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GY-DV5000U (NTSC) DV Camcorder
GY-DV5000E (PAL) DV Camcorder
GY-DV5001E (PAL) DV Camcorder
These 1/2" 3-CCD camcorders with 12-bit ADC and 12-bit DSP offer outstanding camera signal
resolution of more than 800 TVL. Superior performance plus full professional specs and functions
make these camcorders the new standard for professional image acquisition.

Professional specifications

3-CCD camera for high-quality picture
To ensure the best possible image quality, the
GY-DV5000 incorporates three 1/2" 410,000*
(NTSC)/470,000** (PAL) pixel CCDs. Each CCD is
equipped with highly advanced circuitry that virtually eliminates
vertical smear when shooting bright lights against a dark
background. Lag and image burn are also reduced to indiscernible
*380,000 effective
**440,000 effective
F13 at 2000 lx
The ultra-sensitive camera (F13 at 2000 lx) assures effortless shooting
in extreme low light situations. This powerful feature increases creative
flexibility and simplifies lighting requirements. The camera head has
extra-high effective resolution of 800 TVL.
Newly-developed 12-bit ADC* and 12-bit DSP**
The 12-bit ADC directly inputs to the DSP, thus
eliminating any signal degradation that might
otherwise arise from the analog circuits.
In addition, new DSP with advanced video
processing brings out all the natural details, eliminates noise,
providing rich, accurate color reproduction previously found only in
the most expensive field production cameras.
*ADC: Analog Digital Converter
**DSP: Digital Signal Processor
(DV input/output)
(DV output only)
(DV input/output)
Wide dynamic range of 400% or more
The GY-DV5000's super fast multi-stream parallel processing DSP
creates an ultra-smooth gamma curve calculated using a true log
scale algorithm. The result is a dynamic range of over 400% that
accurately reproduces fine details and colors in both shadowed and
highlighted areas.
Wide dynamic range
1/2" bayonet lens mount
The GY-DV5000 uses a standard professional 1/2" bayonet lens
mount, making it compatible with the widest selection of broadcast
and professional lenses. No adapters, no hidden costs. Just a smart
way to tap the rich infrastructure of interchangeable professional

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents