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Panasonic Viera TX-P42UT50E Operating Instructions Manual

Plasma television
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Operating Instructions
Plasma Television
Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product.
Please read these instructions carefully before operating this product and
retain them for future reference.
The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only.
Please refer to Pan European Guarantee Card if you need to contact your
local Panasonic dealer for assistance.
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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic Viera TX-P42UT50E

  • Page 1 TX-P42UT50E TX-P50UT50E Operating Instructions Plasma Television Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product. Please read these instructions carefully before operating this product and retain them for future reference. The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to Pan European Guarantee Card if you need to contact your local Panasonic dealer for assistance.
  • Page 2 This TV may not work correctly with CI module that is not approved by the service provider. Additional fees may be charged depending on the service provider. The compatibility with future services is not guaranteed. Check the latest information on the available services at the following website. (English only)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Panasonic does not guarantee operation and performance of peripheral devices made by other manufacturers; and we disclaim any liability or damage arising from operation and/ or performance from usage of such other maker’s peripheral Be Sure to Read devices.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Using an unapproved pedestal or other fixtures may make the TV unstable, risking injury. Be sure to ask away from this product your local Panasonic dealer to perform setup. Use approved pedestals (p. 7) / wall-hanging brackets at all times (p.
  • Page 5 Radio waves Do not use the TV in any medical institutions or locations with medical equipment. Radio waves from the TV may interfere with the medical equipment and cause accidents due to the malfunction. Do not use the TV near any automatic control equipment such as automatic doors or fire alarms. Radio waves from the TV may interfere with the automatic control equipment and cause accidents due to the malfunction.
  • Page 6: Accessories / Options

    Please contact your local Panasonic dealer to purchase the recommended optional accessories. For additional details, please read the manual of the optional accessories. Wall-hanging bracket TY-WK4P1RW Tilting angle for this TV: 0 (vertical) to 20 degrees (TX-P42UT50E) / 10 degrees (TX-P50UT50E) Rear of the TV Depth of screw: minimum 17 mm, maximum 35 mm...
  • Page 7 Otherwise the TV may fall over and become damaged, and personal injury may result. Do not use the pedestal if it becomes warped or physically damaged. If you use the pedestal while it is physically damaged, personal injury may result. Contact your local Panasonic dealer immediately.
  • Page 8 TMK5ZX032 (TX-P50UT50E only) M4 × 10 Assembly screw (7) Neck Base (silver) TXFBL5Z0072 TBL5ZX0293 (TX-P42UT50E) TBL5ZX0295 (TX-P50UT50E) M5 × 16 Assembling the pedestal Insert the tabs of the neck into the base Turn the base over and fix the neck...
  • Page 9 Removing the pedestal from the TV Be sure to remove the pedestal in the following way when using the wall-hanging bracket or repacking the TV. 1 Remove the assembly screws from the TV. 2 Pull out the pedestal from the TV. 3 Remove the assembly screw from the cover.
  • Page 10: Identifying Controls

    Identifying Controls Remote Control Confirms selections and choices. Press after selecting channel positions to quickly change channel. Displays the Channel List. [Option Menu] (p. 22) Easy optional setting for viewing, sound, etc. Coloured buttons (red-green-yellow-blue) Used for the selection, navigation and operation of various functions.
  • Page 11 Indicator / Control panel Function select [Volume] / [Contrast] / [Brightness] / [Colour] / [Sharpness] / [Tint] (NTSC signal) / [Bass] / [Treble] / [Balance] / [Auto Setup] (p. 46, 47) [Music] or [Speech] mode in the Sound Menu Channel Up / Down, Value change (when using the F button), Switching the TV on (press either button for about 1 second when in Standby mode)
  • Page 12: Basic Connection

