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Siemens Mobile CF62T User Manual

Siemens mobile cf62t user guide.
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Issued by/Publicado por
Siemens Information and Communication Mobile LLC
16745 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92127, USA
Printed in Germany.
Impreso en Alemania.
© 2004 Siemens AG. All rights reserved.
Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
© 2004 Siemens AG. Todos los derechos reservados.
Sujeto a disponibilidad.
Nos reservamos el derecho a hacer modificaciones.
User Guide
Guía Para El Usuario


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 16745 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 400 Rights of modification reserved. San Diego, CA 92127, USA © 2004 Siemens AG. Todos los derechos reservados. Sujeto a disponibilidad. Printed in Germany. Nos reservamos el derecho a hacer modificaciones. Impreso en Alemania.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Legal notices ... 3 Safety precautions ... 5 Antenna care ... 7 Phone operation ... 7 Electronic devices ... 8 Phone overview ... 12 Display symbols ... 15 Getting started ... 16 Insert SIM card/battery ... 16 Charge battery ... 17 Switch on, off/PIN entry ...
  • Page 3 Contents Lists ... 52 Text Msg Archive ... 53 SMS profiles ... 53 Picture Msg ... 55 Writing/sending MMS messages ... 55 MMS options ... 57 Receive MMS ... 57 Read MMS ... 58 MMS profiles ... 60 CB Services ... 61 Ring Tones ...
  • Page 4: Legal Notices

    It is approved for use in the country where it was originally sold and may be approved for use in other countries. © 2004 Siemens Information and Communication Mobile, LLC. All rights reserved. Siemens and the CF62 model phone...
  • Page 5: Network Services

    (particularly with the back- light continuously switched on) and listening to music will shorten the time available for standby and to make and receive telephone calls. Operation times also vary depending on network conditions, SIM settings, charging and battery condition, how you use your phone and other fac- tors.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    (p. 29). Otherwise you risk serious, permanent damage to your hearing. Only use original Siemens bat- teries (100 % mercury-free) and charging devices. Otherwise you risk serious damage to health and property: The battery could explode, for instance.
  • Page 7 Improper use will invalidate the warranty! These safety instructions also apply to Siemens original accessories. Product attributes are subject to changes in technology, design and availability. Siemens reserves the right to modify prod- ucts without prior notice.
  • Page 8: Antenna Care

    For areas where the use of mobile phones while driv- ing is permitted, Siemens encour- ages persons to use their phones responsibly and to employ hands- free devices. Also, if using your phone while driving, please: •...
  • Page 9: Electronic Devices

    Safety precautions For vehicles equipped with air bags An air bag inflates with great force. DO NOT place objects, including either installed or portable wireless equipment, in the area over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area. If in-vehicle wireless equip- ment is improperly installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury could result.
  • Page 10: Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    ties may be using equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy. Vehicles RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately shielded electronic systems in motor vehicles. Check with the manufacturer or its representative regarding your vehi- cle. You should also consult the manufacturer of any equipment that has been added to your vehicle.
  • Page 11: Batteries And Chargers

    Batteries and Chargers Only use original Siemens batteries (100% mercury-free) and charging devices. Use of non-Siemens batter- ies and/or charging devices may cause explosion resulting in serious injury and/or property damage.
  • Page 12 3. Do not dispose of the battery in a fire; it may explode. Dispose of used batteries and phones in accordance with applicable laws and safety regulations. Do not expose battery to water. Check with local codes for special dis- posal instructions.
  • Page 13: Phone Overview

    Phone overview Phone overview Call key Dial phone number/name displayed/selected, take calls. Show last phone numbers dialed in standby mode. On/Off/End key • Switched off: hold down to switch on. • During a conversation or in an application: press briefly to finish. •...
  • Page 14 Loudspeaker Color Display Soft keys The current functions of these keys are shown in the bottom line of the display as §Text§/ symbol (e.g., Input keys Ringtone • Hold down in standby mode: Switch all audible signals on/off (except alarm). •...
  • Page 15 Phone overview Antenna Do not obstruct the antenna unnecessarily. 2nd display Displays time, incoming calls, screensaver and certain other information when the clam- shell is closed. In addition, symbols are used to indicate the following events: ¿ Missed incoming call Ø...
  • Page 16: Display Symbols

    Display symbols Display symbols (selection) Signal strength. Charging. Battery charge level, e.g. 50 %. è Addressbook/Phonebook Call Log É Surf & Fun/Service provider portal Alarm Clock Messages Ring Tones Ñ My Stuff Settings Call(s) is/are forwarded. Ringer off. Short ring (beep) only. Ringtone only if the caller is stored in the Address- book/Phonebook.
  • Page 17: Getting Started

