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ReSound Azure BTE AZ70-DVI User Manual

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User GUide
resound Azure
BTe AZ70-dVi,


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 User GUide resound Azure BTe AZ70-dVi, AZ80-dVi...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Page Your new digital ReSound Azure hearing instruments will enable Illustration of the hearing instrument ......4 you to hear sounds that you may not have heard in years because of Adjusting to a world of new sounds .
  • Page 3 Your ReSound Azure AZ70-DVI and AZ80-DVI Hearing 8. Left/Right indicator (Right=Red, Left=Blue) Instrument 9. Battery lock 10. Model 1. Programme Selector 11. Manufacturer 2. Battery Compartment & On/Off Switch 3. Sound Outlet 4. 1 Microphone Sound Inlet 5. 2 Microphone Sound Inlet 6.
  • Page 4: Adjusting To A World Of New Sounds

    Adjusting to a World of New sounds How to adjust If you are inexperienced with hearing instruments it is advisable to: New sounds 1. Use your hearing instruments every day A hearing loss is typically acquired gradually over many years. You may have become accustomed to an everyday life with fewer sounds, which 2.
  • Page 5: How To Use The Hearing Instrument

    How to Use the Hearing instrument inserting the instrument (with earmould) 1) Hold the earmould between your thumb and On/Off Function index finger and position its sound outlet in 1) When the battery compartment is fully closed, the instrument is your ear canal turned on and programme 1 will be activated 2) Slide the earmould all the way into your ear...
  • Page 6: Removing The Hearing Instrument

    inserting the instrument (with dome) Volume Control 1) Place the hearing instrument behind the ear When using the instrument you can increase the volume by turning the volume control up, and reduce volume by turning it down. 2) Hold the flex tube where it bends and gently push the dome into your ear canal (the dome For each volume step, you will hear a should be placed far enough into the ear that...
  • Page 7: Programme Selector

    Programme selector Your Programme environments: (to be completed together your hearing care professional): You can have up to four different programmes on your hearing instru- ment. The selection of programmes can be changed by your hearing Programme Description of when to use care professional.
  • Page 8: Telephone Use

    Telephone Use By selecting the optional telecoil programme you can improve under- standing of speech when using a hearing instrument compatible tele- Your can use the telephone with your hearing instruments. Using the phone. Rather than picking up the sound from the telephone, this pro- telephone while using your hearing instruments may require some gramme only picks up the telephone’s magnetic signal and converts practice.
  • Page 9: Direct Audio Input

    Using tele-loop systems Low Battery Warning Many gathering places such as schools, theatre and houses of worship, Your hearing care professional can activate a Low Battery Warning are equipped with tele-loop systems. To take advantage of such a function in your hearing instruments. When the battery voltage/power system, select the telecoil program to pick up direct sound.
  • Page 10: Maintenance

    Maintenance Cleaning the earmould daily Maintenance The earmould should be cleaned regularly: Replace text: It is important to keep 1. Remove the earmould and the tubing from the hearing instrument your hearing instrument clean and dry before you clean it every day.
  • Page 11: Cleaning The Flextube And Dome

    Cleaning the Flex Tube and dome How to Mount the dome The tube and the dome should be cleaned regularly: We recommend that your hearing care professional changes the dome 1. Remove the tube from the instrument before cleaning by for you, since failure to change the domes in accordance with the unscrewing it instructions could result in injury.
  • Page 12: Replacing The Sound Outlet Filter

    Outlet Filter The Tulip-Dome consists of two “leaves”. It is important that the largest Your ReSound Azure hearing instrument is equipped with “leaf” is the outermost “leaf” (A): a filter. This filter is located at the top of the sound outlet and prevents moisture and debris from getting into the 1.
  • Page 13: General Precautions

    General Precautions 5. Due to choking hazard hearing instrument usage by children or mentally challenged persons should be supervised at all times 1. Do not leave your hearing instrument in the sun, near an open fire or in a 6. Hearing instruments should be used only as prescribed by your hearing hot, parked car care professional.
  • Page 14: Repairs

    Technical data If your ReSound hearing instrument malfunctions it must be repaired Maximum Output (2cc Coupler / IEC 60118-7) by a qualified technician. Do not attempt to open the case of the hear- ing instrument since this will invalidate the warranty. If your hearing...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide sYMPTOM CAUse POssiBLe reMedY No sound • Not turned on • Turn on by closing the battery door • Dead single use battery • Replace battery • Dead rechargeable battery • Recharge battery • Battery improperly inserted • Insert battery properly •...
  • Page 16 Troubleshooting Guide sYMPTOM CAUse POssiBLe reMedY squealing • Loose earmould • Remove and reinsert • The Dual Stabilizer II • Consult your hearing care professional system needs re-initialization • Dome not placed correctly • Remove and reinsert • Build-up of earwax •...
  • Page 17: Key Word Index

    Key Word index Sound dissapeared..........30 Advice/Adjusting to the hearing aid .
  • Page 19 Oxon OX25 3SX Auckland Tel.: 0 1869 343 500 Tel.: (free) 0800 900 126 Fax: 0 1869 343 466 Fax: (free) 0800 007 695 Any issues relating to the EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC should be directed to ReSound A/S.

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