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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Yamaha 80-51065

  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS lL~ing Read lhese operating instructions carefuJly before the unit. Follow lhe safety instructions on the unit and the applicable safety Instnlction~ listed below. Keep these openlting instructions handy for future reference. Protct.1: the power cord from being walked (m or pinched Read these instructions.
  • Page 3 - and. most importantly, without affecting your sensitive hearing. Since hearing damage from loud sounds is often undetectable until it is too late. Yamaha and the Electronic Industries Association's Consumer Ek-ctronics Group recommend you to avoid prolonged exposure from excessive volume levels.
  • Page 4 Contact qualit1ed PRODUIT LASER DE CLASSE 1 Yamaha service pccsonnel when any service is needed. The cabinet should never be opened for any reason..When nOI planning to usc dlis unit for long periods of time (i.e.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents JPEG File Playback 1. INTRODUCTION Playing back sHU images in sequence About Discs Playing back. still images in a selected folder Playing back Slide Show Types of Discs that Can Be Used with This Player Setting slide show spoodlrepeat playback Disc.
  • Page 6: About Discs

    About Discs • Types of Discs that Can Be Used Region management Information with This Player Model SD-Vldeo DVD-Vldeo "a" Australia Region code Region number "4" - The following discs can be played back in this "ALL" or "AIL" Player. Do not use an 8 cm to 12 cm (5") (3") adapter.
  • Page 7: Region

    About Discs • Discs that Cannot Be Used with When using the unit to playa CD-RW/R disc with stili images stored (recorded). This Player - With CD-RW/R discs on which still images are The following discs cannot be played back or will not play mixed in with music or movies, you will he able to back properly on this Player.
  • Page 8: Disc Precaution

    Wipe any dirt olT the playing surface with a soft cloth. Cleaning the Pick Up Lens - Never use commercially available cleaning discs. The use of Ihese discs can damage the lens. - Request the nearc·st service center appmved by Yamaha to clean the lens.
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started • Supplied accessories • Copyright - Audio-visual material may consist of (..·opyrighted Make sure the following accessories m:e provided with the works which must not be recorded without the Uf.;t. authority of the owner of the copyright. Refer to Batteries (x2) Remote relevant laws in your counlry.
  • Page 10: Controls And Functions

    Controls and Functions • Front panel YAMAHA GJ@@~0~ 00<. ® ® ® CD 0 (Power) (p. 20) (Search forward/Skip forward) (p.20) @ QUICK indicator (p. 33) ® (Play) (p. 20) @ Front panel display (p. 16) ® •• (Pause) (p. 20) Disc tray (p.
  • Page 11 ~:-+rr-@) @_-++111H-: You can change the remote control 10 to prevent Jill I 1III unwanted operation of the other Yamaha player such as [LSlDW/sKiP @~~ ·~·H+.+-IIII-@ OVO player. If you have changed the remote control 10. ~(BG}IIII make sure that you select the same 10 for the main unit.
  • Page 12: Connection

    Introduction to Connections This Player is equipped with the terminals/jacks listed below. Find the corresponding terminal/jack on your video/audio equipment. We recommend that you use the HDMI terminal which provides high quality digital audio and video on a single connection. If you use the other terminals/jacks. connect the video first. Then connect the audio. •...
  • Page 13: Connecling 10 The Hdmi Terminal

    HDMI Connection • Connecting to the HDMI Terminal - You can enjoy high quality digital picture and sound through the HOMI terminal. <CD (g)). - Firmly connect an HOMI cable (commercially available) to the HOMI terminals (") - See page 38 for information on the audio output formats. - Use HIGH SPEEO HOMI cables that have the HOMI logo (as shown on the cover).
  • Page 14: Video Connections

    Video Connections • Connecting to the Component Jacks - You can enjoy accurate color reproduction and high quality images through the component jacks. (g). - Firmly connect a component video cable (commercially available) to the component jacks Caution! Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections. This Player Notes - You need to select "Component"...
  • Page 15: Connecling 10 The S Video Or Video Jack

