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Siemens C66 User Manual

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Table of Contents
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Siemens Information and Communication Mobile LLC
16745 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92127, USA
Printed in Germany.
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Siemens C66

  • Page 1 © 2004 Siemens AG. Tous droits réservés. En fonction des disponibilités. Printed in Germany. Droits de modification réservés. Imprimé en Allemagne. Impreso en Alemania. © 2004 Siemens AG. Todos los derechos reservados. Sujeto a disponibilidad. Nos reservamos el derecho a hacer modificaciones. CT66 CV66...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Legal notices .......3 Address Book ......37 New Entry ......37 Safety precautions ......5 Change entry ......39 Antenna care ......6 Call entry ....... 39 Phone operation .......6 Show Groups ......40 Electronic devices .....7 SmartChip ........ 41 Overview of phone New Entry ......
  • Page 3 Table of Contents Voice message/mailbox ... 66 Mobile Phone Manager ..103 Games ........68 Questions & Answers ..... 106 MEdia Mall ....... 70 Customer Care ......109 Media Player ......71 Care and maintenance ... 111 MEdia Net ........ 72 Limited Warranty ....
  • Page 4: Legal Notices

    It is approved for use in the country where it was originally sold and may be approved for use in other countries. © 2004 Siemens Information and Communication Mobile, LLC. All rights reserved. Siemens and the CT66 model phone are...
  • Page 5 Third party web sites Talk Time Information The phone contains links to the web pages of third parties. A link to a non-Siemens site The mobile phone incorporates features that does not imply that Siemens endorses the are new to the mobile phone world. These...
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Please read the operating instructions and safety precautions carefully before use. Explain the content and the hazards associated with using the phone to your children. Remember to comply with legal Use only original Siemens bat- requirements and local restric- teries (100% mercury-free) and tions when using the phone.
  • Page 7: Antenna Care

    Product attributes are subject to changes in Hold the phone as you would any technology, design and availability. other telephone with the antenna Siemens reserves the right to modify prod- pointed up and over your shoulder. ucts without prior notice. Tips on efficient operation...
  • Page 8: Electronic Devices

    For areas where The Health Industry Manufacturers' the use of mobile phones while driv- Association recommends that a min- ing is permitted, Siemens encourag- imum separation of six inches (6") es persons to use their phones re- be maintained between a handheld...
  • Page 9: Posted Facilities

    Safety precautions Posted facilities • should turn the phone OFF imme- diately if there is any reason to Turn your phone OFF in any facility suspect that interference is taking where posted notices so require. place. Airplanes Hearing aids FCC and Airline Regulations prohibit Some digital wireless phones may using your phone while in the air.
  • Page 10: Batteries And Chargers

    Batteries and Chargers This phone, like any wireless phone, operates using radio signals, wire- Only use original Siemens batteries less and landline networks, and user- (100% mercury-free) and charging programmed functions. Because of devices. Use of non-Siemens batter-...
  • Page 11 Safety precautions 1. Only use the batteries specified for use with this mobile phone. 2. Do not use batteries of different sizes or from different manufac- turers in this mobile phone. 3. Do not dispose of the battery in a fire;...
  • Page 12: Overview Of Phone (Schematic)

    Overview of phone (schematic) Overview of phone (schematic) Call key During a call: Dial displayed/highlighted phone num- Set volume. bers/names, take calls. Show last phone numbers dialled in standby Call options. mode. On/Off/End key. • Switched off: press and hold to switch •...
  • Page 13 Overview of phone (schematic) Integrated antenna Do not obstruct the phone above the battery cover unnecessarily. This re- duces the signal quality. Loudspeaker Display Cingular Infrared interface (IrDA) Camera 05/07/04 03:35 Menu Options Input keys Ringtone • Press and hold in standby mode: Switch all audible signals on/off (except alarm).
  • Page 14: Display Symbols

    Display symbols Display symbols ± Browser offline ² Browser online Display symbols (selection) ³ Browser via GPRS online Signal strength ´ Browser no network Charging ¯ IrDA activated Battery charge level, e.g. 50 % ® IrDA transmission Address Book Events (selection) Recent Calls ã...
  • Page 15 Display symbols Camera symbols Joystick symbols î Ù Brightness Camera ñ Ú Zoom factor Delete ð Û White balance Make call/accept call × í Flash connected Menu ï Zoom ì Browser...
  • Page 16: Getting Started

    Getting started Getting started Insert SIM card/battery The service provider supplies you with a SIM card on which all the important data for your line is stored. If the SIM card has been delivered in credit-card size, snap the smaller segment out and remove any rough edges.
  • Page 17: Charge Battery

    Getting started Charge battery Charging procedure The battery is not fully charged when delivered. Plug charger cable into the bottom of the phone, plug power supply unit into a mains pow- er socket and charge for at least two hours. Additional information Please switch off your phone before re- moving the battery!
  • Page 18: Operating Times

    Getting started Operating times Display while in service The operating time depends upon Charge level display during opera- the respective conditions of use. Ex- tion (empty – full): V W X treme temperatures considerably re- duce the phone’s standby time. A beep sounds when the battery is Avoid placing the phone in the sun nearly empty.
  • Page 19: Changing Covers

