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Yamaha FX Nytro FX10X Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Yamaha FX Nytro FX10X

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL FX10X FX10RTX FX10RTRX FX10RTRAX FX10MTX FX10MTRX FX10MTRAX 8GL-28199-10 LIT-12628-02-69...
  • Page 2 ESU10040...
  • Page 3 Yamaha’s vast experience in the produc- tion of fine sporting and touring snowmobiles. It represents the high degree of craftsmanship and reliability that have made Yamaha a lead- er in these fields. This manual will give you an understanding of the operation, inspection, and basic mainte- nance of this snowmobile.
  • Page 4 If there is any question concerning this manual, please consult a Yamaha dealer. This manual should be considered a per- manent part of this snowmobile and should remain with the snowmobile when resold.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Pre-operation checks ..... 29 Safety information ......1 Pre-operation check list ....29 Location of the important labels ..4 Operation ......... 31 Description ........6 Starting the engine ....... 31 Break-in ........31 Control functions ......9 Riding your snowmobile ....32 Main switch ........
  • Page 6 Fittings and fasteners ....66 Battery .......... 66 Replacing a fuse ......67 Troubleshooting ......69 Storage ..........72 Specifications ......... 74 Consumer information....77 Identification number records ..77 YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A. SNOWMOBILE LIMITED WARRANTY....... 78 YAMAHA EXTENDED SERVICE (Y.E.S.)........81...
  • Page 7: Safety Information

    Be- come familiar with all of the operating controls and their function. Consult a Yamaha dealer about any control or func- tion you do not understand. For safety and proper care of the snow- mobile, always perform the pre-operation checks on page 29 before starting the en- gine.
  • Page 8 Safety information Fill the fuel tank outdoors with extreme Operation care. Never remove the fuel cap in- Do not run the engine indoors, except doors. Never fill the fuel tank indoors. when starting the engine to transport the Never refuel while smoking or in the vi- snowmobile in or out of the building.
  • Page 9 Fuel may leak out from the fuel breather hose. Modifications made to the snowmobile not approved by Yamaha, or the removal of original equipment may render your snowmobile unsafe for use that may cause severe personal injury.
  • Page 10: Location Of The Important Labels

    Safety information ESU10211 Location of the important labels Please read the following labels carefully before operating this snowmobile. NOTE: Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels, as necessary.
  • Page 11 Safety information...
  • Page 12: Description

    Description ESU10260 1. Storage pouch 2. Tool kit 3. Coolant reservoir 4. Air filter 5. Battery 6. Main fuse 7. Oil filler cap 8. Fuse box 9. Strap (FX10MT / FX10MTR / FX10MTRA) 10. Tail/brake light 11. Slide rail suspension 12.
  • Page 13 Description 1. Brake lever 13. Oil level warning indicator 2. Parking brake lever 14. Coolant temperature warning indicator 3. Grip/thumb warmer adjustment switch 15. Self-diagnosis warning indicator 4. Headlight beam switch 16. Speedometer 5. Engine stop switch 17. Odometer/tripmeter/engine speed meter 6.
  • Page 14 Description NOTE: The snowmobile you have purchased may differ slightly from those shown in the figures of this manual. Design and specifications are subjected to change without notice.
  • Page 15: Control Functions

    Control functions ESU10291 the throttle is spring-loaded, the snowmobile Main switch will decelerate, and the engine will return to The main switch controls the ignition and idle when it is released. lighting systems. The various positions are described below. 1. Throttle lever EWS00030 1.
  • Page 16 Control functions Be sure to use the specified spark plug Running and spark plug cap. Otherwise, the T.O.R.S. will not work properly. If the throttle bodies or throttle cable malfunc- tions during operation, the T.O.R.S. will oper- ate when the throttle lever is released. The T.O.R.S.
  • Page 17: Speedometer Unit

    Control functions The grip warmer level is initially displayed for 5 seconds, then the display switches to the fuel meter. 1. Warning light “ ” 2. Self-diagnosis warning indicator “ ” 3. Two-digit code “84” 1. Warning light “ ” ESU12720 Speedometer unit 2.
  • Page 18: High Beam Indicator Light