    Getting started Getting started Insert SIM card/battery The service provider supplies you with a SIM card where all the impor- tant data for your line is stored. If the SIM card has been delivered in credit card size, snap the smaller segment out and remove any rough edges.
  • Page 18: Charge Battery

    (talk-time and standby time) may be an indica- tion that the battery requires replacement. Use only Siemens batteries and recharge your battery only with Siemens chargers. When the charger is not in use, disconnect it from the power source.
  • Page 19 Getting started Note Use the battery only for its intended purpose. Never use any charger or battery that is damaged or worn out. Do not short circuit the battery. Acci- dental short-circuiting can occur when a metallic object (coin, clip or pen) causes direct connection of the + and –...
  • Page 20: Switch On, Off/pin Entry

    Switch on, off/PIN entry Switch on/off Open the clamshell to access the keypad. Hold down On/Off/ End key. Enter PIN The SIM card can be protected with a 4- to 8- digit PIN. Enter the PIN using the number keys. The charac- ters **** ensure nobody can read...
  • Page 21: Switching On Your Phone For The First Time

    Switch on, off/PIN entry Switching on your phone for the first time Time/Date Set the clock to the right time once at start-up. Press. §Yes§ First enter the date (month, day, year), then the time (12 hours, including seconds). Press. The time and date §OK§...
  • Page 22: General Instructions

    General instructions User guide The following symbols are used to explain operation: Enter numbers or letters. On/Off/End key. Call key. Press navigation key (left/right). Press navigation key (top/bottom). Displays a function. §Menu§ Function dependent on service provider, may require special registration. Without SIM card If you switch on the phone without a SIM card you can still use some...
  • Page 23: Standard Functions

    Standard functions Standard functions Option menus Menu functions are made available in options menus. A selection of functions that occur frequently is shown here. §Options§ Open menu. Edit Open the entry to edit. Capacity Display available capacity. View Display entry. Delete/ Delete entry/delete all Delete All...
  • Page 24: Security

    Security The phone and SIM card are pro- tected against misuse by several security codes. Keep these confidential numbers in a safe place where you can access them again if you need them. Codes Protects your SIM card (personal identification number).
  • Page 25 After the third unsuccessful attempt, access to the phone code and the functions that use it is denied. If this happens, please contact Siemens Service (p. 101). Clear SIM card barring If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the SIM card is barred.
  • Page 26: My Phone

    Where do I get what? Additional ring tones, logos, anima- tions and Java applications are available from your service provider or directly from Siemens. Service provider portal Depending on your service provider, you may have direct access on your phone to its portal via menu options or bookmarks.
  • Page 27: Calling

    Calling Calling Dialing with number keys Open the clamshell to access the keypad. The phone must be switched on (standby mode). Enter number (always with area code/interna- tional dialing code). A short press clears §Clear§ the last digit, a long press clears the entire phone number.
  • Page 28: If The Number Is Busy

    If the number is busy If the called number is busy or can- not be reached because of network problems several options are avail- able (depending on the service pro- vider). An incoming call or any other use of the phone interrupts these functions.
  • Page 29: Accept Call

    Calling Accept call The phone must be switched on (standby mode). An incoming call will interrupt any other use of the phone. Open the clamshell. Press. §Accept§ Press. A phone number transmitted by the network is displayed or the corresponding name if it is contained in the Phonebook (page 37) or Addressbook (page 40).
  • Page 30: Speakerphone

    Speakerphone You can put the phone aside during a call. You can then hear the caller via the loudspeaker. Spk. On Activate speakerphone §Spk. On§ talking. Switch on. §Yes§ Spk. Off Use the navigation key to adjust the volume. Switch off. §Spk.
  • Page 31: Conference

    Calling Incoming calls during a call You may need to register for this ser- vice with your service provider and set your phone accordingly (page 72). During a call, you may be advised that there is another call waiting. You will hear a special tone during the call.
  • Page 32: Call Menu

    Call menu The following functions are only available during a call: Open menu. y Menu§ Hold (page 29) Mute Switch microphone on/ off. If switched off, the person on the other end cannot hear you (muting). Conference see above Addressbook/ Access the default book Phonebook while on the phone.
  • Page 33: Text Entry

    Text entry Text entry Text entry without T9 Press number key repeatedly until the required letter appears. After a brief interval the cursor will advance. Example: Press once briefly to type the letter a, twice to type b, etc. Hold down to write the number.
  • Page 34 Text entry with T9 "T9" deduces the correct word from the individual key entries by making comparisons with an extensive dic- tionary. Activate, deactivate T9 Open text menu. §Options§ Select. Text Input T9 Preferred Select. Activate T9. §Change§ Select Input Language Select the language in which you want to compose your message.
  • Page 35 Text entry Additional information Set a period. A word is con- cluded if it is followed by a space. Within a word, a period represents an apos- trophe or hyphen: e.g. §provider.s§ Go to the right. Ends a word. Press briefly: Swap between: abc, Abc, abc, Abc,...
  • Page 36: New Entry

