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Service - Electrolux EHE642 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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In the "What to do if ..." section a number of malfunctions are listed
that you can rectify yourself Look there first if a fault occurs.
Is it a technical fault?
If so, please contact your customer service centre. (You will find ad-
dresses and telephone numbers in the section "Customer Service
Always prepare in advance for the discussion. This will make diagno-
sis of the problem easier and also make it easier to decide if a cus-
tomer service visit is necessary:
Please make a note of the following
information as accurately as possi-
• What form does the fault take?
• Under what circumstances does
the fault occur?
Prior to the telephone call it is impor-
tant that you make a note of the fol-
lowing appliance code numbers that
are given on the rating plate:
• PNC code (9 digits),
• S No code (9 digits).
We recommend that you record the code numbers here so that you al-
ways have them to hand:
PNC . . . . . . . . .
S No . . . . . . . . .
When do you incur costs even during the warranty period?
• if you could have remedied the fault yourself using the fault table
(see section "What do I do if ..."),
• if the customer service technician has to make several journeys be-
cause he was not provided with all the relevant information before
his visit and therefore, forexample, has to fetch spare parts. These
multiple trips can be avoided if you prepare your phone call as de-
scribed above.



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