    Basic Connection External equipment and cables shown are not supplied with this TV. Please ensure that the unit is disconnected from the mains socket before attaching or disconnecting any leads. There are some restrictions on placement for viewing 3D images. For details (p.
  • Page 13 AV devices Player / 3D compatible player HDMI cable Player / 3D-compatible player DVD Recorder / VCR Terrestrial aerial Cable RF cable RF cable SCART cable DVD Recorder / VCR DVD Recorder / VCR and Set top box Set top box HDMI cable Terrestrial aerial...
  • Page 14 Network To enable the network service functions (VIERA Connect, etc.), you need to connect the TV to a broadband network environment. If you do not have any broadband network services, please consult your retailer for assistance. Prepare the internet environment for wired connection or wireless connection. Setup of the network connection will start after the tuning (when first using the TV).
  • Page 15: Auto Setup

    Auto Setup Search and store TV channels automatically. These steps are not necessary if the setup has been completed by your local dealer. Please complete connections (p. 12 - 14) and settings (if necessary) of the connected equipment before starting Auto Setup.
  • Page 16: Setup The Network Connection

    [DVB-C Network Settings] Depending on the country you select, select your cable provider beforehand by following the on-screen instructions. select [Start Auto Setup] DVB-C Network Settings Frequency Auto Network ID Auto access Start Auto Setup Normally set [Frequency] and [Network ID] to [Auto]. If [Auto] is not displayed or if necessary, enter [Frequency] and [Network ID] specified by your cable provider with numeric buttons.
  • Page 17 [Wireless] Access points found automatically are listed. 1. Select your desired access point For [WPS(Push button)] (p. 18) select Available Wireless Networks Network Name(SSID) Wireless type Status Access Point A 11n(2.4GHz) (red) Access Point B 11n(5GHz) access Access Point C 11n(5GHz) : Encrypted access point To search access points again...
  • Page 18 [WPS(Push button)] 1. Press the WPS button on the access point until the light flashes 2. Connect the Wireless Adaptor and the access point WPS(Push button) 1) Please press the ‘WPS’ button on the wireless access point until its light flashes. 2) When the light is flashing select ‘Connect’...
  • Page 19: Turn Power On

    VIERA Connect is a gateway to the internet services unique to Panasonic. VIERA Connect allows you to access some specific websites supported by Panasonic, and enjoy internet contents such as videos, games, communication tools, etc. from VIERA Connect home screen.
  • Page 20: Select A Channel

    Watching TV Turn power on Press for about 1 second. Mains power On / Off switch should be on. (p. 11) VIERA Connect introduction banner appears Every time you turn on the TV, this banner appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 21: Other Useful Functions

    Other useful functions Display Information banner Display Information banner Also appears when changing a channel. Example: DVB 20:35 HDTV HDTV Coronation Street All DVB-T Channels 20:00 - 20:55 Info Change category Bad signal Bad signal Dolby D+ Dolby D+ Channel position and name Programme Start / Finish time (DVB) Channel number, etc.
  • Page 22: Off Timer

    Hold Freeze / unfreeze picture Display the selectable settings for the current status Confirm or change the current status instantly To change select select / change access store [Multi Video] (DVB) [Dual Audio] (DVB) [Teletext Language] (DVB) Selects from a group of multiple Selects stereo / monaural (if Selects between alternative language videos (if available)
  • Page 23: Last View

    Aspect Change the aspect ratio (image size) Enjoy viewing the image at its optimum size and aspect. Programmes usually contain an “Aspect Control Signal” (Widescreen signal, etc.), and the TV will choose the aspect ratio automatically according to the “Aspect Control Signal” (p. 90). To change the aspect ratio manually Display Aspect Selection list While the list is displayed,...
  • Page 24: Using Tv Guide

    Using TV Guide TV Guide - Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) provides an on-screen listing of the programmes currently broadcast and the forthcoming broadcasts over the next seven days (depending on the broadcasters). This function varies depending on the country you select (p. 15). The postcode entry or update may be required to use the GUIDE Plus+ system depending on the country you select.
  • Page 25 To the previous day (DVB) To the next day (DVB) (red) (green) To view a channel list of the selected type To view a channel list of the selected category (DVB) (blue) (yellow) (Category list) select category (Type list) Category select type All Channels view...
  • Page 26 Timer Programming (DVB) The Timer Programming menu allows you to choose programmes that you want to remind watching or record to the external recorder. At the correct time, the TV will tune to the correct channel even if the TV is in Standby mode. Select the forthcoming programme Select the function ([Ext Rec.] or [Reminder]) select...
  • Page 27: Viewing Teletext

    Viewing Teletext Teletext services are the text information provided by the broadcasters. The features may vary depending on the broadcasters. What is FLOF (FASTEXT) mode? In FLOF mode, four differently coloured subjects are situated at the bottom of the screen. To access more information about one of these subjects, press the appropriate coloured button.
  • Page 28 FULL / TOP / BOTTOM (green) (TOP) (BOTTOM) Normal (FULL) (Expand the TOP half) (Expand the BOTTOM half) View in multi window Watch TV and Teletext in two windows at once Select [Picture and text] On or Off (Press twice) Operations can be made only in teletext screen.
  • Page 29: Watching External Inputs

    Watching External Inputs Connect the external equipment (VCRs, DVD equipment, etc.) and you can watch through the input. To connect the equipment (p. 12 - 14, 88 - 89) The remote control is capable of operating the contents or external equipment. (p.
  • Page 30 (p. 82, 84) How to change the code Each type of the Panasonic equipment has its own remote control code. To use in some features of this TV, you have to select the code “73”. Change to the appropriate code according to the equipment or features below.
  • Page 31: Viewing 3D Images

    Do not use the 3D Eyewear at a distance less than the recommended distance. The recommended viewing distance is at least 3 times of the image height. TX-P42UT50E: 1.6 m or more TX-P50UT50E: 1.9 m or more When the top and bottom area of the screen is blackened, such as movies, view the screen at a distance at least 3 times of the height of the actual image.
  • Page 32 3D Eyewear (optional) Use the Panasonic 3D Eyewear that has this logo and supports Bluetooth ® wireless technology. “Full HD 3D Glasses™” logo indicates products that are compatible with the active shutter 3D glasses technology standards licensed by the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative. The RF mark on the logo means the wireless system (Bluetooth ®...
  • Page 33: View The 3D Images

    3D-supported broadcast Please consult the suppliers of contents or programmes for availability of this service. 3D photos and 3D videos taken by 3D-compatible Panasonic products Available in Media Player (p. 63 - 65, 67) and Network services (p. 77) 2D images converted to 3D Set to [2D 3D] mode in [3D Mode Selection].
  • Page 34 To change 3D format manually When the image is not changed properly using [3D], [2D] or [2D 3D] mode, use this manual setting. During the above operation Select the mode select 3D Mode Selection (Manual) (red) Original Frame Sequential - 3D Frame Sequential - 2D Side by Side - 3D Side by Side - 2D...
  • Page 35 3D Settings If the 3D images are not displayed correctly or seem unusual, adjust and setup the 3D settings. Display the menu Select [Picture] select Picture access Select [3D Settings] select P-NR access 3D Settings Access Screen Display Advanced Settings Reset to Defaults Select one of the following functions and set select...
  • Page 36: How To Use Viera Tools

    How to Use VIERA TOOLS You can access some special features easily by using the VIERA TOOLS function. Display icons of the feature Select a feature select access VIERA Link To return to TV Follow the operations of each feature [Music] [VIERA Link] (p.
  • Page 37: How To Use Menu Functions

    How to Use Menu Functions Various menus allow you to make settings for the picture, sound, and other functions. Display the menu Displays the functions that can be set (varies according to the input signal). Select the menu select Main Menu access Picture Sound...
  • Page 38: Menu List

    Menu list Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Selects your favourite picture mode for each input [Dynamic] / [Normal] / [Cinema] / [True Cinema] / [Game] [Dynamic]: Improves contrast and sharpness for viewing in a bright room. [Normal]: Normal use for viewing in a normal lighting condition. [Cinema]: Improves the performance of contrast, black and colour reproduction for watching movies in a darkened room.
  • Page 39 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Automatically compensates the picture frame rate and removes juddering movements to make the images smooth [Off] / [Min] / [Mid] / [Max] Intelligent Frame Depending on the contents, images may be noisy. To prevent the noise, change Creation the setting.
  • Page 40 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Selects your favourite sound mode [Music] / [Speech] / [User] The selected mode affects all input signals. [Music]: Improves sound quality for watching music videos, etc. [Speech]: Improves sound quality for watching news, drama, etc. In Music and Speech modes, you can adjust [Bass] and [Treble] settings, and Mode those settings will be stored for each mode.
  • Page 41 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Selects the initial setting for audio tracks [Auto] / [Multichannel] / [Stereo] / [MPEG] Selectable options vary depending on the country you select. [Auto]: Automatically selects the audio tracks if programme has more than two tracks.
  • Page 42 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Software Update Checks for available software updates from the Panasonic website Selects whether to give a notification message when new software is found via New Software Message network [Off] / [On] Network Status Displays the network status (MAC Address, current network settings, etc.) Sets a timer to record or remind forthcoming programmes (p.
  • Page 43 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Makes non-watched or non-used connected equipment go into Standby mode to Intelligent Auto reduce the power consumption Standby [Off] / [On (With reminder)] / [On (No reminder)] (p. 84) This function is available when [VIERA Link] is set to [On]. Downloads channel, language and country / region settings to Q-Link or Download VIERA Link compatible equipment connected to the TV...
  • Page 44 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Selects the preferred subtitle type [Standard] / [Hard of Hearing] Preferred Subtitle [Hard of Hearing] provides aids in understanding and enjoyment with DVB Type subtitles (depending on the broadcaster). [Preferred Subtitles 1 / 2] in [Language] are given priority. Teletext Teletext display mode [TOP (FLOF)] / [List] (p.
  • Page 45 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) USB Keyboard Selects the language that your USB Keyboard supports Layout For the information of using USB Keyboard (p. 95) Shipping Condition Resets all settings to the original condition (p. 58) System Update Downloads new software to this TV (p. 59) Software Licence Displays the software licence information System Information...
  • Page 46: Retuning From Setup Menu

    Retuning from Setup Menu Automatically retune the channels received in the area. This function is available if channel tuning is already performed. Only the selected mode is retuned. All the previous tuning settings are erased. If Child Lock PIN number (p. 55) has been set, the PIN number is required. If tuning has not been done completely [Manual Tuning] (p.
  • Page 47 DVB-T: DVB-T Auto Setup DVB-T Auto Setup Progress CH 5 All DVB-T tuning data will be erased This will take about 3 minutes. Channel Name Type Quality CBBC Channel Free TV BBC Radio Wales Free TV Free TV Cartoon Nwk Free TV Free TV: 4 Pay TV: 0...
  • Page 48: Tuning And Editing Channels

    Tuning and Editing Channels You can retune channels or make your favourite channel lists, skip unwanted channels, etc. Select the mode (p. 20) Display the menu and select [Setup] select Setup access Select [DVB-C Tuning Menu], [DVB-T Tuning Menu] or [Analogue Tuning Menu] select access...
  • Page 49 To edit Favourites list While the cursor is in the Favourites field to edit To move the channel To delete the channel Select the new position Store (green) (green) To delete all channels (yellow) To name the Favourites Set characters (maximum 10 characters) Store select User input...
  • Page 50: Set Dvb Channel Manually [Manual Tuning

    Set DVB channel manually [Manual Tuning] Normally use [Auto Setup] or [Update Channel List] to retune DVB channels. If tuning has not been done completely or for adjusting the direction of the aerial, use this function. All channels found will be added to the Channel List. DVB-C: Enter the frequency Select [Start scan]...
  • Page 51: Check Dvb Signal [Signal Condition

    Update DVB channel automatically [Update Channel List] You can add new channels, delete removed channels, update channel name and position automatically to the channel list. The channel list is updated while keeping your settings in [Favourites Edit], DVB-T Update Channel List Progress CH 5 [Channel List], [Child Lock], etc.
  • Page 52: Timer Programming

    Timer Programming Timer Programming from Menu The Timer Programming menu allows you to choose programmes that you want to remind watching or record to the external recorder. At the correct time, the TV will tune to the correct channel even if the TV is in Standby mode. TV Guide may also be used to set timer programming event (p.
  • Page 53: Set Timer Programming Event Details

    Set timer programming event details Start making the settings Select the function ([Ext Rec.] or [Reminder]) [Ext Rec.]: Records the programme to the external recorder. When the start time comes, the channel will be switched automatically and the video and audio signals will be output.
  • Page 54 To edit a timer programming event Select the event To change a timer programming event To record with subtitles (if available) Each time pressed: ‡ (yellow) auto Correct as necessary (p. 53) To cancel a timer programming event temporarily To delete a timer programming event Each time pressed: ‡...
  • Page 55: Child Lock

    Child Lock You can lock specific channels / AV input terminals and control who watches them. When the locked channel / input is selected, a message appears. Enter the PIN number to watch. Display the menu and select [Setup] select Setup access Select [Child Lock]...
  • Page 56: Using Data Service Application

    Using Data Service Application You can enjoy Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV application that is one of the interactive data services for digital broadcasting. To use Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV application fully, you need a broadband network environment. Ensure the network connections and network settings are completed. “Network connections”...
  • Page 57: Using Common Interface

    Although CI module may enable you to view some services, this TV does not guarantee all services (e.g. encrypted pay-TV channels). Please use only the approved CI module by the broadcaster. Consult your local Panasonic dealer or broadcasters for more information and conditions of the services. CI slot Caution Turn off Mains power On / Off switch whenever inserting or removing the CI module.
  • Page 58: Shipping Condition

    Shipping Condition Resets the TV to its original condition, i.e. no channels tuned in. All settings are reset (channels, picture, sound settings, etc.). To retune TV channels only, e.g. after moving house “Retuning from Setup Menu” (p. 46, 47) Display the menu and select [Setup] select Setup access...
  • Page 59: Updating The Tv Software

    Updating the TV Software A new version of software may be released for download to enhance the performance or operations of the TV. If there is an update available, a notification message is displayed when the channel has the update information. To download (Press the EXIT button not to download) You can update new software automatically or update manually.
  • Page 60: Advanced Picture Settings

    Advanced Picture Settings You can adjust and setup the detailed picture settings for each input and Viewing Mode. To use this function completely, set [Advance] to [On] in the Setup Menu. (p. 44) Select the input mode to adjust and setup (p.
  • Page 61: Using Media Player

    Using Media Player Media Player allows you to enjoy photo, video or music recorded on an SD Card and a USB Flash Memory. VIERA IMAGE VIEWER is the function of the easy viewing for photos or videos recorded on an SD Card on the TV screen by simply inserting into the SD Card slot.
  • Page 62 Starting Media Player Insert the SD Card or USB Flash Memory to the TV (p. 61) Confirm the message and start Media Player You can also start by pressing following button. “Watching External Inputs” (p. 29) Select the device to access Drive Select select EXIT...
  • Page 63: Change The Contents

    Change the contents You can switch to the other mode of Media Player from the thumbnail view. The mode can be switched in the current device. While the thumbnail is displayed, Select the contents display the contents selection Contents Select select EXIT (blue)
  • Page 64: Multi Shot 3D

    To sort by folder, recorded date or recorded month Display the view selection in the thumbnail view (green) Select the sort type [Folder view]: select Displays the thumbnail grouped by folder. access The files which are not into a folder will be collected to the folder named “/”. [Sort by Date] / [Sort by Month]: Displays the thumbnail grouped by the same date or month.
  • Page 65: Photo Settings