    Correct a word Words written with T9: Move left or right, word by word, until the required word is §highlighted§. » Scroll through the T9 word suggestions again. Deletes the character to §Clear§ the left of the cursor anddisplays a new word suggestion! Words not written with T9: Move letter by letter to...
  • Page 37: Default Book

    Default Book Default Book KèK Select function. §Menu§ Show Entries Entries in the standard directory (Addressbook or Phonebook) are shown for selection. Select a name with the first letter and/or scroll. The number is dialed. <New Entry> Create new entry in standard directory.
  • Page 38: Phonebook

    Phonebook Entries in the Phonebook (on the SIM card) are managed separately from those in the Addressbook. You can, however, exchange data between the Phonebook and the Address- book. <New Entry> If the Phonebook is set as standard (Addressbook as standard, page 36): Open Phonebook (in standby mode).
  • Page 39: Special Books

    Phonebook <Special Books> Open Phonebook (in standby mode). <Special Books> Select <Own Numbers> Enter "own" phone numbers in Phonebook (e.g., fax) for information. These numbers can be changed, deleted and also sent as an SMS mes- sage. <VIP Numbers> Assign important numbers to group. <SIM Phonebook>...
  • Page 40: Phonebook Menu

    Phonebook menu The following functions are avail- able, depending on the current situation. Some functions may be applied to the current entry as well as multiple highlighted entries: §Options§ Open menu. View Display entry. Edit Open the entry to edit. New Entry Create new entry.
  • Page 41: Addressbook

    Addressbook Addressbook The Addressbook can store up to 500 entries, each with a variety of telephone and fax numbers as well as additional address details. These entries are managed separately from those in the Phonebook, which is stored in the SIM. However, you can exchange data between the Ad- dressbook and the Phonebook.
  • Page 42: Change Entry

    Additional information <Groups> Group functions (page 43). Birthday After entering the date of birth, the "reminder box" can be activated. You can now enter the time for the reminder. The phone will then remind you with an acoustic tone and also with a display one day before the birthday and on the birth- day.
  • Page 43: Call (search For An Entry)

    Addressbook Call (search for an entry) Open Addressbook (in standby mode). Select a name with the first letter and/or scroll. The number is dialed. If an Addressbook entry has several numbers stored: N Smith, John ¿ 0555123454 v 0555987654 À 0555222345 Select phone number.
  • Page 44: Groups

    Groups Nine groups are specified in your phone to enable you to arrange your Addressbook entries clearly. You can rename seven groups. Open Addressbook (in standby mode). <Groups> Select (the number of entries is listed behind the group name). N Groups t Family Ã...
  • Page 45: Control Codes (dtmf)

    Groups Control codes (DTMF) You can, for example, enter control codes (numbers and pauses "+") for remote access to an automatic answering machine or other elec- tronic services, such as banking, while a connection exists. These entries are transmitted directly as DTMF codes (control codes).
  • Page 46: Call Log

    Call Log Your phone stores the phone num- bers of calls for convenient redialing. §Menu§ Press. §Select§ Select call list. Confirm. Select phone number. Dial phone number. Display information on §View§ the phone number. 10 phone numbers can be stored in each call list: Missed Calls The phone numbers of calls that you...
  • Page 47: Voice Message/mailbox

    Voice message/mailbox Voice message/mailbox §Menu§ Message Setup Voice Mail Most service providers offer a mailbox, in which a caller may leave a voice message for you • if your phone is switched off or not ready to receive, • if you do not want to answer, •...
  • Page 48: Messages

    Messages You can transmit and receive very long messages (up to 760 characters) on your phone. They are automati- cally composed of several "normal" SMS messages (note higher charges). Additionally, you can insert pictures and sounds in an SMS. Depending on your service provider, e-mails and faxes can also be sent and e-mails received via SMS (change setting if necessary,...
  • Page 49: Send Via

    Messages Text options Open text menu. §Options§ Save Save composed text in draft list. Picture&Sound Add pictures, anima- tions and sounds to message (see following text). Text Modules Insert text module (page 35). Format Line Feed Small Font, Medium Font, Large Font Underline Default Alignm., Left, Right, Center...
  • Page 50: Picture&sound

    Picture&Sound Send pictures and sounds with or without accompanying text. The text input field opened ... Open menu. §Options§ Select Picture&Sound. The menu contains: Fix Animations Fix Sounds Own Animations Own Pictures Own Sounds Select section. Confirm. The first entry of the selected section is displayed.
  • Page 51: Txt Msg To Group