    Control functions and then push the “SELECT” button for at least 10 seconds while the snowmobile is stopped. Use the engine speed meter only when checking the snowmobile and performing basic maintenance. The engine speed meter should not be used while riding the snowmobile since the reading will vary from the actual engine speed.
  • Page 19: Fuel Level Warning Indicator

    Control functions Fuel meter The display segments of the fuel meter disap- pear towards “E” (Empty) as the fuel level de- creases. When only one segment is left near “E”, the fuel level warning indicator and the warning light come on. 1.
  • Page 20: Oil Level Warning Indicator

    Control functions When this occurs, have a Yamaha dealer in- If the oil level warning indicator and the warn- spect the snowmobile as soon as possible. ing light do not go off, check the engine oil lev- el in the oil tank (see page 48 for engine oil level checking procedures), and add engine oil if necessary.
  • Page 21: Engine Stop Switch

    “HI” or to low beam trical circuit, couplers, etc. “LO”. Note the error code, and then have a Yamaha dealer inspect the snowmobile as soon as possible in order to avoid engine damage. ESU10530 Engine stop switch “ ”...
  • Page 22: Auxiliary Dc Jack (Fx10Mt / Fx10Mtr / Fx10Mtra)

    Control functions 1. Grip/thumb warmer adjustment switch 1. Auxiliary DC jack cap To raise the temperature 2. Auxiliary DC jack To raise the grip warmer temperature, press NOTE: the “ ” side of the switch. To raise the thumb After using the auxiliary DC jack, be sure to warmer temperature, press the “...
  • Page 23: Parking Brake Lever

    Control functions Tighten the locknut securely after adjust- ing the brake lever. ESU10580 Parking brake lever When parking the snowmobile or starting the engine, apply the parking brake by moving the parking brake lever to the left. 1. Brake lever NOTE: When the brake lever is operated, the brake light will illuminate.
  • Page 24: Shift Lever (Fx10 / Fx10Rtr / Fx10Rtra / Fx10Mtr / Fx10Mtra)

    Control functions ESU13030 Shift lever (FX10 / FX10RTR / FX10RTRA / FX10MTR / FX10MTRA) The shift lever is used to put the snowmobile into forward or reverse. Before shifting, wait for the snowmobile to come to a complete stop with the engine idling. Pull the shift lever out, slide it to “FWD”...
  • Page 25: Drive Guard

    Control functions 1. Left side cover 1. Drive guard EWS00090 EWS00400 WARNING WARNING Do not drive the snowmobile with the Make sure that the drive guard is tight- shroud or covers unfastened or re- ened securely before operating the moved. snowmobile.
  • Page 26: Fuel

    Control functions 1. Swivel hook 1. Hook and loop fastener 2. Storage pouch bracket ESU10600 Fuel Make sure that there is sufficient fuel in the fuel tank. EWS00070 WARNING Fuel is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE and poi- sonous. Check the “SAFETY INFORMA- TION”...
  • Page 27: Suspension