    Getting started Changing covers Insert the phone into the bottom of the upper faceplate and then push it in carefully until it clicks into Dismantle the phone position . Finally, replace battery To remove the upper faceplate re- cover (see p. 15). move the battery cover (see p.10).
  • Page 20: Switch On/Off, Pin Entry

    Switch on/off, PIN entry Switch on/off, PIN entry Switching phone on/off Emergency number (SOS) Press and hold the On/Off/ End key. Only to be used in real emergencies! By pressing the soft key you can §SOS§ Entering the PIN make an emergency call on any net- work without a SIM card and without The SIM card can be protected with a entering a PIN (not available in all...
  • Page 21: General Instructions

    General instructions General instructions Signal strength Standby mode options Press §Menu§, then press §Options§ Strong receiving signal. A weak signal reduces the call quality and may lead press and hold keys 1 - 9. to loss of the connection. Different functions are available de- Change your location.
  • Page 22: Main Menu Options

    General instructions ¢ Main menu options Select (highlight) moving the joystick up- §Options§ Open menu. wards, then press vertical- Different functions are available de- ly down on the joystick pending on the context. before using the joystick to highlight Messaging. Ring Tones Takes you to Ringtones Confirm.
  • Page 23: Standard Functions

    Standard functions Standard functions Option menus Settings Open Settings menu. Functions which appear repeatedly MEdia Mall Open MEdia Mall menu. in the options menu are listed here. Set To Set to a specific group in Open menu. §Options§ Group the Addressbook. Edit Open the entry to edit.
  • Page 24: Menu Speed Dialling

    Standard functions Menu speed dialling All menu functions are numbered in- ternally. A function may be selected directly by entering these numbers in sequence. These numbers are shown in the top right of the display. E.g., write new SMS (from standby mode): Press to display the main §Menu§...
  • Page 25: Security

    Security Security ¢ ¢ The phone and SIM card are protect- §Menu§ More Settings ¢ ed against misuse by several security Security ¢ codes. Select function. Keep these security codes in a safe PIN Control place where you can access them again The PIN is usually requested each if required.
  • Page 26: Clear Sim Card Barring

    Following the third unsuccessful at- tempt, access to the phone code and the functions that use it is denied. If this occurs, contact the Siemens Ser- vice (p. 109). Clear SIM card barring If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the SIM card is barred.
  • Page 27: Text Entry

    Text entry Text entry Text entry without T9 Press briefly: Special char- acters are shown. Press number key repeatedly until Press and hold: Open input the required letter appears. After a menu. brief interval the cursor will advance. Press once/repeatedly: Example: .
  • Page 28: Input Menu

    Text entry Input menu Writing with T9 The display changes as you proceed. With text input: It is therefore best if you finish a word Press and hold. The input without looking at the display. menu is displayed: Simply press the keys once only Set Text Format (SMS only) where the relevant letter is located.
  • Page 29 Text entry T9 word suggestions Correct a word If several options are found in the Move left or right, word dictionary for a key sequence by word, until the re- (a word), the most probable is dis- quired word is played first.
  • Page 30: Text Templates

    Text entry Text Templates Use Text Templates Write message can be stored in the Text Templates (SMS, MMS). phone for adding to your messages (SMS, MMS). Open text menu. §Options§ Write Text Templates Insert FromSelect. ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Options Select Text Templates.
  • Page 31: My Phone

    Download your own applications frequently used functions, phone from the Internet. numbers or Browser pages. Where do I get what? You can purchase additional ring- tones, logos, animations and Java applications from your service pro- vider or directly from Siemens.
  • Page 32: Calling

    Calling Calling Dialling with number Redial previous numbers keys To redial the phone number last called: The phone must be switched on (standby mode). Press the Call key twice. Enter the number (always To redial other numbers that were with dialling code/inter- dialled previously: national dialling code).
  • Page 33: Accept Call

    Calling Accept call Callback The phone must be switched on. An incoming call will interrupt any other Your phone rings when §Callback§ use of the phone. the busy number is free. Press the Call key to dial Press. the number. Reminder Press.
  • Page 34: Swap Between Two Calls

    Calling Speakerphone Incoming calls during a call You may need to register for this ser- You can put the phone down during vice with your service provider and a call. You can then use the loud- set your phone accordingly (p. 92). speaker to hear the caller.
  • Page 35: Call Options

    Calling Conference Call options The following functions are only Call up to 5 parties one by one and available during a call: link them together in a multiparty call. Some of the functions described Open menu. §Options§ may not be supported by your ser- Hold vice provider or may have to be en- Hold current call.
  • Page 36 Calling Control codes (DTMF) You can, for example, enter control codes (numbers) for remote access to an automatic answering machine while another connection exists. These entries are transmitted directly as DTMFcodes (control codes). Open menu. §Options§ Send DTMF Select. Using the SmartChip/ Addressbook Store phone numbers and control codes (DTMF codes) in the Smart-...
  • Page 37: Set Default Book

