Siemens HL 54024 Instruction Manual

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Using this oven will make cooking a real pleasure.
Please read the instruction manual to ensure that you make
use of all the technical advantages the oven has to offer.
The beginning of the instruction manual contains a number
of important notes relating to safety. You will then be
introduced to the individual components of your new oven.
This section will tell you all you need to know about the
oven's functions and its operation.
The tables have been structured in such a way as to provide
a step by step guide to the oven settings. They contain
useful information about the appropriate cookware, the shelf
position, and the optimum settings, all of which have, of
course, been carefully tested in our cooking studio.
To ensure that your oven stays looking like new, we have
also included numerous tips on appliance care and cleaning.
In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the last few pages
contain information about how to rectify minor faults yourself.
Should you have any questions, always refer to the detailed
table of contents first. This will help you find the right section
And now enjoy your cooking.
Instruction manual
HL 54024
5650 006 167



  Summary of Contents for Siemens HL 54024

  • Page 1 Should you have any questions, always refer to the detailed table of contents first. This will help you find the right section quickly. And now enjoy your cooking. Instruction manual HL 54024 5650 006 167 S060284...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important information ..... . . Before connecting your new appliance ..Safety information .
  • Page 3 Table of contents Meat, poultry, fish ......Advice on roasting and grilling ....Bakes, gratins, toast .
  • Page 4: Important Information

    Important information Please read this instruction manual carefully Before connecting before using the appliance for the first time. It your new appliance contains important safety advice and information about using and caring for your appliance. q Keep the instruction manual in a safe place. Please pass on the instruction manual to the new owner if you sell the appliance.
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    q Our appliances comply with all current safety Safety information regulations for electric appliances. Repairs must only be carried out by after sales service technicians who have been trained by the respective manufacturer. Improper repairs can lead to risk of serious injury to the user. q The surfaces of heating and cooking appliances become hot during operation.
  • Page 6: How To Prevent Damage To Your Appliance

    q Observe the residual heat indicator. This provides an indication of which hotplates are still hot. q This appliance complies with all regulations for heating appliances. The switches and oven handle may become hot when the appliance is operated at a high temperature for a long period of time. q Never place a baking tray or aluminium foil on the How to prevent oven cavity floor, as this would result in the oven...
  • Page 7: Installation And Connection

    Installation and connection The electrical connection must be made by an approved specialist. Comply with the requirements of the relevant electricity supply company. Improper connection will invalidate your warranty. To comply with the relevant safety regulations, an For the fitter all pole isolating switch with a contact gap of at least 3 mm must be present on the installation side.
  • Page 8: Levelling The Cooker

    The height of the oven feet can be adjusted, thus Levelling the cooker allowing you to compensate for uneven floors. The drawer in the oven plinth must be removed from its runners if you wish to adjust the feet. Then slowly pull the drawer towards you. There are two pins on each side of the drawer.
  • Page 9: Your New Cooker

    Your new cooker Steam outlet from the oven Caution. Hot air expelled here. Glass ceramic Control panel with function selector, temperature selector and hotplate controls Oven door Plinth drawer Details vary according to the cooker model...
  • Page 10: The Control Panel

    All the control knobs can be pushed in at the "OFF" The control panel position. Press the control knob briefly to release it or push it in. Oven function selector with indicator light The function selector has the following settings: t = Conventional heat Q = Hot air x = Radiant grilling...
  • Page 11 Hotplate control with indicator light The control has settings 1 to 9. 0 = hotplate off 1 = Lowest heat setting 9 = Highest heat setting Hotplate control for dual circuit hotplate 1 9 = Heat settings l = Control for the large cooking area...
  • Page 12: Heating Methods

    Your oven offers you a choice of heating methods Heating methods providing ideal options for cooking all types of food. Conventional top/bottom heat Heat is radiated evenly from the top and bottom of the oven onto the cake or joint of meat. This is the best method for cooking bread, light sponge cakes and juicy fruit flans on one shelf level.
  • Page 13: Oven And Accessories

    Oven and accessories The accessories can be inserted on 5 different levels within the oven. It is possible to pull out two thirds of the accessory without it tilting. This allows you to easily remove the food from the oven. HZ 23400 Wire grill for cooking dishes, cake tins, roasts, food for grilling and frozen meals.
  • Page 14: Before Using For The First Time