    2. Fuel level conditions. EWS00150 WARNING Be sure to have a Yamaha dealer make this adjustment. This shock absorber contains highly pres- surized nitrogen gas. It could explode by improper handling, causing injury, or property damage.
  • Page 28 Control functions 1. Spring preload adjusting ring 1. Shock absorber pump 2. Spring seat length To adjust the air pressure EWS00620 Spring preload setting (spring seat length WARNING or spring preload adjusting ring position): Minimum (soft): Support the snowmobile securely on a FX10 141.6 mm (5.57 in) suitable stand before adjusting the shock FX10MT / FX10MTR / FX10MTRA...
  • Page 29 Control functions Install the hose connector of the shock absorber pump onto the air valve of the shock absorber and tighten it approxi- mately six turns until the pressure regis- ters on the pump gauge. 1. Hose connector ECS00720 CAUTION: Do not overtighten the connector onto the air valve as this will damage the connector 1.
  • Page 30 Control functions ECS00730 Compression damping setting: CAUTION: Minimum (soft): Do not exceed 1,034 kPa (10.3 kgf/cm², 150 12 click(s) in direction (b)* Standard: psi). 6 click(s) in direction (b)* Maximum (hard): Install the air valve cap. 2 click(s) in direction (b)* NOTE: * With the adjusting knob fully turned in If the front suspension bottoms too easily or...
  • Page 31 Control functions ESU10930 Spring preload setting at the center shock Adjusting the rear suspension spring absorber (spring seat length or spring preload preload adjusting ring position): The spring preload can be adjusted by turning Minimum (soft): the spring preload adjusting ring on the center FX10 98.6 mm (3.88 in) shock absorber and the spring preload adjust- FX10RT / FX10RTR / FX10RTRA...
  • Page 32 Control functions ESU12751 Adjusting the rear suspension damp- ing force (FX10 / FX10RT / FX10RTR / FX10RTRA) FX10 The compression damping force can be ad- justed by turning the adjusting screw. To increase the compression damping force, turn the adjusting screw in direction (a). To decrease the compression damping force, turn the adjusting screw in direction (b).
  • Page 33 Control functions To increase the rebound damping force, turn Rebound damping force setting (rear): the adjusting dial in direction (a). To decrease Minimum (soft): the rebound damping force, turn the adjusting 20 click(s) in direction (b)* Standard: dial in direction (b). 11 click(s) in direction (b)* Maximum (hard): 3 click(s) in direction (b)*...
  • Page 34 Control functions Tighten the locknut while holding the con- trol rod adjusting nut in place. Locknut tightening torque: 25 Nm (2.5 m·kgf, 18 ft·lb) ECS00800 CAUTION: The left and right adjusting nuts must be set to the same position. Uneven settings can cause poor handling and loss of sta- bility.
  • Page 35: Pre-Operation Checks

    • Check the drive guard mounts for damage. • Make sure that the drive guard is firmly in place. • Check operation. • If soft or spongy, have Yamaha dealer bleed hy- draulic system. • Check brake pads for wear.
  • Page 36 Shroud and covers fastened. • Check for wear and damage. Skis and ski runners • If necessary, have Yamaha dealer replace skis or ski runners. • Check for deflection, wear and damage. Drive track • If necessary, have Yamaha dealer replace track.
  • Page 37: Operation

    Operation ESU11300 Starting the engine EWS00200 WARNING Be sure to check the “SAFETY INFOR- MATION” section carefully before start- ing the engine. Make sure that the parking brake is ap- plied. 1. Start ECS00330 CAUTION: Release the switch immediately after the engine starts.
  • Page 38: Riding Your Snowmobile

    If any engine trouble should occur dur- miliar with the snowmobile’s handling and ing the engine break-in period, immedi- performance characteristics. ately have a Yamaha dealer check the The beginning operator should select a large snowmobile. flat area to become familiar with the snowmo- bile.
  • Page 39 Operation EWS00220 If your snowmobile begins to tip while turning, WARNING lean more into the turn to regain balance. If Many surfaces such as ice and hard- necessary, gradually let off on the throttle or packed snow require much longer stop- steer to the outside of the turn.
  • Page 40 Operation snowmobile from the uphill side. Restart the uphill side. A recommended riding position is engine, release the parking brake, and de- to kneel with the knee of your downhill leg on scend the hill. the seat and the foot of your uphill leg on the EWS00230 running board.
  • Page 41: Maximizing Drive Track Life

    Operation Hard-packed snow Always check the drive track for damage It can be more difficult to negotiate on hard- or maladjustment before operating the packed snow as both the skis and drive track snowmobile. do not have as much traction as when the Do not operate the snowmobile if you snowmobile is operated on fresh snow.
  • Page 42: Strap (Fx10Mt / Fx10Mtr / Fx10Mtra)

    Do not use the strap as a mounting point recommendations. for cargo or accessories. Yamaha does not recommend track stud- ESU13020 ding. Driving ESU11360 EWS00300 Strap (FX10MT / FX10MTR /...
  • Page 43 Operation Press the throttle lever slowly to move the snowmobile. Turn the handlebar in the desired direc- tion. Squeeze the brake lever to stop the snowmobile. Apply the parking brake by moving the parking brake lever to the left. FX10 / FX10RTR / FX10RTRA / FX10MTR / FX10MTRA 1.
  • Page 44: Stopping The Engine