    Set Default Book Set Default Book ¢ ¢ Show Biz Card Select function. §Menu§ Show Entries Create your own business card to send to a different GSM-phone. If no The entries in the default book (Ad- business card has been created yet, dressbook or SmartChip) are shown.
  • Page 38: Address Book

    Address Book Address Book The Addressbook can store up to Possible input fields 1000 entries, each with a variety of Last name: URL: phone numbers and additional ad- dress details. These entries are man- First name: IM >> aged separately from those in the Phone number: Group: SmartChip in the phone memory.
  • Page 39: Display Options

    SmartChip phone number to the You can use the mobile phone manager SIM card (SmartChip). (p. 103) to synchronise your Addressbook with Outlook ® and other Siemens New Text Create a message with telephones. Msg, New the selected entry. Multimedia Using Remote Sync.
  • Page 40: Change Entry

    Address Book Change entry Addressbook options Open Addressbook Depending on the actual situation, (in standby mode). different functions will be offered. These functions can be applied to Select required entry. the entry currently selected as well as to multiple selected entries: Press.
  • Page 41: Show Groups

    Address Book Show Groups Ringtone for group Assign a ringtone to a group that Nine groups are specified in your plays when one of its members calls phone to enable you to arrange your you. Addressbook entries clearly. You can ¢...
  • Page 42: Smartchip

    SmartChip SmartChip Entries in the SmartChip (on the Phone number: SIM card) are managed separately Always enter phone number with from the Addressbook. You can, how- dialling code. An entry is not saved ever, exchange data between the without a phone number. SmartChip and the Addressbook.
  • Page 43: Call (Search For An Entry)

    SmartChip Call (search for an entry) SmartChip options Open SmartChip. The following functions are avail- able, depending on the current Select a name with the situation. first letter and/or scroll. §Options§ Open menu. Phone number is dialled. Copy To 9 Copy all highlighted en- Call using record no.
  • Page 44: Other Books

    SmartChip <Other Books> <Service No.>/<Info Numbers> There might be phone numbers Open SmartChip saved in your SmartChip that have (in standby mode). been provided by your service pro- <Other Books> vider. They may be used to call local Select. or national information services or to use services offered by your service <Own Numbers>...
  • Page 45: Recent Calls

    Recent Calls Recent Calls The phone number of a caller is dis- Missed Calls played if The phone numbers of calls that you have received but not answered are • the caller has switched off the In- stored for callback purposes. cognito function and Â...
  • Page 46: Camera

    Camera Camera You can view photos/videos record- ÙÚÛ × ed on the integrated camera imme- diately and • use the photo as a background im- age, logo, a switch on/off anima- tion or a screensaver. • send the photo via MMS. Switch on ¢...
  • Page 47: Camera Options

    Camera Camera options Image resolution It is possible to set the quality of the The following functions are available, image regardless of the preview im- depending on the current situation. age resolution, e.g.: Open menu. §Options§ Premium Settings • Name for recordings Medium •...
  • Page 48: Main Inbox

    Main Inbox Main Inbox The inbox folder offers immediate When you open an entry, access to the messages just received. the relevant application This means that you no longer have also starts. to look through all inbox folders for After a set period of time, entries the various message types.
  • Page 49: Start Menu

    Rapid access ... With this function you can transfer Select the access text straight to and from one or mo- ÿ ¢ ¢ Sign on re terminals (mobile phone, PC). This function is not offered by all service The current buddy list or the list is providers.
  • Page 50: Sign On

    Sign on Managing the buddies ÿ Open menu. §Options§ ¢ ¢ Sign on Manage Press, then: Select the last access to be used (see also p. 51). Automatic login: Buddies Different functions are offered de- Buddy list pending on the selection: When the connection has been es- Add buddy User ID:...
  • Page 51: Start Chat

    Start chat Buddy list options Open menu. §Options§ A buddy list must be displayed. Send IM Send Instant messages. Select a buddy. Buddy info Additional information Start communication with about the buddy. the buddy. Send IM to... To send Instant mes- The page is displayed.
  • Page 52: Msg. History

    Msg. History App. Settings ÿ Settings for the application used: ¢ ¢ Msg. History The messages from the last meeting Auto-sign in Auto-reconnect to the are displayed. You can read and de- last access to be used. Only possible, if Auto- lete the contributions.
  • Page 53: Text Message

    Text Message Text Message You can transmit and receive very Confirm. The SMS is trans- long messages (up to 760 charac- mitted to the service cen- ters) on your phone. They are auto- tre to be sent and saved in matically composed of several "nor- list.
  • Page 54 Text Message Picture&Sound Own Animations/Own Graphics/ Sounds: Send simple pictures and tones with The selection is displayed/ or without accompanying text. played back. Remember that these may be pro- The selection is added to tected (DRM, p. 20). the SMS. With the text input field open: The pictures which have been added Open menu.
  • Page 55: Read