    HZ 22500 Grill pan (special accessory) for fish, toast, sausages, frozen meals, or as a splash guard for large poultry. Only use the grill pan inside the universal pan. Place the two pieces into the universal pan so that they overlap in the middle. HZ 23100 Enamel baking tray (special accessory) for cakes and biscuits.
  • Page 15: Cooking

    Cooking Please heed the following information in order to pre How to prevent vent damage to your hob and to keep it in good con damage to your dition: appliance Cookware q Saucepans and pans must not have rough bases. These will scratch the hob.
  • Page 16 q The glass scaper has a sharp blade. It is best not to use it too near the hob surround, as this could be damaged. Hob discoloration Iridescent discoloration (metallic shimmer) is caused by particles rubbing off the bases of some pans or by using unsuitable cleaners.
  • Page 17: The Hob

    The hob Steam outlet Caution. Hot air expelled here. 14.5 cm 18 cm hotplate hotplate 14.5 cm 21 cm and 12 cm hotplate dual circuit hotplate Residual heat indicator The hob has a residual heat indicator for each Residual hotplate. It indicates which hotplates are still hot. heat indicator This also enables to you save energy by making use of the residual heat, e.g.
  • Page 18: Dual Circuit Hotplate

    The size of this hotplate can be altered. l Dual circuit Activating the large hotplate: hotplate Turn the hotplate control to setting 9 - you will feel light resistance - and then clockwise to l = large dual circuit hotplate. Then select the required heat setting immediately.
  • Page 19: Setting The Oven

    Examples Heat setting Frying Pancakes Fish fingers Cutlets Roasting Pot roast Beef rolls Minerals and vitamins are water soluble, therefore: Use less water vitamins and minerals are retained. Use shorter cooking times for crunchy vegetables. Setting the oven Select the desired type of heating using the Setting procedure function selector.
  • Page 20: Cakes And Pastries

    Cakes and pastries Baking tins It is best to use dark baking tins. For light baking tins made out of thin metal, and glass dishes, it is best to use hot air. However, this method prolongs the baking times and does not brown the cakes as evenly. Always place the cake tin onto the wire grill.
  • Page 21 Cakes in tins Tin on the wire grill Level Type of Temperature Baking heating in ºC time, in minutes Cakes on the tray Level Type of Temperature Baking heating in ºC time in minutes...
  • Page 22 Bread and rolls Level Type of Temperat Duration, in heating ure in ºC minutes Example: Baking biscuits on two levels Biscuits Level Type of Temperature Baking time heating in ºC in minutes...
  • Page 23: Advice On Baking

    Advice on baking You wish to bake using Orientate your baking to similar items from the baking your own recipe. tables. This way you can see if the Approximately 10 minutes before the end of the bak sponge cake is baked ing time specified in the cooking instructions, pierce through.
  • Page 24 The cake will not come out Once baked, allow the cake to cool for 5 to 10 min when tipped upside down. utes, as it will then be easier to remove from the tin. If it still cannot be removed, carefully loosen the edge using a knife.
  • Page 25: Meat, Poultry, Fish

    Meat, poultry, fish Ovenware Advice on roasting Advice on grilling...
  • Page 26 The table applies to insertion into a cold oven. The Meat time specifications are provided as guidelines only and depend on the type and quality of the meat. Meat Weight Ovenware Level Type of Temperature Duration heating ºC, Grill in minutes...
  • Page 27 The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven. Poultry Poultry will turn out particularly crispy and brown if you baste it towards the end of the roasting time with butter, salted water or orange juice. Turn whole poultry after two thirds of the grilling time. Pierce the skin of duck or goose under the wings to enable the fat to run off.
  • Page 28 The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven. Fish Example: Grilled trout Fish Weight Ovenware Level Type of Temperature Cooking heating in ºC, grill time in minutes Grilled fish 300 g each Wire grill* Setting SS 18 20 1 kg 190 200 45 50...
  • Page 29: Advice On Roasting And Grilling

    Advice on roasting and grilling Select the next lowest weight from the instructions The table does not contain specifications for the and extend the time. weight of the roast How can you tell when the Use a meat thermometer (available from specialist roast is ready.
  • Page 30: Bakes, Gratins, Toast

    Bakes, gratins, toast The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven. Example: Pasta bake Meal Ovenware Level Type of Temperature Duration in heating ºC, grill minutes Sweet bakes Casserole 180 200 40 50 (e.g. quark and fruit bake) Savoury bakes made from Casserole, 210 230...
  • Page 31: Frozen Foods