    Messages Txt Msg to Group You can send an SMS message as a "broadcast message" to a recipient group. After you open Text Msg new SMS: Select a group that you would like to send a SMS to. Type in your text message Text: or add a ringtone or pic- ture to the SMS.
  • Page 52 Reply options Open reply menu. §Reply§ Write Message Create a new reply text. Edit Edit received SMS or add new text. Answer is YES Answer is NO Callback Add a standard text as a reply to the SMS. Delay Thank you When the SMS has been edited, it can be saved or sent with §Options§.
  • Page 53: Lists

    Messages Lists All SMS messages are archived in dif- ferent lists, according to their status. Inbox §Menu§ Inbox Text Message The list of received SMS messages is displayed. Draft §Menu§ Draft Text Message The list of SMS messages not yet transmitted is displayed.
  • Page 54: Text Msg Archive

    Text Msg Archive §Menu§ Text Msg Archive The list of SMS messages stored in the phone is displayed. …\SMS archive £ INBOX £ DRAFT £ UNSENT Options Different functions are available, depending on the context: Archive options List options SMS profiles §Menu§...
  • Page 55 Messages Validity Select the period in which the period service center is to try to deliver the message: Manual, hour, hours, week, Maximum* * Maximum period that the service provider permits. Status You will be notified whether Report the message was delivered successfully or not.
  • Page 56: Picture Msg

    Picture Msg The Multimedia Messaging Service enables you to send texts, pictures (also photos) and sounds in a com- bined message to another mobile phone or to an e-mail address. All elements of an MMS message are merged to form a "slide show". Depending on your phone's settings, you will receive either the complete message automatically or notifica-...
  • Page 57 Picture Msg Sound: Press §Insert§. If you select §Insert§: The options you have are: New Record File System Stuff: You can now select a stored melody (see also page 89). Ringtone: Record new tones, for sending by MMS only (see below). Slide duration: Enter length of display for individual pages...
  • Page 58: Mms Options

    Text options Open menu. §Options§ Line Feed Start new line. Save Save MMS text. Delete Text Delete the whole text. Text Insert text module Modules (page 35). (For standard functions see page 22) MMS options Different functions are available, depending on the context: Insert Line Extend address field by one line.
  • Page 59: Read Mms

    Picture Msg Read MMS Automatic presentation §Play§ of the MMS. Use any key to cancel. Scroll page by page with the navigation key. Call up individual pages directly by number key. Attachments An MMS can contain several attachments. Open menu. §Options§...
  • Page 60 List options Different functions are available, depending on the list/context. View Show MMS Info. Play Read MMS. Reply Reply to MMS immediately. Receive Start incoming transmis- Message sion of MMS when only noti- fication is highlighted (page 60). Recv. All Start receipt of all new MMS Message messages.
  • Page 61: Mms Profiles

    Picture Msg MMS profiles §Menu§ Message Setup Picture Msg A number of MMS profiles can be selected. The transmission charac- teristics of an MMS are defined in these. Select profile. Open menu. Change Settings Select. Expiry Select the period in which Time the service center is to try to deliver the message:...
  • Page 62: Cb Services

    CB Services §Menu§ Message Setup CB Services Some service providers offer infor- mation services (info channels, Cell Broadcast). If reception is activated, your Topic List will supply you with messages on the activated topics. Receive CB You can activate and deactivate the CB service.
  • Page 63: Ring Tones

    Ring Tones Ring Tones Select function. §Menu§ You can set the tones to your needs. Ringer Setting Activate/deactivate all On/Off tones. Reduce ring tone to a Beep short signal (beep). Additional information Hold down in standby mode to switch ringtone on/off. Display: Beep.
  • Page 64: Set Ring Tones

    Set ring tones Select function. §Menu§ Here you can set the ring tone sepa- rately for the call types/functions. You can download new ring tones from the Internet via Call Tone, Group Tone, Other Call Tone, Alarm Tone, Message Tone Here you can set the ring tone sepa- rately for the stated functions.
  • Page 65: Internet

    Internet Internet Internet browser (WAP) Get the latest information from the Internet that is specifically adapted to the display options of your phone. In addition, you can download games and applications to your phone. Internet access may require registration with the service provider. É...
  • Page 66: Browser Menu

    Resume Call up most recently vis- ited page still in the mem- ory. Go to... Enter URL to access WAP page directly, e.g. wap.siemens- Select from list of most recently visited WAP addresses. Reload Reload page. Inbox Inbox for messages from the WAP server (WAP push).
  • Page 67 Internet Additional information Í Browser menu. Ì No network. Select special characters, such as @, ~, Press repeatedly for: . , ? ! ’ " 0 - ( ) @ / : _ WAP profiles É §Menu§ Profiles Preparation of the phone for WAP Internet access depends on the cur- rent service provider: •...
  • Page 68: Settings