    Video Connections • Connecting to the S Video or Video Jack - Connect either the S-video jack or video jack. - Firmly connect a S-video cable (commercially available) the S-video jacks or a video pin cable (supplied) to the or @ and video jacks Caution! Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections.
  • Page 16: Audio Connections

    Audio Connections • Connecting to the Digital Audio JackfTerminal - You can connect audio equipment or the TV to the DIGITAL OUT Jack/terminal. - Firmly connect a digital audio pin cable (commercially available) or optical cable (commercially available) coaxial digital audio jack or optical digital audio terminal or G) and G).
  • Page 17: Connecting 10 Lhe Audio Jacks

    - You can connect a subwoofer to the SUBWOOFER jack directly. When you connect TV to this Player directly, connect an active subwoofer such as Yamaha Active Servo Processing Subwoofer System to this jack. - You need to select "7.1 ch Audio Output" in "Settings" - "Audio Video Settings" - "Audio Out" to output the audio signal from the 8ch discrete jacks.
  • Page 18: Broadband Internet Connection

    Broadband Internet Connection • Connecting to the NETWORK terminal and USB BO STORAGE/SERVICE terminal - You can enjoy a variety of contents with interactive functions by connecting to the internet when playing BD-L1VE compatible discs. Refer to pages 24 and 25 regarding further information on BD-L1VE functions. - You can connect a USB memory device (2GB or greater and formatted with FAT 32/16) to the USB BD STORAGE/SERVICE terminal to save the Virtual Package/BD-L1VE data or to update the software of this Player.
  • Page 19: Other Connections

    :::! (g), CONTROL (OUT/lN) jacks outlet. - If your A V receiver is a Yamaha product and has the capability to transmit SCENE control signals, you can use the SCENE function. Caution! Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections.
  • Page 20: Before Starting Playback

    Before Starting Playback • Loading the Batteries in the • Turning the Power On Remote Control - - - r;:;O====:======::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;):\_II._-"' : -"1] c:::J c:::J c:::J . .111\.&..: ..c:::J c:::J c:::J (i)Press the part and slide the battery compartmcnt cover off.
  • Page 21 The USB memory devke mWlt be clCllr or all tile.'! except software update dattl to allow new softwtue uploading. To check for the availahitity of tlsoftware update, visit agreement.htmL When tl softwtlre update is performed, the soft'l-'are update data mU. . 'lt be written onto the liSB memory device in advan('e using a PC.
  • Page 22 Before Starting Playback - The curren! version of this unit software and the Hlntl version of the update file on the USB memory device are displayed. To update this Player software clear - You can tbe 4-digit number by pressing with update file.
  • Page 23 Before Startmg Playback - HDM! contml function may not work properly dcpcnding on the TV. - Functions other than ones shown abolie may work dcpcnding on the TV or AV receilier. - In order to makc the HDMI control function aVlIilable, set up scttings for the HDMl control fum:tion on ALL thc components (this Player, TV, and AV receilierl.
  • Page 24: Loading A Disc

    BD/DVD/CD Playback This section explains playback of commercially available Functions Buttons HD Video and DVD Vidco discs (like movies), CDs. and • ® PUIL'ie~ Of stops pla.yback. rccorded DVD·RWfR discs. ® bac~ward/Skips Skips forward • Loading a Disc Se3J'Ch backward/Search forward ©...
  • Page 25 BD:DVD/CD P/nylxlcll • Repeat Playback Repeat Playback of a Specified Part ·0 1M" IMlld IlMnltl '4.II1Mo ·O~· - Some opemtions in the following playback function 3;,;0 . • . · .···-O· cannot be performed depending on the specifications :'~' ',--- of the disc.
  • Page 26: Using Dvd-R/-Rw Menu

    BD/DVD/CD Playb.1Ck • Using BD/DVD Menus Using the pop-up menu This section explains how to play back aBDfDVD video GIlD disc with a top menu, disc menu or pop-up menu. The titles listed in the top menu and a disc guide (fiJr options POP UP MENU Press during playback.
  • Page 27 BD:DVD.:CD Playb..7c!< Playback by selecting a title Playback by selecting a chapter Load a recorded disc. Pre."iS B while the Thumbnail screen is displayed. - The Title List screen is displayed. - The chapter screen is displayed. - If the Title List screen is not displayed, press TOP - When scven or more chapters exist.
  • Page 28 an/ovo/co Playback • Using the Audio CD Playback - l'he "Functions" menu is al'tivated. Menu Wil](iOo When you load an audio CD, following screl'n is displayed. 6/ \J ® Press to select the dcsired setting, theu press ENTER. - When playback is stopped, only "Track" can be selected.
  • Page 29: Function Control Screen

    Not.J displayed vary depending on the progranls provided through the internet. Operate by following the - Yamaha cannot guurantee that all bf'<lJlds' USB directious on the screen. memory devices will operate with this player. - Do uot use a USB extensiou cable when conuectiug a USB mcmory device to the USB BD S'[ORAGEJ SERVICE terminal of the playcr.
  • Page 30 BDlDVDlCD Playback Function control operation procedure Functions which can be set Press ON SCREEN during playback. - Thc Function Control screcn is displayed on thc TV. ® Press to select tire desircd selting, then press ENTER. - For a description of each setting, see "Functions which can be seC (page 26).
  • Page 31 BD:DVD/CD Playb.,ck • Displaying the disc information Icons Functions Descriptions - Shows the cUJrently selecledsubtille . • • . language. sublitles are pmvided in ~l"""iHG . . . ""' " ' T """ ..other languages, you can sw itch to Sublitle .•...•.
  • Page 32: Jpeg File Playback

    JPEG File Playback mm ..tlml Press ..or replacc one image with anothcr. JPEG JPEG - The same operation can bc perfolllled by pressing <J / [> or ..or ..-Press RETURN ir you wish to retuJTI to the foldcr sclet1:\otJ screcn.
  • Page 33: Speaker Settings

    Settings The "Menu" enables various audio/visual settings and adjustments on the functions using the remote control unit. Page Function MenulSubmenu TV Aspect Ratio Set~ Audio Video Settings rhe screen aspect ratio of the connected TV, and adju... 1 the video output.
  • Page 34 Settings ENTER - You can use on the lower right of the Number ENTER Cursor buttons instead of in the buttons. ® <] / [> Press to select the parental contml level ror DVD VIDEO. BD-ROM, and then select the country ENTER c(xle.
  • Page 35 Settings No video output when IOBOp signal is output from the HDMI terminal. HDMI Video Out This sets the resolutioll of the HDMI video output. - If the video equipment connected each of the Some TV are not fully compalible with lhe Blu-ray disc terminals is uot compatible with the resolution of the player.
  • Page 36 Settings 1::./ C> ® <]/ Press to select a speaker you want to No", configure, then pn.'ss ENTER. L (Front Left), C (Center), R (Front Right), RS - When "Secondary Audio" is set to "On", (Sum1und Right), RB (Surround Back Right). LB automatically selected as the audio output mode.
  • Page 37: Hdmi Control

    Settings Country code • Quick Start SelS !he country code. Refer Country Code Li.~t (page 38) 'This tums the Quick Start function on and ofT. becau:iC lhe rollings differ according 10 rhe country. Whcn the Quick Statt function is on: - The startup time of thc Player is reduced.
  • Page 38: Version

    Settings to sele~:t "Change", then press ENTER. ® <]f [> Press • Version When you select "Version", the system sortware version is displayed. • System Reset You can reset all settings to the factory presds. Reset Not Reset • Communication Setup - .For initializing the CUlTent setting.
  • Page 39 Settings - The Ethernet connection speeds can be set when you - When inputting other values address, l'Ie.): "Numeric" I "Edit" select "Yes", then press ENTER. - As automatic detection is made tfactory preset C> <]/ Pre.')s to selel1: a number/character, then press mode), this setting is not normally necessary.
  • Page 40: Usb Memory Management

