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Nokia 31 User Manual

Gsm connectivity terminal
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Nokia 31 GSM Connectivity Terminal
User's Guide for Modem Use
Issue 6 – Final Draft


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  • Page 1 Nokia 31 GSM Connectivity Terminal User’s Guide for Modem Use Issue 6 – Final Draft...
  • Page 2: Legal Information

    Includes RSA BSAFE cryptographic or security protocol software from RSA Security. The information contained in this user guide was written for Nokia 31 GSM Connectivity Terminal. Nokia operates a policy of continuous development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.
  • Page 3 A label must be affixed to the outside of the end product into which the authorized terminal is incorporated, with a statement similar to the following: This device contains TX FCC ID: P4JTME-4" 2002 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved. U.S. English...
  • Page 4: For Your Safety

    Do not use this wireless device at a refueling point. Do not use it near fuel or chemicals. Switch off near blasting Do not use your wireless terminal where blasting is in progress. Observe restrictions and follow any regulations or rules. 2002 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Page 5: Backup Copies

    Remember to make backup copies of all important data. Connecting to other devices When connecting to any other device, read its user's guide for detailed safety instructions. Do not connect incompatible products. 2002 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved. U.S. English...
  • Page 6: Operation Modes

    1 Introduction The Nokia 31 is a GSM Connectivity Terminal which offers high speed wireless connections over GSM 850/1900 MHz networks. The contents of the "Complete" Terminal package include: Nokia 31 GSM Connectivity Terminal Power supply ACW-5A Data adapter RS-232...
  • Page 7: At Command Mode

    In the AT command mode, the Nokia 31 terminal operates as a wireless modem. The wireless connection is established and data is sent using AT commands. The AT commands which are used to control the Nokia 31 terminal can be found in the AT Command Guide found on the Nokia 31 CD-ROM or www.
  • Page 8 M2M System connector of the Nokia 31 terminal. Text message templates that are sent from the mobile to the Nokia 31 terminal instruct the terminal, which in turn controls a device or system, attached to it through the M2M System connector.
  • Page 9: Text Messaging

    With General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), data is transferred over the network in small, efficient, standardized packets. The Nokia 31 terminal supports GPRS multi-slot class 6 protocol which provides multiple timeslots for data transfer. The use of GPRS services requires that your network service provider supports GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology and you must have subscribed to this service.
  • Page 10: Supplementary Services

    Security option – allows restrictions such as call barring. ECURITY By default, the Nokia 31 terminal uses a standard PIN request. For additional security, there is an "AutoPIN" feature which can be configured to relay the PIN code to the terminal’s memory and make the SIM card useless to any unauthorized user.
  • Page 11: Install The Sim Card

    SIM card is installed the terminal will not be able to recognize the card. To install a SIM card in the Nokia 31 terminal: Remove the SIM card cover by lifting the wide end of the cover out and upwards.
  • Page 12 For more details on installing the Nokia 31 terminal, see Please note that the SIM card cannot be removed from the Nokia 31 terminal if it is connected to the data adapter. RS-232 Data Adapter 2002 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Page 13: Connect The Power

    Connect the power cord from the power supply to the terminal. Connect the power supply to an AC wall outlet. OUNT THE TERMINAL The Nokia 31 terminal can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on a suitable flat surface. 2002 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved. U.S. English...
  • Page 14 Nokia 31 terminal is not in use. In order to properly fit the antenna cable adapter to the Nokia 31 terminal, you need to cut out a small piece of the terminal cover which normally covers the external antenna connector.
  • Page 15 Caution: In order to comply with FCC RF exposure requirements, install the Nokia 31 terminal or external antenna so that a minimum distance of 8 inches (20cm) can be maintained between the antenna in use and all persons, with external antenna (if used) gain not exceeding 3 dBi.
  • Page 16: User Interface

    3 User interface The Nokia 31 terminal has three light emitting diode (LED) indicators which form the terminal’s user interface. The LEDs appear in various combinations of red and green indicating the state of the terminal in three different conditions:...
  • Page 17: Signal Strength

    -95... -90 dBm Green Green -90... -85 dBm Moderate Green Green Green (blink) -85... -80 dBm Green Green Green > -80 dBm Good Note: These signal strength recommendations are especially critical for data transmission. 2002 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved. U.S. English...
  • Page 18: Operation

    Note: If the terminal’s LEDs indicate that you have received messages, you can use a communication application such as HyperTerminal and type in the command AT+CMGR to read the received messages. For more detailed information, see the List of AT commands on the Nokia 31 CD-ROM or PECIAL PERATION...
  • Page 19: Modem Operation

    4 Modem operation After you have properly connected the Nokia 31 terminal to the data adapter, data cable and a PC, you must enter an access code and install the proper software drivers for your operating system. CCESS CODES You can use the access codes described in this section to avoid unauthorized use of the SIM card in your Nokia 31 terminal.
  • Page 20: Security Code

    CODE The PIN code, issued by the SIM card provider, protects the SIM card against unauthorized use. If the SIM card requires a PIN code, you must enter this code before you can use the Nokia 31 terminal. 2002 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved.

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