    Settings Profiles Several settings can be stored in a phone profile in order, for example, to adapt the phone to the surrounding level of noise. • Five standard profiles are provided with default settings. They can be changed however: Normal Envi. Quiet Envi.
  • Page 69: Airplane Mode

    Rename Change individual profile (except default profiles). Car Kit If a Siemens original Car Kit is used (page 106), the profile is activated automatically as soon as the phone is placed in the cradle (page 81). Headset If a Siemens original headset is used...
  • Page 70: Display

    Display §Menu§ Display Select function. Language Set the language of the display text. When "automatic" is set, the lan- guage of your service provider is used. If a language you do not understand happens to be set, the phone can be reset to the language of your service provider with the fol- lowing input (in standby mode): # 0 0 0 0 #...
  • Page 71 Settings Additional information You can also receive individual logos, screensavers and animations by SMS (page 47), MMS (page 55) or WAP (page 64). See also My phone Startup Animation Select animation to be shown when phone is switched on. Shutdown Animation Select animation to be shown when phone is switched on.
  • Page 72: Dynamic Light

    Dynamic Light §Menu§ Dynamic Light Select function. The dynamic light consists of 7 LEDs at the edge of the keyboard (page 13). It is used to indicate visually different events and functions as well as the current phone status ( searching, low battery, etc.).
  • Page 73: Call Setup

    Settings Call Setup §Menu§ Call Setup Select function. Hide ID When you make a call, your phone number can be displayed on the recipient's display (depending on the service providers). To suppress this display, you can enable the "Hide ID" mode for all sub- sequent calls or just for the next call.
  • Page 74 After a short pause, the current situ- ation is transmitted via the network and displayed. Condition set. Not set. Display if status is unknown (e.g. with a new SIM card). Clear All All forwarding settings are cleared. Additional information Note that the forwarding is stored in the network and not in the phone (e.g., when the SIM card is changed).
  • Page 75: Clock

    Settings Clock §Menu§ Clock Select function. Time/Date The clock must be set to the right time once at start-up. Press. §Change§ First enter the date (day/ month/year), then the time (12 hours, including seconds). Additional information If the battery is removed for longer than 30 seconds, the clock will be reset.
  • Page 76: Connectivity

    • The access profiles must be con- figured manually. If necessary, check with your service provider for details. Current settings for each service provider can be found on the Internet at in the FAQ section. Select profile. Open menu. Change Settings Press, then:...
  • Page 77 Settings For CSD (Circuit Switched Data) CSD settings Select. If it has not been preconfigured, enter the data or the required set- tings (your service provider will sup- ply you with information on this): Press. Dial-up Enter ISP number. number Call type: Select ISDN/analog.
  • Page 78: Security

    Send Voice/Fax Set this function on the phone before transmission so that you can switch from voice mode to fax mode. While the connection is being set up, the following function is available for two seconds: Switch to §Voice/Fax§ Send Voice/Fax mode;...
  • Page 79 Settings This SIM Only (Phone-code protected) The phone can be connected to a SIM card when the phone code is entered. Unless the phone code is known, the phone will not operate with a different SIM card. If the phone is to be used with a dif- ferent SIM card, enter the phone code when requested.
  • Page 80: Network

    Security §Menu§ Select function. Phone Identity The phone identity number (IMEI) is displayed. This information may be useful for customer service. Alternative input in standby mode: # 0 6 # Software version Display the software version for your phone in standby mode: # 0 6 #, then press §Info§.
  • Page 81: Network Info

    Settings Network Info The list of GSM networks currently available is displayed. ² Indicates forbidden service providers (depending on SIM card). Auto Network Selection Activate/deactivate, see work below. If "Automatic network" is activated, the next network on the list is dialed in ranking order of your "preferred networks".
  • Page 82: Accessories

    Accessories §Menu§ Select function. Car Kit Only in combination with an original Siemens speakerphone Car Kit (page 106). The Car Kit profile is acti- vated automatically as soon as the phone is placed in the cradle. Auto Answer (Factory default: off) Calls are accepted automatically after a few seconds.
  • Page 83 Settings Headset Only in conjunction with a Siemens original headset (page 106). The profile is automatically activated when the headset is plugged in. Auto Answer (Factory default: off) Calls are accepted automatically after a few seconds (except when the ringer is switched off or set to beep).
  • Page 84: Organizer

    Organizer Calendar ç Calendar §Menu§ You can enter appointments in the calendar. Time and date must be set for the calendar to work correctly (page 74). Monthly overview Oct 2004 Page between days. Press briefly to page between weeks, hold down to page between months.
  • Page 85 Organizer Description: Description of the nature of the appointment. Date: Date of appointment. Time: Time of appointment. Alarm: Activate alarm. §ON§ Enter start time for the alarm before the appoint- ment. Select from: §Change§ Minutes, Hours, Recurrence: Select a timeframe for repeating the appoint- ment: §Change§...
  • Page 86 Agenda/appointments options Open menu. §Options§ Different functions are provided, depending on the calendar item selected or the current organizer function: Activate/ Switch alarm on/off. Deactivate Filter Select feature: Memo, Call, Meeting, Birthday, All. All entries with the selected feature are displayed. Delete Until Delete all entries prior to a certain date.
  • Page 87: Time Zones

    Organizer Notes list options Open menu. §Options§ Confidential Protect note with phone code (see also "Additional information"). (For standard functions see page 22) Additional information Protect confidential data using a phone code (page 77). Please note that it is possi- ble for confidential notes to be read from the phone when connected to a PC.
  • Page 88: Fast Access Key

    Fast access key The left soft key and the number keys 2 to 9 (speed dialing numbers) can each be assigned an important phone number or a function. The phone number can then be dialed or the function started at the touch of a button.
  • Page 89 Fast access key Speed dialing keys Number keys 2 to 9 can be used as speed dialing numbers for fast access. For available key assignments see page 87. Number key 1 is reserved for the mailbox number (page 46). Change In standby mode: Press a number key (2–9).
  • Page 90: My Stuff

    My Stuff The following folders are provided for organizing your files: Pictures, Sounds, Color scheme, Data inbox. Ñ §Menu§ Files and folders are displayed. You can scroll through these lists using the navigation key: Scroll up and down. Jump back from a folder. Open folder or execute file using related applica- tion...
  • Page 91: Pictures

    Sounds (ringer)/ silent alert on/off 62 Applications and games can be found at: or on the Internet at: Please obey all applicable laws, including all laws pertaining to intel- lectual property and copyright, while using this feature or accessory.
  • Page 92: Internet (wap)

    Games & More Applications and links that are already stored on the phone are located under: É Games & More §Menu§ § £ Download New § Game ¦ Application Options Different functions are available depending on which entry is highlighted: £...
  • Page 93: Additional Information

    Internet. Downloading or running applications will not affect or change the software already installed on your Java™-enabled mobile phone. Siemens excludes all warranty and liability claims in respect of or in connection with any applications subsequently installed by the customer and any software not included in the original delivery package.
  • Page 94: Extras

    Extras Note Depending on your service provider, the menu Extras may also include Games & More. See the (page 64) column for further functions. Alarm Clock Ñ §Menu§ Extras The alarm will ring at the time set by you, even when the phone is switched off.
  • Page 95: Currency Converter

    Retrieve a saved number from the calculator. Currency data is available only on an 'AS IS' basis without any warranty. Siemens obtains currency data from third party sources and is not respon- sible for the timeliness, accuracy, reliability or completeness of the currency data.
  • Page 96: Data Inbox

    Countdown Ñ Extras §Menu§ A set time elapses. The last 4 seconds are indicated by a beep. At the end a special beep sounds. Set period of time. §Set§ Start counter. §Start§ Interrupt counter. §Stop§ Change period of time. §Change§ Reset counter to starting §Reset§...
  • Page 97: Pc Software (data Exchange Software)

    PC Software (Data Exchange Software) PC Software (Data Exchange Software) By using Data Exchange Software from Siemens, you extend the func- tionality of your cell phone together with a Windows® PC. To benefit from these PC tools, your cell phone and PC are connected to each other by a data cable (Accessories, page 107).
  • Page 98: Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers If you have any questions on the use of your phone, you can contact us at around the clock. As further help we have listed some frequently asked questions and answers below. Problem Possible causes Phone cannot be On/Off key not pressed long switched on.
  • Page 99 Questions & Answers Problem Possible causes SIM error. SIM card not inserted correctly. Check that the SIM card is inserted correctly Dirty SIM card contacts. SIM card with wrong voltage. SIM card damaged (e.g. broken). No network Signal weak. connection. Outside GSM range.
  • Page 100 Enter the PUK (MASTER PIN) supplied with the SIM card according to the instructions. If the PUK (MAS- TER PIN) has been lost, please contact your service provider. Contact Siemens Service (page 101). Contact your service provider. Check with your service provider. Check settings (page 77).
  • Page 101 Questions & Answers Problem Possible causes Charge meter Charge pulse is not does not work. transmitted. Damage Severe shock. Remove battery and SIM and re-insert them. Do not dismantle the phone! Phone became Remove battery and SIM. Dry immediately with a cloth, but do not apply heat. Dry con- wet.
  • Page 102: Customer Care