    Operation Apply the parking brake by moving the If transporting the snowmobile in an open parking brake lever to the left. trailer or truck, put a tight fitting cover on the ESU11410 snowmobile. A cover specifically designed Stopping the engine for your snowmobile is best.
  • Page 45: Periodic Maintenance

  • Page 46 800 km 4000 km (500 mi) (2500 mi) (40 hr) (200 hr) • Check for leakage. * Exhaust system • Tighten or replace gasket if — necessary. * It is recommended that these items be serviced by a Yamaha dealer.
  • Page 47: General Maintenance And Lubrication Chart

    Periodic maintenance ESU11560 General maintenance and lubrication chart INITIAL EVERY Seasonally 1 month ITEM REMARKS PAGE or 800 km 4000 km (500 mi) (2500 mi) (40 hr) (200 hr) • Change (warm engine before Engine oil draining) Every Engine oil filter car- •...
  • Page 48 • Tighten if necessary. • Check condition. * Battery • Charge if necessary. * It is recommended that these items be serviced by a Yamaha dealer. NOTE: Brake system: After disassembling the master cylinder or caliper cylinder, always change the brake fluid.
  • Page 49: Tool Kit

    Yamaha dealer to en the fasteners. check the torque settings and adjust them if necessary.
  • Page 50: Checking The Spark Plugs

    Instead, take the snowmobile to a Yamaha front of the cover into the slots in the lower dealer for inspection and possible repairs.
  • Page 51: Adjusting The Throttle Cable Free Play

    Periodic maintenance When installing the spark plug, always clean Specified spark plug: the gasket surface. Wipe off any grime from Manufacturer: the threads and tighten the spark plug to the Model: specified torque. CR9E Spark plug tightening torque: 12.5 Nm (1.25 m·kgf, 9 ft·lb) Spark plugs are produced in several different thread lengths.
  • Page 52: Checking The Air Filter

    While holding the pivot point as described stop the engine by turning the main switch above, press the throttle lever gradually. to the off position and consult a Yamaha dealer. ESU12801 Checking the air filter Always check that there is no snow under the air filter element frame.
  • Page 53 Periodic maintenance Remove the headlight unit stay quick fas- Lift up the air filter element frame and teners and disconnect the air tempera- check the air filter element. If there is any ture sensor coupler. snow on the air filter element, remove the element, brush off the snow, and then in- stall the air filter element.
  • Page 54: High-Altitude Settings

    The oil filter cartridge should be re- sult a Yamaha dealer. The dealer can tell you placed every 20000 km (12000 mi) of op- if there are any changes necessary for the al- eration.
  • Page 55 Periodic maintenance Start the engine, warm it up for 10–15 minutes, and then turn it off. NOTE: The engine can also be warmed up by op- erating the snowmobile for 10–15 minutes. After operating the snowmobile, allow the engine to idle for at least 10 seconds before turning it off.
  • Page 56 Periodic maintenance Insert the dipstick into the oil filler hole, and then tighten the oil filler cap. Connect the oil level gauge coupler. Install the right side cover and the shroud. To change the engine oil (with or without oil fil- ter cartridge replacement) Place the snowmobile on a level surface and apply the parking brake.
  • Page 57 1. Engine oil drain bolt (oil tank) Place an oil pan under the engine to col- NOTE: lect the used oil. An oil filter wrench is available at a Yamaha Remove the engine oil drain bolt to drain dealer. the oil from the crankcase.
  • Page 58: Cooling System

    3.2 L (3.38 US qt) (2.82 Imp.qt) ning, immediately turn the engine off and Without oil filter cartridge replacement: have a Yamaha dealer check the snowmo- 3.0 L (3.17 US qt) (2.64 Imp.qt) bile. Continuing to operate the engine un-...
  • Page 59 The cooling system must be bled of air if the coolant reservoir becomes empty, if air can be seen in the cooling system, or if there is a cooling system leak. Consult a Yamaha deal- ECS00500 CAUTION: Operating the engine with an improperly bled cooling system can cause overheat- 1.
  • Page 60: V-Belt