    Text Message Read Reply options Open reply menu. §Reply§ Arrival of a new SMS an- nounced in the display. Write Message Create a new reply Open Main Inbox (p. 47) text. using the soft key posi- Edit tioned beneath it. Edit received SMS or add new text.
  • Page 56 Text Message Lists Sent Messages ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Sent Messages All SMS messages are archived in dif- ¢ Text Message ferent lists, according to their status. (For overview of message symbols, The list of sent SMS messages is see p. 13): displayed.
  • Page 57: Setting

    Text Message Setting Recipient Enter a standard recipient for the profile. Text Signature Message • Manual: Inquiry for all ¢ ¢ Type messages. §Menu§ Options ¢ • Standard Text: Normal Msg Settings ¢ SMS message. Text Message Settings ¢ • Fax: Transmission via SMS. Text Signature •...
  • Page 58 Text Message More information on SMS Downloading ringtones and logos SMS status report You can receive links for download- If the message cannot be transmit- ing ringtones, logos, screensavers, ted to the service centre you are of- animations and information about fered the chance to repeat the trans- applications with an SMS.
  • Page 59: Multimedia Msg

    Multimedia Msg Multimedia Msg The Multimedia Messaging Service Sounds may be recorded using the enables you to send texts, pictures Record Audio and/or loaded from and sounds in a combined message (p. 75). My MEdia to another mobile phone. All ele- First select an object for processing ments of an MMS message are to be added to the first page of the...
  • Page 60 Multimedia Msg Sounds Text Select. Select and write the text. <Sound> <Text> The text functions are dis- Display sound functions: played (see also p. 26): Insert Sound Insert From Open list to select a sound. Choose any of the following for in- sertion: Text Templates, Bookmark,...
  • Page 61: Templates

    Multimedia Msg Sending options Save As Save created MMS as a Templ template. See also below. Open menu. §Options§ Layout Select one of four possible Send Send MMS. layouts: Play Play back entire MMS on Text above, beneath, be- the display. side (on left or right of) picture.
  • Page 62: Send

    Multimedia Msg Send Expanded address fields Scroll downwards. The page(s) of the new MMS is (are) already created and the MMS is More: Provide additional ad- displayed. dress fields. Address(es) of copy Open address entry. recipient(s). Bcc: Address(es) of copy recip- ç...
  • Page 63: Receive

    Multimedia Msg Receive Sending options Open menu. §Options§ Depending on the setting (p. 64) an MMS can be received in two ways: Send Send MMS. Complete transmission Play Play back entire MMS on the display. The complete MMS is sent to your phone.
  • Page 64: Read

    Multimedia Msg Read Lists An MMS has been received in full. All MMS messages are saved in four different lists (for list of message Select the MMS. icons, see p. 13). Start automatic playing of Inbox the MMS. ¢ ¢ Key functions for playback: §Menu§...
  • Page 65: Setting

    Multimedia Msg Setting List options Different functions are offered de- ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Create New pending on the list/situation. ¢ Options ¢ Open menu. §Options§ Msg Settings ¢ MMS Settings Play ¢ Play MMS on the display. Select function. Edit Display MMS for processing.
  • Page 66: User Settings

    Multimedia Msg User Settings Default Length of display for an duration: MMS page (standard Set the MMS dispatch to suit your requirement). requirements: Retrieval: Receive complete MMS or Delivery Request delivery confirma- only notification of arrival. report: tion for sent messages. Immediate Read reply: Request confirmation that...
  • Page 67: Voice Message/Mailbox

    Voice message/mailbox Voice message/mailbox In idle mode, press Save call divert number ¢ Voice Mail §Options§ Calls are diverted to this phone Most service providers provide a number. mailbox in which a caller can leave a ¢ ¢ Call Settings §Menu§...
  • Page 68 CB Messages CB Messages Select Topic Open list menu. §Options§ ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Inbox If a topic is selected in the list you ¢ CB Messages can view it, activate/ deactivate it, Some service providers offer infor- edit it or delete it. mation services (info channels, Cell CB Languages Broadcast).
  • Page 69: Games

    The description file is your phone. You will find these listed loaded for information here: purposes only. The appli- cation/game itself must be loaded separately. Requirements or complete download Browser profile (p. 74) and the ac- Ë The application/game is cess (p.
  • Page 70: Additional Information

    Java™-enabled mobile tion and the size of the game. phone. Update Siemens excludes all warranty and liability claims Reinstall an application in respect of or in connection with any applica- (update). tions subsequently installed by the customer and Check Display memory capacity.
  • Page 71: Media Mall

    MEdia Mall MEdia Mall MEdia Mall options Open menu. §Options§ Access different websites to down- load various applications, graphics Check Display memory capacity. or ringtones. Memory My MEdia Shop Ringtones Open My MEdia menu. Settings Open Settings menu. Shop Games (For standard functions see p.
  • Page 72: Media Player

    Media Player Media Player Melodies When you are viewing a picture or listening to a melody, the applica- The media playback offers the fol- tion starts a media playback. lowing functions for melody play- Browse to the next media back: file.
  • Page 73: Media Net

    Go to... Enter URL for direct dial to Internet that is specifically adapted an Internet address, e.g. to the display options of your phone. wap.siemens-mo- In addition, you can download games and applications to your Reload Reload current page.
  • Page 74: End Connection

    MEdia Net End connection Browser settings Press and hold to clear Press the joystick in down the connection and standby mode for activat- close the browser. ing the browser. Navigation in the browser Open menu. §Options§ • Select a link. Settings Select.
  • Page 75: Bookmarks

    MEdia Net Bookmarks Profile Settings Preparation of the phone for Internet ¢ ¢ Select function. access depends on the service pro- Select. §Options§ vider concerned: Select. Bookmarks Profile pre-set In most cases, access profiles have Display URL/call up page already been created for one or more List Bookmarks service provider(s).
  • Page 76: My Media

    My MEdia My MEdia My MEdia options Open menu. §Options§ To organise your files, you can use the file system like a PC file manager. Move Place highlighted file(s) or There are some folders for the folder in temporary various data types in My MEdia memory.
  • Page 77: Favorites

    My MEdia Favorites Index structure Some folders have already been ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Favorite created for different data types in Create your own menu with fre- MEdia. These folders cannot be quently used functions, phone changed. numbers or WAP pages. Folder Description Format...
  • Page 78: Organizer

    My MEdia Organizer Daily view Special displays: Calendar Description of appointment. ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Applications Navigation: ¢ ¢ Organizer Calendar One day forward/back. You can enter appointments in the To the start/end of the day calendar. Time and date must be set or next/last entry.
  • Page 79 My MEdia Holiday Alarm time: On/Off Vibrating Alert. Enter start and end date. Enter the period of time Birthday before the appointment Enter name and date. and select the time unit: Different input/selection fields are Minutes, Hours, Days displayed depending on the type. Recurrence: The number of fields can be restrict- Select a timeframe for re-...
  • Page 80 My MEdia Tasks Information on the alarm When the set date and time are ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Applications reached there is an audio and a visu- ¢ ¢ Organizer Tasks al alarm. If an alarm is missed it ap- A task is displayed like an appoint- pears in the list of missed appoint- ment in the agenda of the selected ments (p.
  • Page 81: Voice Recording

    My MEdia Notes Voice Recording ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Applications §Menu§ Applications ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ Organizer Notes Organizer Voice Recording Write and administer brief text Use the dictating machine to record memos. short voice memos. • Use your phone as a dictating ma- Enter a new memo chine when on the move.
  • Page 82 My MEdia Set Time Zones New recording <New Entry> ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Applications Select. ¢ ¢ Organizer Set Time Zones The remaining time avail- The time zone can be selected in the able, as well as the record- world map or a city list: ing time, are shown in the World map display.
  • Page 83: Organizer Options

    My MEdia Calend. Settings Organizer options ¢ ¢ Depending on the application used §Menu§ Applications ¢ ¢ (Calendar, Appointments, Tasks, Notes) Organizer Calend. Settings and the current situation, different Start of day: functions are offered. Time when the working day begins. Open menu.
  • Page 84: Extras

    My MEdia Extras Set days for alarm calls. Press again to delete the Alarm Clock highlighting. ¢ ¢ Press and hold to high- §Menu§ Applications ¢ ¢ light/unhighlight all the Extras Alarm Clock days. The alarm will ring at the time set by Confirm setting.
  • Page 85 My MEdia Stopwatch Basic functions: ¢ ¢ +, -, *, / Basic calculation types §Menu§ Applications ¢ ¢ Extras Stopwatch Result Two intermediate times can be re- Reversion corded and saved. Convert to percentage Start/stop. Decimal point. ± Sign change "+"/"–" Save intermediate time.
  • Page 86: Remote Synchronisation

    The data can, for example, Password: Enter password (shown as be saved on a company computer or a series of asterisks). the Internet, e. g.: Calendar e.g., events Path Contacts Synchronise e.g., contacts Path The computer is selected §Sync§...
  • Page 87: Record Audio

    My MEdia Start it from another application as Last sync: follows Time of the last synchronisation. The recording display appears: Sync. Mode A brief tone sounds when • Sync data: Modified Data All Data the recording starts. • Sync instruction: Two-Way, Device Alternate between pause/...
  • Page 88: Settings

    Settings Settings Set Wallpaper ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Set Wallpaper Set Ringtones Set wallpaper graphic for the display. ¢ ¢ If you have already defined a wallpa- Set Ringtones §Menu§ ¢ per, the selected one will autamati- Select function. cally be opened. By clicking on Set the signal tones on the phone to "Change"...
  • Page 89 Settings Auto key lock: Automatic keypad locking if no key has been pressed for one minute in standby mode. Unlocking: Press and hold. Note The "picture" (animated) and "digital clock" screensavers significantly reduce the phone’s standby time.
  • Page 90: Set Themes

    Settings Set Themes Audio Settings ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Set Themes §Menu§ Audio Settings ¢ Select function. Load a completely new visual pre- sentation onto your phone. At the Set the signal tones on the phone to press of a key, various functions are suit your requirements.
  • Page 91: Minute Beep

    Settings Volume Minute Beep Set different volumes for types of During a call you have initiated you, call/functions. and only you, will hear a beep every minute so you can check the Select call’s duration. The recipient does Calls not hear this beep. Messaging Information Tones CB Services...
  • Page 92: Display Settings

    Settings Display Settings Shutdn Anim. ¢ ¢ Select animation to be shown when §Menu§ Display Settings ¢ phone is switched off. Select function. My Greeting Language Enter greeting to be displayed in- Set the language for the display text. stead of animation when phone is When "automatic"...
  • Page 93: Call Settings

    Settings Call Settings Call Forward ¢ ¢ You can specify the conditions under §Menu§ Call Settings ¢ which calls should be diverted to Select function. your mailbox or other numbers. Hide ID Status Check When you make a call, your phone You can check the current divert sta- number can be displayed on the re- tus for all conditions.
  • Page 94: Profile Settings

    Settings Profile Settings Profile settings ¢ ¢ Edit a default profile or create a new §Menu§ Profile Settings personal profile: Several settings can be stored in a phone profile in order, for example, Select profile. to adapt the phone to the surround- ing level of noise.
  • Page 95: Airplane Mode

    Confirm safety prompt Car Kit again to activate the pro- file. The phone switches If an original Siemens Car Kit is used, itself off automatically. the profile is switched on automati- cally when the phone is inserted into Normal mode the cradle (also see accessories).
  • Page 96: Phone Settings

    Settings Phone Settings Software version ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Phone Settings Display the software version for your phone ¢ in standby mode: Select function. # 0 6 #, then press §Info§. Auto Off The phone switches off each day at Memory Assis. the set time.
  • Page 97: Set Date/Time

    Settings Set Date/Time Set Date Format ¢ ¢ Select the display format for the §Menu§ Set Date/Time ¢ date. Select function. Time Format Set Date/Time Select or 12h. The clock must be set correctly once at start-up. Show Clock Press. §Change§...
  • Page 98: Connectivity

    The distance be- provider on the Internet at this tween the two devices must not ex- address: ceed 30 cm. The infrared windows in both appliances must be aligned as mobilescustomercare accurately as possible with each in the FAQ section.
  • Page 99 • The access profiles must be con- figured manually. If necessary, check with your service provider for details. You will also find the current settings for the service provider on the Internet at this address: mobilescustomercare in the FAQ section. Make the settings.
  • Page 100: Security

    Settings Security Only ‚ ¢ ¢ (PIN2 or phone-code protected) §Menu§ More Settings ¢ Security Dialling options are restricted to SIM- ¢ Select function. protected phone numbers in the SmartChip. If only area codes are en- Auto Key Lock tered, relevant phone numbers can be added to these manually before The keypad is locked automatically if dialling.
  • Page 101: Network Settings

    Settings Network Settings Pref. Network ¢ ¢ Enter your preferred service provid- §Menu§ More Settings ¢ ers here for when you leave your Network Settings ¢ home network (e.g. if there are dif- Select function. ferences in price). Network Info Your service provider is displayed: The list of GSM networks currently Display list of preferred...
  • Page 102 Settings Fast Search Select Group You can select or add groups other When this function is active, net- than preferred groups (see below). work reconnection is speeded up Code numbers for the groups are ob- (standby time is reduced). tained from your service provider. User Group All Outgoing Depending on the service provider,...
  • Page 103: Accessories

    Car Kit • Auto. activation of car kit profile Only in combination with an original when the phone is inserted. Siemens handsfree car kit (see ac- cessories). The car kit profile is acti- Headset vated automatically when the phone Only in conjunction with an original is inserted into the cradle.
  • Page 104: Mobile Phone Manager

    You can compare and (Accessories, p. 115). copy contacts between your phone, Microsoft Outlook® and other Siemens phones (including Gigaset). SMS and MMS management (messages) Mobile Phone Manager You can download the software from the Internet:
  • Page 105: Phone Explorer

    Mobile Phone Manager Synchronisation (SmartSync) Bookmark management (browser & bookmarks) At the touch of a key you can syn- chronise the contacts, appoint- Use your PC to browse through Inter- ments, notes and tasks on your mo- net and define your preferred Brows- bile phone with Microsoft Outlook®.
  • Page 106 Mobile Phone Manager Processing pictures and photos Ringtone and MP3 management (images) (sounds) Picture/photo processing offers the The sound module offers the user user the opportunity to conveniently the opportunity to conveniently create, edit and manage pictures manage just about any sound format and photos.
  • Page 107: Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers Questions & Answers If you have any questions on the use of your phone, you can contact us at around the clock. As further help we have listed below some frequently asked questions and answers. Problem...
  • Page 108 Questions & Answers Problem Possible causes Possible solution No network Weak signal. Move higher, to a window or an open space. connection. Outside GSM range. Check service provider’s coverage area. Invalid SIM card. Complain to the service provider. New network not authorised. Try manual selection or select a different network (p.
  • Page 109 SIM card according to the instructions. If the PUK (MASTER PIN) has been lost, contact your service provider. Phone code error. Three wrong entries. Contact Siemens Service (p. 109). Service provider No authorisation for this service. Contact your service provider. code error. Missing/too many Functions may have been add- Check with your service provider.
  • Page 110: Customer Care

