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Over the past few years, the convenience and quality of DV has transformed the face of video production. But is it really the right
choice for professionals? The answer is a resounding yes. JVC's three new Professional DV models --------- the
GY-DV5000 camcorder, the BR-DV6000 recorder and the BR-DV3000 compact recorder ----- not only provide a full set of
professional features and functions, they also offer unprecedented flexibility with a built-in Standard DV/Mini DV-compatible
mechanism and optional network streaming capability (except for the BR-DV3000).
For image acquisition, there's the GY-DV5000. The follow-up to the enormously popular GY-DV500, the GY-DV5000 is a high-
performance 1/2" 3-CCD Professional DV camcorder which includes advanced features such as a 12-bit ADC (used only in
broadcast cameras), a 12-bit camera digital signal processor for superior, high-resolution images, and professional functions
including bayonet lens mount, DV interface and LOLUX mode. More than just a successor to the GY-DV500, the all-new
GY-DV5000 sets a whole new standard in performance and versatility with features like high resolution of 800 TVL, a Standard
DV/Mini DV compatible mechanism, high sensitivity of F13 at 2000 lx, external light trigger function, optional network connectivity,
tri-mode 2.5-inch LCD display and more.
Edit your DV footage on the BR-DV6000. This Professional DV editing recorder's comprehensive set of interfaces allows it to work
seamlessly with most video formats and integrate easily in a non-linear editing system environment. For archiving and basic NLE
spooling, the compact, stylish BR-DV3000 provides a simple solution that can be installed horizontally or vertically.
Together, these three models provide a complete Professional DV solution that's ideal for broadcasters, CATV or high end
production, yet within easy reach of any professional.
Standard DV/Mini DV recording system
Head scanning direction
10 m
10 (NTSC)/12 (PAL) tracks for 1-frame signal recording
Tape running direction
Up to 276 minutes*(4 hrs. 36 min.) of
high-quality 8-bit, 13.5 MHz 4:1:1(NTSC)/
4:2:0 (PAL) DV component digital images
can be recorded on a standard DV tape,
while up to 63 minutes** of recording is
possible on MiniDV tapes. In either case, you
know you'll be getting the high-quality, non-degradable
images you need for top results in post-production editing.
Impressive horizontal resolution of 540 TV lines or more is
achieved regardless of signal input. In addition, DV signals
can be recorded on a DVCAM tape, as well.
* With an LA-DV276PRO tape.
** With an M-DV63 tape
Sub code area
Video area
6.35 mm
Audio area
DV input/output connector
This allows bi-directional transfer of a high-quality
compressed digital motion-picture signal to a computer, a
deck, a non-linear editing system or to another DV recorder.
(GY-DV5000E has the DV output only.)
High-quality PCM audio
To complement the superior pictures, the GY-DV5000/
BR-DV6000/BR-DV3000 offers outstanding digital PCM
sound. 16-bit, 48 kHz audio signals are locked with video
signals for smooth editing. You can choose from two 16 bit,
48 kHz channels or four 12-bit, 32 kHz channels.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents