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Antenna Care; Phone Operation - SIEMENS C66 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Safety precautions
Please dispose of unwanted
batteries and phones as speci-
fied by the laws in your country.
The phone may cause interfer-
ence close to TVs, radios and
Use only Siemens original ac-
cessories. This will avoid poten-
tial risks to health or property
and ensure compliance with all
relevant regulations.
Improper use will invalidate the warranty!
These safety instructions also apply to
Siemens original accessories.
Product attributes are subject to changes in
technology, design and availability.
Siemens reserves the right to modify prod-
ucts without prior notice.
Read this information before using
your wireless handheld phone.
As this mobile phone is equipped
with a fixed (non-retractable) an-
tenna, some paragraphs in the text
below may not be applicable.

Antenna care

Use only the supplied or an approved
replacement antenna. Unauthorized
antennas, modifications, or attach-
ments could damage the phone and
may violate FCC regulations.

Phone operation

Normal position
Hold the phone as you would any
other telephone with the antenna
pointed up and over your shoulder.
Tips on efficient operation
For your phone to operate most
• Extend your antenna fully
(if applicable).
• Do not touch the antenna unnec-
essarily when the phone is in use.
Contact with the antenna affects
call quality and may cause the
phone to operate at a higher pow-
er level than otherwise needed.


Table of Contents

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