    Ireland..........18 50 77 72 77 user guide on p. 106. Italy ..........02 24 36 44 00 Ivory Coast.......... 05 02 02 59 Qualified Siemens employees are waiting to Jordan..........0 64 39 86 42 offer you expert information about our Kenya............ 2 72 37 17 products and installation.
  • Page 111 Customer Care Oman ............79 10 12 Pakistan ..........02 15 66 22 00 Paraguay ..........8 00 10 20 04 Philippines ........0 27 57 11 18 Poland..........08 01 30 00 30 Portugal ..........8 08 20 15 21 Qatar............04 32 20 10 Romania .........02 12 04 60 00 Russia..........8 80 02 00 10 10 Saudi Arabia ........0 22 26 00 43...
  • Page 112: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Care and maintenance Your phone has been designed and The above suggestions apply equally manufactured to the highest of stan- to your phone, battery, charger and dards and should be treated with all accessories. If any of these parts great care.
  • Page 113: Limited Warranty

    Product, or other acts which are not the fault of Siemens and which the Product is not specified to tolerate, including damage caused by mishandling or blown fuses.
  • Page 114 Phone System or parts furnished hereunder with software, apparatus or devices not furnished by Siemens, nor will Siemens have any liability for the use of ancillary equipment or software not furnished by Siemens which is attached to or used in connection with the Phone System. The foregoing states the entire liability of Siemens with respect to infringement of patents by the Phone System or any parts thereof.
  • Page 115: Product Data

    Product data Declaration of conformity Phone ID You will need the following details if you Siemens Information and Communi- lose your phone or SIM card: cation mobile hereby declares that the number of the SIM card (on the card): the phone described in this user guide is in compliance with the es- ..............
  • Page 116: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Handsfree Portable Original Siemens Accessories Headset HHS-510 shop Activate speech recognition or receive and end calls using the activation button. Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Energy Premium designed headset with full-duplex Li-Ion battery (750 mAh) EBA-660 speech quality and optimum carrying Spare battery comfort.
  • Page 117: Car Solutions

    Portable Car Kit HKP-500 Handsfree communication with high quality sound is easily transferred from one vehicle to the next. Products can be obtained in specialist shops or you can visit the Siemens Mobile Store online: Original Siemens Accessories shop...
  • Page 118: Quality

    After six months, if the battery is clearly suffering from loss of performance, we recommend that you replace it. Please buy only Siemens original batteries.
  • Page 119: U.s. Fda

    U.S. FDA been done to address these ques- tions, no clear picture of the biologi- cal effects of this type of radiation has emerged to date. Thus, the avail- able science does not allow us to The U.S. Food and Drug conclude that mobile phones are ab- Administration's (FDA) Center solutely safe, or that they are unsafe.
  • Page 120 U.S. FDA ty of mobile phones. This research How much evidence is there that hand- held mobile phones might be harmful? has resulted in two findings in partic- ular that merit additional study: Briefly, there is not enough evidence to know for sure, either way; howev- 1.
  • Page 121 U.S. FDA 2. Researchers conducted a large Two other studies of interest have battery of laboratory tests to assess been reported recently in the litera- the effects of exposure to mobile ture: phone RF on genetic material. These • Two groups of 18 people were ex- included tests for several kinds of ab- posed to simulated mobile phone normalities, including mutations,...
  • Page 122 U.S. FDA and industry, to assure that research called a case-control study. The cur- is undertaken to provide the neces- rent case-control study of brain can- sary answers to the outstanding cers by the National Cancer Institute, questions about the safety of mobile as well as the follow-up research to phones.
  • Page 123 U.S. FDA • Cooperate in providing mobile spend long periods of time on their phone users with the best possible hand-held mobile phones could con- information on what is known sider holding lengthy conversations about possible effects of mobile on conventional phones and reserv- phone use on human health.
  • Page 124 U.S. FDA • World Health Organization (WHO) International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (select Qs & As): • United Kingdom, National Radio- logical Protection Board: • Cellular Telecommunications In- dustry Association (CTIA): • U.S. Food and Drug Administra- tion (FDA) Center for devices and Radiological Health:
  • Page 125: Fcc/Industry Canada Notice

    FCC/Industry Canada Notice Your phone may cause TV or radio in- ustry terference (for example, when using a telephone in close proximity to re- ceiving equipment). The FCC or In- dustry Canada can require you to stop using your telephone if such in- terference cannot be eliminated.
  • Page 126: Ten Driving Safety Tips

    Whether you choose an installed mounted device for your phone or a speaker phone accessory, take advantage of these devices if Your Siemens wireless phone gives they are available to you. you the power to communicate by Position your phone within easy reach.
  • Page 127 Ten driving safety tips Dial sensibly and assess the traffic. Use your phone to help others in emergencies. If possible, place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into Your wireless phone provides you a traffic. Try to plan your calls before perfect opportunity to be a “good Sa- you begin your trip, or attempt to co- maritan”...
  • Page 128: Intellectual Property

