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Sanyo ST-21XS2S Owner's Manual

Remote control color tv/monitor
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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo ST-21XS2S

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions To prevent electrical shock, do not remove the Avoid exposing the television receiver to direct back cover. This unit is fully transistorized and sunlight and other source of the heat. Do not does not contain user-serviceable components. stand the television receiver directly on other Report any problems to qualified service products which give off heat.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Helpful Hints – Problems/Solutions ....37 Authorized SANYO Service Centers ....28...
  • Page 4: Features

    FEATURES 181-channel frequency synthesizer tuner Cable ready Plug & Play (Automatic Setting Up Channels) Automatic channel search with manual skip Digital picture controls with on-screen display Picture mode (Personal/Dynamic/Natural/Eco/Game) Selection Audio/Video inputs Monitor output On/Off timers Channel recall Mute key Automatic power shut-off CARE AND CLEANING The surface of the cabinet can be damaged if not properly maintained.
  • Page 5: Specifications

    (23.5 in x 18.3 in x 12.9 in) ST-21MS22/T/B: 5 x 9 cm, 2 pcs. Model ST-21KS2/K, ST-21KS22/K: Model ST-21XS2S: 5 x 9 cm, 2 pcs. 580 mm x 465 mm x 326 mm Sound output: (22.8 in x 18.3 in x 12.8 in)
  • Page 6: Front Control Panel

    FRONT CONTROL PANEL Model ST-21XS2S Press to open VIDEO L-AUDIO-R TV/AV MENU Model ST-21YS2S, ST-21YS2BS, ST-21YS22, ST-21YS22B Press to open AV2 IN VIDEO L-AUDIO-R TV/AV MENU Model ST-21KS2, ST-21KS2K, ST-21KS22, ST-21KS22K Pull to open L-AUDIO-R VIDEO Model ST-21SF1, ST-21SF1K...
  • Page 7: Operating Control Functions

    FRONT CONTROL PANEL Model ST-21VF1S, ST-21VF1KS VI DE O L- AU DI O -R Model ST-21MS22, ST-21MS22T, ST-21MS22B Press to open TV/AV MENU VIDEO L-AUDIO-R OPERATING CONTROL FUNCTIONS 1. MAIN POWER Switch MENU Key Press to turn on the TV. Then the Use this key along with the Channel power indicator lights and the TV is keys and the VOLUME –...
  • Page 8: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL The remote control uses an invisible (infrared) light beam to operate the TV. Objects between the TV and the remote can block this light beam. Therefore, for correct operation the remote control must be pointed directly at the front of the TV with no obstructions.
  • Page 9: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL KEYS OPERATION 1. DISPLAY Key 9. RECALL Key Press once to display the channel Use this key to recall the last number, off-time, on-timer or on- selected channel. channel number by on-timer on the 10. NUMBER Keys screen for 5 seconds Press to directly select channels.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Antenna Or Cable

    CONNECTING THE ANTENNA OR CABLE To obtain the best possible picture, use a quality antenna system. Inspect your antenna system for loose connections, broken wires, cracked insulation or other potential problems. These conditions can cause poor reception. AUTOMATIC POWER SHUT-OFF The TV will switch off automatically after 10 minutes if a signal is not being received.
  • Page 12: Plug In The Power Cord

    PLUG IN THE POWER CORD Plug the power cord into a convenient wall outlet that has standard house power of 230 volts ac, 50/60 Hz. CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, insert the AC PLUG fully into the outlet. Note: As a safety precaution, unplug or turn off the TV with the MAIN POWER switch when you...
  • Page 13: On-Screen Menu System

    ON-SCREEN MENU SYSTEM The On-Screen Menu System allows the viewer to program television features to their personal preference. Adjustments can be made by using the keys either on the TV front panel (see pages 6 and 7) or on the remote control (see pages 8 and 9). Read this page for information on selecting menus.
  • Page 14: Channel Setup Menu

    CHANNEL SETUP MENU Your TV can receive 181 channels: Off-Air VHF 2-13 and UHF 14-69 or Cable 1-125. The available channels are stored in the channel scanning memory in this TV. Make sure that your antenna is connected to the TV before setting the Antenna Mode or resetting the Channel Search.
  • Page 15: Skipping Channel

    SKIPPING CHANNELS When there is a channel you do not use, Channel 4 for example, by setting the SKIP Channel function it is possible to ANTENNA VHF/UHF SEARCH START jump over this channel, when you are CHANNEL selecting a channel using the CHANNEL SKIP MEMORY (up) or...
  • Page 16: Picture Adjustment Menu

