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Cleaning And Care - Electrolux EHE642 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning and Care

Clean the hob after each use when it is warm to the touch or cold us-
ing hot water and washing up liquid. This will avoid spillages becom-
ing burnt on.
1. Remove heavy soiling with fine scouring sand or a scouring pad.
2. Wipe away residues with a damp cloth.
3. Then warm the hotplate a little and leave to dry.
4. To keep the hotplates in good condition occasionally rub in a little
sewing machine oil and then polish with absorbent paper.
Important: Do not clean the stainless steel hob surround with scour-
ing sand or a scouring pad as this causes scratching!
Use only suitable stainless steel cleaners and –polishes for cleaning
stainless steel hobs. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.
General information
• Heat the hotplates briefly after cleaning to dry them.
• Do not put any damp or wet items on the hotplates.
• Dry pots and pans with a cloth before placing them on the hotplates.
The stainless steel hob surround may discolour slightly during cooking
due to thermal loading. This is a physical response.



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