usb Modem

    ENGLISH About your USB modem The Nokia USB modem is a displayed in the language you wireless modem, used to connect selected during the installation of to the internet in cellular or the application. wireless networks. For additional information, go to To connect to the internet, you
  • Page 4: Get Started

    Insert the SIM card reach of small children. 1. Remove the cap. Use only compatible memory cards 2. Slide the cover, and lift it up (6). approved by Nokia for use with this device. Incompatible cards may Cyan Cyan Magenta...
  • Page 5: Install The Connection Manager

    ENGLISH Install the connection damage the card and the device and manager corrupt data stored on the card. 1. Remove the cap. You may need administrator 2. Slide the cover, and rights for the operating system, lift it up (6). and you may also need to set your operating system firewall to allow 3.
  • Page 6: Internet Connection

    ENGLISH Uninstall from your 5. If prompted, enter the PIN code computer of your SIM card. The PIN code helps to protect your SIM card • In Windows, select the against unauthorised use and uninstall application from the is usually supplied with the Start menu.
  • Page 7 ENGLISH • In Linux, select 7. To close the connection, in the Applications Internet Internet connection window, > the application. select . The connection also 3. If prompted, enter the PIN code closes if you close the of your SIM card. connection manager application.
  • Page 8: Indicator Lights

    ENGLISH computer battery power and Light Status reduces the battery life. mode is Indicator lights activated. Light Status Green light You are connected to a Red light The device can't GSM network and connect because transferring data. the SIM card is not valid or properly Flashing You are...
  • Page 9: Product And Safety Information

    ENGLISH Product and safety information Network services and costs • Do not attempt to open the device. To use the device, you need a • Unauthorised modifications may subscription with a service provider. damage the device and violate Using network services requires a regulations governing radio network connection and may result devices.
  • Page 10: Additional Safety Information

    ENGLISH uncontrolled waste disposal and of 15.3 centimetres (6 inches) promote the recycling of materials. between a wireless device and an Check how to recycle your Nokia implanted medical device, such as a products at pacemaker or implanted werecycle.
  • Page 11 ENGLISH Operating environment Remember that air bags inflate with great force. Do not place your device This device model has been tested or accessories in the air bag and meets RF exposure guidelines deployment area. when positioned at least 0.5 centimetre (1/5 inch) away from the Potentially explosive body when plugged directly into a...
  • Page 12 Additional SAR information may be all persons, regardless of age and provided under product information health. at The exposure guidelines employ a This device model has been tested and meets RF exposure guidelines unit of measurement known as the when positioned at least 0.5...
  • Page 13: Copyright And Other Notices

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Nokia, Nokia Connecting People and Hereby, NOKIA CORPORATION Nokia Original Accessories logo are declares that this RD-17 / RD-19 / trademarks or registered RD-22 / RD-23 product is in trademarks of Nokia Corporation. compliance with the essential...
  • Page 14 To the maximum extent permitted device may contain commodities, by applicable law, under no technology or software subject to circumstances shall Nokia or any of export laws and regulations from the its licensors be responsible for any US and other countries. Diversion loss of data or income or any special, contrary to law is prohibited.
  • Page 15 ENGLISH This device may not cause harmful expressly approved by Nokia could interference, and (2) this device void the user's authority to operate must accept any interference this equipment.This transmitter received, including interference that must not be co-located or operating may cause undesired operation.

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Table of Contents