    Frozen foods Please observe the instructions on the packaging. The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven. Example: Frozen pizza on the wire grill Meal Level Type of Temperature Duration in heating in ºC minutes Fruit strudel* Universal pan 180 200...
  • Page 32: Defrosting

    Defrosting Remove the food from its packaging and place it in a suitable dish on the wire grill. Please observe the instructions on the packaging. The defrosting times depend on the type and amount of food. Example: Cream gateau Accessories Level Type of Temperature in heating...
  • Page 33: Drying

    Drying q Only use perfectly fresh fruit and vegetables, and wash them thoroughly. q Allow the food to drain well, or dry it yourself. q Line the baking tray and wire grill with baking paper or greaseproof paper. Foodstuff Level Type of heating Temperature C Duration, hours 600 g apple rings approx.
  • Page 34: Sterilizing

    Sterilizing Preparation Setting procedure...
  • Page 35: Sterilizing Fruit

    As soon as the contents of the jars begins to bubble, Sterilizing fruit i.e., many bubbles form in quick succession (after approx. 40 to 50 minutes), switch off the temperature selector. The function selector remains switched on. The jars should be removed from the oven after 25 to 35 minutes of residual heat.
  • Page 36: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning Do not under any circumstances use a highpressure or steam cleaner. Just wipe the appliance with a damp cloth. For stub Appliance exterior born soil add a few drops of washing up liquid to the water. Dry with a dry cloth. Never use strong or abrasive cleaning agents, as these can leave the surfaces looking dull.
  • Page 37 Your hob will have been supplied with one of the following types of glass scraper. blade blade secured exposed To secure blade: Push the casing forward with your thumb. blade blade secured exposed To secure blade: Press down on button and slide it back.
  • Page 38: Oven

    Cleaning agent Supply source HOB BRITE, Drugstores, domestic RESCUE Galss Ceramik & appliance stores, electric Halogen Hob Cleaner, appliance stores, super SWISS CLEANER, markets/hypermarkets VITRO CLEN grocery stores, department stores. Unsuitable cleaning agents: Do not under any circumstances use an abrasive sponge or a scouring agent.
  • Page 39: Seals

    Cleaning the A slightly dirty oven can be wiped clean using enamel surfaces hot soapy water or diluted vinegar solution. It is best to use an oven cleaning agent in order to clean stubborn dirt from the oven. q Oven cleaners must only be used in a cold oven. q Apply the cleaning agent and allow it to take effect.
  • Page 40: Plinth Drawer

    Wipe out the plinth drawer with a damp cloth. Add a Plinth drawer little washing up liquid to the water if the dirt is difficult to remove. Never use strong or abrasive cleaning products. It is best to soak the accessories in household deter Accessories gent immediately after use.
  • Page 41: Replacing The Oven Light

    q Depending on the angle of vision, the red glowing heat may appear to spread beyond the marked boundary of the hotplate. q The heat below the hotplate is controlled by switching the hotplate on and off. If you select a low heat setting, the heat will switch off more often while at the highest heat setting this will seldom occur.
  • Page 42: After Sales Service

    After sales service Our after sales service is there for you if your oven needs to be repaired. You will find the address and telephone number of your nearest after sales service centre in the phone book. The after sales service centres listed will also be happy to advise you of a service point in your local area.
  • Page 43: Protection Of The Environment

    Protection of the environment Your new appliance was protected by suitable Packaging and old packaging while it was on its way to you. All materials appliances used for this purpose are environmentally friendly and suitable for recycling. Please make a contribution to protecting the environment by disposing of the packaging appropriately.
  • Page 44 Energy Normal 1½ fold 4 fold consumption Pan with flat Bottom of pan Pan without lid bottom and lid is not flat q Use the residual heat. For longer cooking times, it is possible to switch off the hotplate 5 to 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.
  • Page 45: Test Dishes

    Test dishes In accordance with DIN 44547 and EN 60350 Baking The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven. Meal Accessories and notes Level Type of Temperature Baking time heating in ºC in minutes Ø Ø...
  • Page 46 Grilling The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven. Meal Accessories Level Type of Grill setting Cooking heating time in minutes Toast Wire grill Setting SSS (10 mins. preheating) Beefburgers, x 12* Wire grill** Setting SSS 25 30 Turn half way through the cooking time.
  • Page 47 Notes...
  • Page 48 Notes...