    When calling customer service, please have ready your receipt and the phone identity number (IMEI, to display press software version (to display, press then info) and if available, your Siemens Service customer number. Note Only qualified service personnel must repair equipment.
  • Page 103 Customer Care Netherlands ...0 90 03 33 31 00 New Zealand...08 00 27 43 63 Nigeria ...0 14 50 05 00 Norway...22 70 84 00 Oman ... 79 10 12 Pakistan ...02 15 66 22 00 Paraguay ...8 00 10 20 04 Philippines ...0 27 57 11 18 Poland...08 01 30 00 30 Portugal ...8 08 20 15 21...
  • Page 104: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Your phone has been designed and manufactured to the highest of stan- dards and should be treated with great care. The suggestions below will help you to enjoy your phone for many years. • Protect your phone from moisture and humidity! Precipitation, humidity and liquids contain min- erals that will corrode electronic...
  • Page 105: Product Data

    Product data Product data Declaration of conformity Siemens Information and Communi- cation Mobile hereby declares that the phone described in this user guide is in compliance with the essential requirements and other rel- evant provisions of European Direc- tive 1999/5/EC (R&TTE). The declara- tion of conformity (DoC) concerned has been signed.
  • Page 106: Technical Data

    Technical data GSM class: 4 (2 watt) Frequency range: 880–960 MHz GSM class: 1 (1 watt) Frequency range: 1,710–1,880 MHz GSM class: 1 (1 watt) Frequency range: 1,850–1,990 MHz Weight: 85 g Size: 81.5×45.2×21.9 mm (78 ccm) Li-ion battery: 750 mAh Operating temperature: –10 °C…...
  • Page 107: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Fashion & Carry Carrying Cases Tour Case FCT-651 Energy Li-Ion Battery 600 mAh EBA-670 Spare battery for additional standby and talktime. Travel Charger ETC-520 Travel Charger with an extended input volt- age range of 100–240 V for international use.
  • Page 108 With the Data Cable DCA-500 the cell phone can be easily linked to a serial (RS232) inter- face. TTY Cable DCA-531 Allows you to use your Siemens phone and TTY device. Products can be obtained in specialist stores or you can visit the Siemens Mobile Store...
  • Page 109: Quality

    After six months, if the bat- tery is clearly suffering from loss of performance, we recommend that you replace it. Please buy only Siemens original batteries. Display quality statement For technological reasons, some small dots in different colors may appear in the display in rare cases.
  • Page 110: Fda

    RF exposure decreases rapidly with distance from the source. The safety of so-called "cordless phones", which have a base unit connected to the telephone wiring in a house and which operate at far lower power levels and frequencies, has not been questioned.
  • Page 111 U.S. FDA How much evidence is there that hand- held mobile phones might be harmful? Briefly, there is not enough evidence to know for sure, either way; how- ever, research efforts are on-going. The existing scientific evidence is conflicting and many of the studies that have been done to date have suffered from flaws in their research methods.
  • Page 112 National Cancer Institute is expected to bear on the accuracy and repeat- ability of these results. 2. Researchers conducted a large battery of laboratory tests to assess the effects of exposure to mobile phone RF on genetic material. These included tests for several kinds of abnormalities, including mutations, chromosomal aberrations, DNA strand breaks, and structural...
  • Page 113 U.S. FDA any low incident health problems associated with use of mobile phones. FDA continues to work with all parties, including other federal agencies and industry, to assure that research is undertaken to provide the necessary answers to the out- standing questions about the safety of mobile phones.
  • Page 114 • Design mobile phones in a way that minimizes any RF exposure to the user that is not necessary for device function; and • Cooperate in providing mobile phone users with the best possible information on what is known about possible effects of mobile phone use on human health.
  • Page 115 (FDA) Center for devices and Radiological Health: Muscat et al. Epidemiological Study of Cellular Telephone Use and Malignant Brain Tumors. In: State of the Science Sympo- sium; 1999 June 20; Long Beach, California. Tice et al. Tests of mobile phone signals for activity in genotoxicity and other laboratory assays.
  • Page 116: Fcc/industry Canada Notice

    FCC/Industry Canada Notice ustry Your phone may cause TV or radio interference (for example, when using a telephone in close proximity to receiving equipment). The FCC or Industry Canada can require you to stop using your telephone if such interference cannot be eliminated. If you require assistance, please con- tact your local service facility.
  • Page 117: Ten Driving Safety Tips

    Ten driving safety tips Your Siemens wireless phone gives you the power to communicate by voice – almost anywhere, anytime. But an important responsibility accompanies the benefits of wireless phones, one that every user must uphold. When driving a car, driving is your first responsibility.
  • Page 118 Dial sensibly and assess the traffic. If possible, place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into traffic. Try to plan your calls before you begin your trip, or attempt to coincide your calls with times you may be stopped at a stop sign, red light or otherwise stationary.
  • Page 119: Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property Intellectual Property Restrictions All Intellectual Property, as defined below, which is owned by or other- wise the property of Siemens Infor- mation and Communications Mobile, LLC ("Siemens"), its affili- ates, partners or suppliers, relating to the Phone, including but not lim- ited to accessories, parts or software relating thereto (the “Phone Sys-...
  • Page 120: Sar (cf62t)