    Intellectual rights. Property shall remain with Siemens, its affiliates, partners or suppliers. Siemens will have no liability with re- spect to any claim of patent infringe- ment which is based upon the com- bination of the Product or parts...
  • Page 129: Sar (Ct66)

    The lim- by Industry Canada. The highest SAR its include a substantial safety mar- value for this Siemens CT66 when gin designed to assure the safety of tested for use at the ear is all persons, regardless of age and health.
  • Page 130 CT66 phone is on file with the FCC and can be found under the Display Grant section of after searching on FCC ID PWX-C66. While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, all...
  • Page 131: End User License Agreement

    This Software License Agreement works ("Stock Files") (iv) related ex- ("Agreement") is between You and planatory written materials Siemens Information and Communi- ("Documentation"); (v) fonts (vi) up- cation Mobile, LLC and/or one of its grades, modified versions, updates, affiliates ("Licensor"). The Agree-...
  • Page 132 End user license agreement (d) You may not reverse engineer, rights. You may not register or claim reverse compile, disassemble or oth- any rights in the pre-loaded content erwise attempt to discover the or derivative works thereof. source code of the Software (except (g) You agree that You shall only use to the extent that this restriction is the Software in a manner that com-...
  • Page 133 End user license agreement version in order to use the Update ABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICU- and You may use the previous ver- LAR PURPOSE OR THAT THE sion for ninety (90) days after You SOFTWARE WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY receive the Update in order to assist THIRD PARTY PATENTS, COPY- You in the transition to the Update.
  • Page 134 End user license agreement COVER, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL OR CON- limitation. Licensor is acting on be- SEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, HOWEVER half of its software suppliers and CAUSED AND WHETHER ARISING UN- their respective employees and affili- DER CONTRACT, TORT, NEGLIGENCE, ates for the purpose of disclaiming, OR OTHER THEORY OF LIABILITY excluding and/or restricting obliga- ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR IN-...
  • Page 135 End user license agreement 12. Applicable law & general provisions. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflicts of laws rules. This is the entire agreement between Licensor and You relating to the Software and it supersedes any prior representations, discus-...
  • Page 136: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Menu tree > Recent Calls Calls Made Calls Received Missed Calls Voice Mail Speed Dial List Address Book > Messaging > Create New Text Message Multimedia Msg > Inbox Text Message Multimedia Msg WAP Push CB Messages > Sent Messages Text Message Multimedia Msg...
  • Page 137 Menu tree > Shop Ringtones MEdia Mall Shop Games Shop Graphics Shop Multimedia <Shop Applications> MEdia Net MEdia Net > Favorites My MEdia Games > > Applications Organizer Calendar Audio Appointments Graphics Tasks Animations Notes Skins Missed Appts. Themes Voice Recording Other Set Time Zones Calend.
  • Page 138 Menu tree > > Set Ringtones Settings Calls Group Calls Other Calls > More Tones Messaging Alarm Clock Set Wallpaper Organizer Startup Melody > Set Screensaver Preview Shutdn Melody Style: Record Audio Picture: Timeout: Code protection: Auto key lock: Set Themes >...
  • Page 139 Menu tree > > Display Settings Large Font Settings Illumination Contrast > Call Settings Hide ID Call Waiting Call Forward Any Key Answ. > Profile Settings Normal Envi. Quiet Envi. Noisy Envi. Car Kit Headset <Name> <Name> Airplane Mode > Phone Settings Auto Off Phone Identity...
  • Page 140 Menu tree > > > More Settings Connectivity Data Counter Settings IrDA Data Services HTTP Profile > Security Auto Key Lock ‚ Only PIN Code This Chip Only Barring > Network Settings Choose Netw. Auto Network Fast Search User Group >...
  • Page 141: Index

    Index Index Accessories....... 115 Calculator ........83 Addressbook Calendar ........77 Dial entry........ 39 Call ..........31 Groups ........40 Accept/end......32 New entry....... 37 Conference ......34 Read entry ......39 End ......... 31 Aircraft mode ......94 forward........92 Alarm Hold........
  • Page 142 Index Countdown ........ 84 Headset Covers, changing......18 Accessories ......115 CSD settings ....... 98 Setting ........102 Headset, Accessories....115 Hide ID ........92 Date format........ 96 Hold call ....... 33, 34 Default book ......36 Home network......100 Delete assistant ......
  • Page 143 Index Media player ......71 Phone number transmission Menu controls ......21 on/off ......... 92 Menu speed dialling ....23 Phonebook (see SmartChip) Menu tree ........ 135 Photo.......... 45 Message Picture & sound (SMS)....53 CB .......... 67 MMS........58 Change ........
  • Page 144 Short message (SMS)....52 Swap .......... 33 Shown in the display ....13 Switch off phone Shutdown animation ....91 Automatic ....... 95 Siemens City Portal ..... 30 Manually......... 19 Signal strength ......20 Switch on phone......19 SIM card Symbols........13 Clear barring......

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