    PICTURE ADJUSTMENT MENU This feature is used to adjust the color, brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness and white tone to your personal preferences. PICTURE ADJUSTMENTS Press MENU. The Main Menu will PICTURE appear. (See page 13.) AUDIO PRESET Press the CHANNEL (up) or (down) key to select PICTURE.
  • Page 17: Audio Adjustment Menu

    AUDIO ADJUSTMENT MENU This feature uses the on-screen menu system to adjust the audio controls: Bass, Treble, Balance, Bass Expander on or off, Surround on or off and Stereo stereo or mono (this feature available in AV mode only). AUDIO ADJUSTMENTS PICTURE Press MENU.
  • Page 18: Selecting The Picture Mode

    SELECTING THE PICTURE MODE Press the IMAGE key on the remote control to select the picture mode: PERSONAL, DYNAMIC, NATURAL, or GAME. Use the chart below as a guide when you select the picture mode. Press the IMAGE key once to check the picture mode.
  • Page 19: Timer Setting

    TIMER SETTING OFF TIMER SETTING The OFF Timer will switch off the TV automatically. Use your remote control to set the Off Timer. Press the SLEEP key until the desired time delay appears. Press the VOLUME + or - key to select the time period.
  • Page 20: Timer Setting

    ON TIMER SETTING When the ON TIMER is set. TV will automatically be switched on to the selected Channel number when the specified time has elapsed. Press the SLEEP key twice. Press the VOLUME + or - key to Channel number for when TV is select the time period.
  • Page 21: Setting Of The Private Position

    SETTING OF THE PRIVATE POSITION Private position is used to restrict of channel positions that you do not want others to watch. Any position can be set as the Private position. HOW TO SET PRIVATE POSITION For example, to set the channel “15” as Press and hold DISPLAY key the private position.
  • Page 22: Checking The Channel Number, Off-Time Or On-Timer

    CANCELLING THE PRIVATE POSITION Select private position (In this case channel “15”). Press and hold DISPLAY key Press and hold the DISPLAY key for more than 2 seconds. Press the MENU key once again for watching a TV programme. The private position is now cancelled. Press MENU key to watch it CHECKING THE CHANNEL NUMBER, OFF-TIMER OR ON-TIMER...
  • Page 23: Selecting The Colour System In Av Mode

    SELECTING THE COLOUR SYSTEM IN AV MODE Depending on the type of video tape or connected AV equipment being used, it may be necessary to select colour system. In this case, press the DISPLAY key and select a suitable colour system. Each time the DISPLAY key is pressed, colour system is changed as follow;...
  • Page 24: Using The Audio/Video Input Jacks

    USING THE AUDIO/VIDEO INPUT JACKS You can connect your VCR, camcorder, video game, stereo system, etc. directly to the TV using the Audio and Video jacks. Be sure to switch off TV and external equipment before connecting cables. Make sure all cable connectors are fully seated on the jacks to avoid possible signal loss and audio hum.
  • Page 25: Using The Dvd Inputs Jacks

    USING THE DVD INPUT JACKS CONNECTING TO a DVD PLAYER WITH AV1(DVD) VIDEO COMPONENT INPUT TERMINAL (Y, Cb or Cr) Connect the component output terminal on your DVD player to the component video input terminal of this product. (NOTE: When a signal of Y,Cb,Cr/Y,Pb,Pr is received, the output signal from monitor output terminal will be corresponding but without colour (black and white image).) BACK OF DVD...
  • Page 26: Using The Audio/Video Output Jacks

    USING THE AUDIO/VIDEO OUTPUT JACKS The picture signal being displayed on the TV screen is output through the Monitor Output Jacks. Use these terminals to record TV broadcasts and for video dubbing from AV input terminals. CONNECTING ANOTHER VCR • Connect the video output from TV to another VCR’s video input jack (refer to the VCR owner’s manual).
  • Page 27: Helpful Hints - Problems/Solutions

    HELPFUL HINTS - Problems/Solutions BEFORE REQUESTING SERVICE CHECK THE FOLLOWING CHART. Problem: Check these Conditions: Try these solutions: Press POWER key. TV will automatically switch off. TV turns off Turn off the TV with the (See pages 10, 19 and 20.) automatically.
  • Page 28: Authorized Sanyo Service Centers

    Authorized SANYO Service Centers AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS TEL NO. FAX NO. SANYO Service Center (632) 892-1493 (632) 892-1260 Basement, Solid House Building 2285 Don Chino Roces, Avenue, Ext. Makati City Quezon City Branch (02) 374-1349 137-A Roosevelt Ave., SFDM, Quezon City...