    Check for any coolant leakage. To replace and adjust the V-belt Install the shroud. EWS00410 WARNING NOTE: If you find any leaks, consult a Yamaha deal- Never run the engine with the V-belt or drive guard removed.
  • Page 61 Periodic maintenance When installing the new V-belt, make Have a Yamaha dealer make this adjust- sure that it is positioned properly. Other- ment. wise, the V-belt clutch engagement speed will be changed and the snowmo- NOTE: bile may move unexpectedly when the...
  • Page 62 Periodic maintenance Temporarily install the new V-belt on the secondary sheave assembly only, and then measure the V-belt position. Do not force the V-belt between the sheaves; the secondary sliding and fixed sheaves must touch each other. 1. V-belt position adjusting bolt 2.
  • Page 63: Drive Chain Housing

    Periodic maintenance Rotate the secondary sliding sheave Remove the shroud and the right side clockwise and push it so that it separates cover. (See page 43 for removal proce- from the secondary fixed sheave. dures.) Remove the dipstick, wipe it off with a clean rag, and then screw it back into the filler hole.
  • Page 64: Brake And Parking Brake

    Do not operate the snowmobile if you find any problems in the brake system. You could lose braking ability, which could lead to an accident. Ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect and repair the brake Recommended drive chain oil: system.
  • Page 65 As the parking brake pads wear, adjustment may be necessary to ensure proper brake performance. EWS00450 WARNING Be sure to have a Yamaha dealer make this adjustment. Loosen the parking brake pad locknut and the parking brake pad adjusting bolt. 1. Parking brake pad Loosen the parking brake cable locknut.
  • Page 66: Skis And Ski Runners

    FX10 13 mm (0.51 in) FX10RT / FX10RTR / FX10RTRA 12 Make sure that the brake fluid and the mm (0.47 in) above parts are replaced by a Yamaha FX10MT / FX10MTR / FX10MTRA 24 dealer. mm (0.94 in) Brake fluid replacement is necessary when...
  • Page 67: Steering System

    This will wear or damage the skis. To align the skis Turn the handlebar so the skis face straight ahead. If excessive free play is felt, consult a Yamaha Check the following for ski alignment: dealer. Skis are facing forward.
  • Page 68 100 N (10 kg, 22 lb). drive track. Adjusting the drive track EWS00500 WARNING Be sure to have a Yamaha dealer make this adjustment. Support the snowmobile securely on a suitable stand before working under- neath the snowmobile.
  • Page 69 Periodic maintenance Lift the rear of the snowmobile onto a suit- able stand to raise the drive track off the ground. Loosen the rear axle nut. 1. Left adjusting nut 2. Right adjusting nut Shifted to right 1. Rear axle nut Start the engine and rotate the drive track one or two turns.
  • Page 70: High-Profile Pattern Drive Track

    Periodic maintenance Adjust the drive track deflection to speci- ECS00350 CAUTION: fication. Ride on fresh snow frequently. Operating Drive track More than Less than on ice or hard-packed snow will rapidly deflection specified specified wear the slide runners. Left adjusting Turn in Turn out ESU12180...
  • Page 71: Replacing A Headlight Bulb

    Apply a dab of grease onto the cable end only. Do not grease the throttle cable be- cause it could become frozen, which could cause loss of control. Be sure to have a Yamaha dealer lubri- cate the front and rear suspensions. Lubricant: Low-temperature grease 1.
  • Page 72: Adjusting The Headlight Beams

    There is no need to check the electrolyte or to add distilled water. To charge the battery Have a Yamaha dealer charge the battery as 1. Do not touch the glass part of the bulb. soon as possible if it seems to have dis- Install the bulb holder cover, and then charged.
  • Page 73: Replacing A Fuse

    Periodic maintenance EWS00540 WARNING Battery electrolyte is poisonous and dan- gerous. It contains sulfuric acid and can cause severe burns. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. ANTIDOTE: EXTERNAL: Flush with water. INTERNAL: Drink large quantities of wa- ter or milk. Follow with milk of magne- 1.
  • Page 74 “FAN” (radiator fan motor) fuse: 10.0 A Spare fuses: 20.0 A, 10.0 A, 3.0 A Connect the negative battery lead. Install the right side cover and the shroud. NOTE: If the fuse immediately blows again, ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect the snowmobile.
  • Page 75: Troubleshooting