    If you want to delete only the unneeded software update dau\ aftcr the software is updated. delete the Notfi· data on the USB memory dcvice using a PC. - Yamaha cannot guarautee that all brands' USB Illclllory deviccs will operate with Ihis Player.
  • Page 41 Settings Not. - Data which has been saved to the Player's iUlcmal memory (game score, etc.) will also be deleted. ® <] [>, Press select "Yes", and press ENTER. Start the pmcess. - The screen forthe lLlITent operation will display. Comple1B ®...
  • Page 43: Basic Operation

    Rdcr to the table below when this ullit docs not fundion propcrly. If the problem you are cxpericncing is not listed below or if the instructioll below docs not help, tum off this uuit disconnect thc power cable, and contact the nearest authorizcd Yamaha dealer or service center. •...
  • Page 44 Troubleshootmg Screen freezes and operation buttons - F're-"s • . (hen restart playback. do not work. - Tum off 1l1e power and turn on power again. - (f 1l1e power is not turned perform a (P'age 41 ) fC.'le1. - Is the disc damaged or dirty? 01eck. 1l1e condition of 1l1e di~c.
  • Page 45: Messages Relating To Bd Dis" And Dvd Di.'ic

    Player is ready for use. - When the pmblem persiSL'i even after performing a reset, unplug the power cable and plug it in again. If this does not solve the problem, contact the nearest service center approved by Yamaha. Keylock function You can set the key lock to pre·vent accidental opel1ltions.
  • Page 46: Glossary

    Glossary AVCHIl 'nterlug: format AVCHD is a ncw format (standard) for high dcfinition Interlace format shows every other line or an image as a vidco camcras that can be to rel.1.m! and play high- single "field" and is thc standard method for displaying USt't! rcsolution lID images.
  • Page 47: General

    Information on the Software License for This Product Softwal'9 composition The sonware included in this pnJduct is comprised of vantms ",l\ware components whose individual copyrij!hts are held hy Yamaha or by thini p,tnies. Softwal'9 developed by Yamaha and open soure. softwal'9...
  • Page 48: Information Abont Soflware