    FCC and available for review by Industry Canada. The highest SAR value for this Siemens CF62T when tested for use at the ear is 1.32 W/kg*** and when worn on the body 0.36 W/kg***...
  • Page 121 SAR (CF62T) SAR information on this Siemens CF62T phone is on file with the FCC and can be found under the Display Grant section of after searching on FCC ID PWX-CF62T While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various...
  • Page 122: End User License Agreement

    End user license agreement This Software License Agreement ("Agreement") is between You and Siemens Information and Communi- cation Mobile, LLC and/or one of its affiliates ("Licensor"). The Agree- ment authorizes You to use the Soft- ware specified in Clause 1 below,...
  • Page 123 End user license agreement (d) You may not reverse engineer, reverse compile, disassemble or oth- erwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software (except to the extent that this restriction is expressly prohibited by law) or cre- ate derivative works based on the Software.
  • Page 124 version in order to use the Update and You may use the previous ver- sion for ninety (90) days after You receive the Update in order to assist You in the transition to the Update. After such time You no longer have a right to use the previous version, ex- cept for the sole purpose of enabling You to install the Update.
  • Page 126 End user license agreement 12. Applicable law & general provisions. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflicts of laws rules. This is the entire agreement between Licensor and You relating to the Software and it supersedes any prior representations, discus-...
  • Page 127: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Menu tree è > Show Entries ‘Preferred Book’ New Entry Business Card Groups Default Book > Missed Calls Call Log Received Calls Dialed Calls Clear Log É Internet (see also page 131) > Inbox Messages New Text Msg New Picture Msg Draft Unsent...
  • Page 128 > Message Setup Messages > Ringer Setting Ring Tones Vibrating Alert Volume Call Tone Group Tone Alarm Tone Message Tone More Tones... ç > Calendar Organizer Appointments Notes Missed Alarms Time Zones Calendar Setup > T9 Preferred Input Language Text Msg Picture Msg Voice Mail >...
  • Page 129: Illumination

    Menu tree Ñ > Pictures My Stuff Sounds Games & More Extras Color Scheme Data Inbox > Profiles Settings Display > Alarm Clock Calculator Currency Converter Stopwatch Countdown Voice Command > Language Text Input Background Logo Color Scheme Screensaver Startup Anim. Shutdn Anim.
  • Page 130: Hide Id

    > Dynamic Light Settings Call Setup > Show Light Effects Play Demo Brightness Calls Group Calls Other Calls During Call Alarms More Light... > Hide ID Call Waiting Call Forward Clamshell Minute Beep Menu tree > Incoming Msg Missed Event During Sending Opening Clamshell Closing Clamshell...
  • Page 131 Menu tree > Clock Settings Connectivity Security > Time/Date Time Zones Time Format Date Format Show Clock Auto Off > Data Counter Data Services HTTP Profile Authentication Fax/Data Allow Java SMS > Fixed Dial Codes This SIM Only Master Reset >...
  • Page 132 > Security Settings Network Accessories Note on Surf & Fun Depending on your service provider, you may have direct access to their portal instead of the Surf & Fun menu option. Contact your service provider for details of the services offered on the portal.
  • Page 133: Index

    Index Index Accessories... 106 Addressbook Dial entry... 42 New entry... 40 Read entry ... 41 Agenda ... 83 Alarm Alarm clock... 93 Appointment ... 84 Switch off ... 84 Type ... 84 Alarm clock ... 93 All calls (forwarding) ... 72 All incoming (Barrings) ...
  • Page 134 CSD data ... 76 Currency converter ... 94 Customer care ... 101 Data exchange (settings) ... 75 Data Exchange Software... 96 Date format... 74 Dialing code ... 26 Dialing with number keys ... 26 Dial-up access (connection) ... 75 Display Big letters ...
  • Page 135 Index Menu Control ... 21 Speed dialing... 23 Menu tree ... 126 Message CB ... 61 MMS... 55 SMS... 47, 50 Message memory ... 51 Minute beep... 63, 73 Missed appointments ... 86 Missed calls (call list) ... 45 Lists... 58 Profile...
  • Page 136 Network ... 79 Phone... 72 Profiles ... 67 Security ... 77 Short message (SMS)... 47 Shown in the display ... 15 Siemens City Portal ... 25 Signal strength ... 20 SIM card: Clear barring... 24 Insert... 16 Problems ... 98 Archive ...
  • Page 137 Index Browser ... 65 Parameters ... 66...

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