    The T.O.R.S. is an important safety de- vice; in the case of a malfunction, take Engine turns over but does not start the snowmobile to a Yamaha dealer im- Fuel system mediately for repair. No fuel supplied to combustion chamber Compression No fuel in tank: Supply fuel.
  • Page 76 Warm the engine up. Faulty spark plugs: Clean or replace the spark plugs. Improper fuel flow: See “Fuel system” above. Incorrect V-belt clutch settings for altitude or conditions: Ask a Yamaha dealer to in- spect. Engine constantly backfires or mis- ECS00670 CAUTION: fires...
  • Page 77 Engine does not upshift or downshift properly or engages harshly Worn or damaged V-belt: Replace the V- belt or ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect. Incorrect V-belt clutch settings for altitude or conditions: Ask a Yamaha dealer to in- spect.
  • Page 78: Storage

    Store it in a cool, dry place that is above 0 °C ter the engine. Use Yamaha Stor-Rite Engine (32 °F), but less than 30 °C (90 °F). Check the Fogging Oil, or an equivalent fogging oil, to...
  • Page 79 For peak performance, it is recommended that you have your snowmobile checked and tuned by a Yamaha dealer. The dealer has the experience and training to help you get the maximum performance and use out of...
  • Page 80: Specifications

    Specifications ESU12462 Engine oil: Recommended grade: Dimensions: API service SG type or higher, JASO standard MA Overall length: Type: FX10 2815 mm (110.8 in) SAE 0W-30 FX10MT 3240 mm (127.6 in) Fuel injection: FX10MTR 3240 mm (127.6 in) Model × quantity: FX10MTRA 3240 mm (127.6 in) 41EIDW ×...
  • Page 81 Specifications Number of teeth: Secondary reduction ratio [R]: FX10 9 FX10 2.38 FX10MT 7 FX10MTR 2.50 FX10MTR 7 FX10MTRA 2.50 FX10MTRA 7 FX10RTR 2.38 FX10RT 9 FX10RTRA 2.38 FX10RTR 9 Fuel tank capacity: FX10RTRA 9 28.0 L (7.40 US gal) (6.16 Transmission: Engine oil quantity: Clutch type:...
  • Page 82 Specifications Warning light: Low coolant temperature indicator light:...
  • Page 83: Consumer Information

    Record the frame serial number, engine serial number (Primary ID), and key identification number in the spaces provided for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer. Also, record and keep the ID numbers in a separate place in case the snowmobile is sto- len.
  • Page 84: Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.s.a. Snowmobile Limited Warranty

    WARRANTY PERIOD: WARRANTY TRANSFER: To transfer any remain- 1. All Yamaha snowmobiles shall be warranted for a ing warranty from the original purchaser to any subse- term of one (1) year from the date of purchase, plus quent purchaser, it is imperative that the machine be a special early-season extension (if applicable).
  • Page 85 Post Office Box 6555 specified in the Owner’s Manual? Cypress, California 90630 A. No. The warranty on a new Yamaha cannot be “voided” or “canceled.” However, if a particular failure is caused by operation or maintenance other than as shown in the Owner’s Manual, that failure may not be...
  • Page 86: Change Of Address

    If the dealer is not able to do so, he is expected to contact Yamaha Motor If you should move after you have purchased your new Corporation, U.S.A., for clarification or assistance.
  • Page 87: Yamaha Extended Service (Y.e.s.)

    Consumer information ESU12510 YAMAHA EXTENDED SERVICE (Y.E.S.)
  • Page 88 Index Air filter, checking........46 Identification numbers ......77 Auxiliary DC jack (FX10MT / FX10MTR / FX10MTRA) ..16 Label locations ........... 4 Low coolant temperature indicator light ... 12 Battery............66 Lubrication..........64 Brake and parking brake ......58 Brake lever ..........
  • Page 89 Index Strap (FX10MT / FX10MTR / FX10MTRA) ..36 Suspension ..........21 Throttle cable free play, adjusting .... 45 Throttle lever ..........9 Throttle override system (T.O.R.S.) ... 9 Throttle override system (T.O.R.S.), checking..........45 Tool kit............43 Transporting ..........38 Troubleshooting ........

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