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Operating Sequence - Zanussi TC 7124 Instruction Booklet

Tumble dryer tc 7124
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Operating sequence

Before using your tumble dryer for the first time, we
recommend to place a few damp cloths inside the
appliance and dry for 20 minutes.
There may be dust inside a brand new tumble dryer.
1. Connect the appliance.
2. Open the door.
3. Load the items one at a time, shaking them out
4. Close the door. Please check the laundry does
not get caught between the door and filter.
5. Press the ON/OFF button
comes on.
6. Select the drying time.
7. If required, press the Low Temperature button
or the Cool Tumble button
8. Press the Start button
The drum turns alternately in both directions
during drying.
All drying programmes end with a 10 minute
cooling phase (position
The machine stops automatically at the end of
this phase.
9. Release the ON/OFF button (the mains-ON light
goes out) and immediately remove the laundry.
: the mains-ON light
, the machine starts
on selector dial).
After each use
• Switch the appliance off by releasing the ON/OFF
. The mains-ON light goes out.
• Clean the filters (see page 11).
• Empty the water reservoir (see page 12).
If the drying programme has to be stopped before it
reaches the end, we recommend that you turn the
time selector dial to position
until the end of this phase
before removing the laundry. This will avoid a build-
up of heat inside the appliance.
Modifying the programme
To change a programme which is running without
opening the door, first depress the ON/OFF button
and then turn the time selector dial to the
required time. Press the ON/OFF button again.
(cooling) and wait


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