    Information about software Informacion sobre el software 'lbi.!' fulknving .. pnM.tuCll1l!WS oftWIln'. For infonnalioo (copyrigJu. t"fc) about c&Ch 1K:/ original XUlf.'1lCeS '>totted below. • About IInux and busybox ("VfKhrions. and remng tbe Uk'T bow to \'it"W a GOpy of thi. Lic::cJ1AC, (E!l(,.·cplk>a: Pt\)gnnn...
  • Page 49 I' M ' . ~ht'T hypt)rbe"c~1 of rtri•. my pateot.: or and 'dwJ'W c! should show "f'PI'lf'riate parr. induce ro infri.nge CCJfIUTliltMis '\DOW W· pulp.)..'>«.'tiOJl pr0p't.>r1.y ",,,Iidily .'lCct.loa ba2li .1Ole of the Gellt'Tllll'ubli<; Licen.e. Of t""'"". the e,unJllIIIld, y"u us<> may be eal~ righr t,.'laim.", or of aoy Alch t:laimtl;...
  • Page 50 Nv((.> rhAl it i!> poS"'llible fOf libntry' be GAWt'T\"(t by the (lrdina:ry Genl'tlll Public If tlitiilribuHon of object (',,('Kte is made by nffl.'rinl! at·t·es" ~''PY d~gnatt.>d from a Licemc ratht'T ttum by tbh "pt.'t.·iAl p~" ()flcri~ (,."('d.e fnnn the -' l mn«-> [>fACe th('11 equh'alent 4Cce!':'t Rl t'Opy the (\DO..
  • Page 51 line to giv... IDe JibrMy' , . . brief idCil of what it dot..os> 10. E.cllliu", Yo<ll'l·di.>tribule tho Library (or any work """ ...1on tho Ubrnry). rho o(;f..JOe. n.·(.·ipit.·tll c1lttollU.d.ic&lty fl~eh'l!s fnllTl me origln.aL Iif.~us(Jr Copyright Ie) <ye..r> <name of "'lllKlI'> hcen.w:' Gf.')('y.
  • Page 52 ruT\' (K.'<.'a..'lkm.". a ,\pednl (!nc()lJr~lge ~)P' t.enn~ t':ttuuplc. (HI there u,>t>d dlC widt'st Y (loU lUay to uppJy of the Qrd;n&ry GNU Gent'Tal Publk License ~ ible U~ Lic<:n.~ thi~, pos.. of a t't'rtain library'.. .Bar if srandord, To achleVl> rbil, of rhu.
  • Page 53 lkt."f,~e re~trictjon~ LlBR,\RY .'AS IS" WrrHOUT WARR "" ..TY OF ""lilY KI ND, EITIIER happen that fbi .. rcquiremUII (,.'{wOOCf. tbe orher l1li'y "0' "Y'l~m. EXPRESSED OR I MI'I.JfD.l NCLU DING, IIUT NOT UMITED "lHE p,"pri,'lm'y librurie< l\>;>l do ",,,,naIly ;>a,:oml"lIly lbe opu.,ing Such a meM~ lo~tber...
  • Page 54 SIlMl., HIE Op.:nSSL E'ROJECr OR ITS CONTRlIlumRS BE LI:\B1.£ FOR Jellll-Im,p Gailly Mark /wl<,< ANY ()I RECT. IN ()I RIlCT. INCIDENTAI.-. SI'EClAl... EX EMI'I.AR Y. OR IflII(I~r<ll>'(l;ltod" IMMAfJ:~~ CONSEQl!FNIlAL (INU,UDlNG,IlUr LlMIll'J) TO. ,Ji!. ~nglhy If you u'"' lbe library in a prt><u"". we .,<luid apprt":iAJe 'nol" rV<'<;,ing I'ROCUREMENT OF SUJJS1Tflm, GOODS OR SERVICE,S, do~;l.l111Ie""...
  • Page 55 LASER Specification: Class I LASER Produ(,'t Wave length: 782 nm (CDs)/662 nm (DVDs)/40.'i nm (BDs) with Laser power. hlll.ardous radiation emitl£d safely pmteelion LASER SAFETY This unit employs a laser. Due to possible eyc injury, only a qualificd service person should remove the cover or attempt to servicc this dcvice.
  • Page 56 YAMAHA CORPORAmN 2009 Yamaha Corporation All rights reserved. Printed in Malaysia WS33730...
  • Page 57 IUPGI .YAMAHA BD-S1900/BD-S1065 L'appellation de certaines commandes du Menu reglage mentionnees dans Ie mode d'emploi ne correspond pas aux commandes de I'appareil. Les commandes de I'appareil sont reprises ci-apres. Les appellations erronees figurent entre parentheses. Veuillez en prendre note lors de la lecture des instructions en vue de commander]' appareil.
  • Page 58 Configuraci6n De Comunieaeiones Versi6n Manejo De Memoria USB Aetualiz. Software Reinicio Sistema Muestra Lista Titulos (Muestra la lista de titulos) Idioma En La Pantalla (Idioma en pantalla) Imagen YAMAHA CORPORATION Printed in Malaysia WU13230 © 2009 Yamaha Corporation All rights reserved.
  • Page 59 Registering Your New Yamaha Product is Fast and Easy Thank you for purchasing a new product from Yamaha Electronics.We'd like to continue providing you with high quality products and better service. So, we've made it simple to register your new product purchase online. Please take a few minutes to www.yamaha.comIYEC/registration/...
  • Page 60 5. Cette garantie ne couvre pas les produits qui ont ete alteres ou repares autre que par un centre de service autorise Yamaha Audio, ou les appareils dont la marque de fabrique, Ie nom du fabricant, Ie numero de modele et Ie numero de serie ont ete alteres ou enleves.
  • Page 61 A H A "R\;1T ~Rru~~ R~~RR Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. warrants to the original purchaser of its audio products that such products are free from defects in workmanship and materials as follows: Product Warranty Period from date of Original Purchase Receivers.
  • Page 62 (3) Normal wear, battery replacement and any periodic maintenance. (4) Any unit which has not been purchased from an authorized YAMAHA Home Audio dealer in the USA. If you are uncertain as to whether a dealer has been authorized by YAMAHA, please contact YAMAHA's Service Department.

Table of Contents