    To enjoy the saved 3D photos Saved 3D photos are displayed in the Thumbnail screen. Wear the 3D Eyewear and enjoy the 3D photos. Example: Thumbnail Media Player Photo All photos Saved 3D photo Photo Settings Setup the settings for Photo mode. Display the option menu Select [Slideshow Settings] Select the items and set...
  • Page 66 Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Selects enlarged or normal viewing on Single view and Slideshow [Normal] / [Zoom] This function is not available when [Frame] is set to [Collage], [Drift], [Gallery] or Screen Mode [Cinema] or when [Transition Effect] is set to [Motion]. Depending on the photo size, it may not be fully enlarged to fill the screen, e.g.
  • Page 67 Video mode Supported file format (p. 91, 92) The thumbnail of video titles in the SD Card or USB Flash Memory will be displayed. Example: Thumbnail - [Title view] The preview will start when the title / scene is highlighted if it supports Media Player Video Title view...
  • Page 68: Audio Output Settings

    Video Setup Setup the settings for Video mode. Menu items and selectable options vary depending on the content. Display the option menu Select [Video Setup] Select the items and set select Option Menu Video Setup access / store Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Sets to start the preview of the title or scene in the thumbnail view [Off] / [On] Image may not be displayed for an instant in the thumbnail view.
  • Page 69: Music Setup

    Music mode Supported file format (p. 92) The thumbnail of music folders in the SD Card or USB Flash Memory will be displayed. Example: Thumbnail - [Folder view] To play back the selected folder Media Player Music Folder view Select the folder Start playback My Music_1 My Music_2 My Music_3...
  • Page 70: Using Network Services (Dlna / Viera Connect)

    VIERA Connect is a gateway to the internet services unique to Panasonic. VIERA Connect allows you to access some specific websites supported by Panasonic, and enjoy internet contents such as videos, games, communication tools, etc. from VIERA Connect home screen.
  • Page 71 Network connections To use only DLNA features, you can operate the features without broadband network environment. To use VIERA Connect features, you need a broadband network environment. If you do not have any broadband network services, please consult your retailer for assistance. Set up and connect any equipment required for the network environment.
  • Page 72: Network Link Settings

    Enables to control the TV from the network equipment (smartphone, etc.) [Off] / [On] Network Remote Depending on the area, this function may not be available. For details, consult Control your local Panasonic dealer. For more information of this function (English only):
  • Page 73: Wired Connection Settings

    Wired connection settings This setting is for the network connection by using the LAN cable. Select [Network Connection] and set to [Wired] select Connection Test access / store Network Connection Wired Wireless Network Settings IP/DNS Settings Network Link Settings If you make the network connection like “Example 2” (p. 71), you do not Software Update have to set [Acquire DNS Address], [Proxy] and [Proxy Port].
  • Page 74: Wireless Connection Settings

    Select [Connection Test] and access to test select Connection Test Access access Performs automatic testing of the network connection for the TV. (It takes a while to test.) Connection Test : succeeded Check network cable connection. The test is successful and the TV is connected to the network. Check acquired IP address.
  • Page 75: Update Tv's Software

    Enter the encryption key of the access point Set characters Store Wireless Network Settings Encryption key select A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z v w x _ @ / “...
  • Page 76 Using DLNA features ® Ensure the preparation of the media server, network connections and network settings are completed. (p. 70 - 75) Display [VIERA TOOLS] and select [Media Server] select access Media Server Select one of the media servers to access Example: Media server list To display the information of the Media Server...
  • Page 77 [Slideshow] - Slideshow completes when all photos are viewed within the list. Select the photo file from the list for the first view Start Slideshow (red) To display / hide the operation guide To pause (return to Single view) To return to list For video file Playback - Playback will start.
  • Page 78 Option menu for each content Setup the settings for Photo, Video and Music file operations. Display the Select [Slideshow Settings], [Video Setup] Select the items and set option menu or [Music Setup] select Option Menu access / store Slideshow Settings Video Setup Music Setup select...
  • Page 79 VIERA Connect home screen is subject to change without notice. The services through VIERA Connect are operated by their respective service providers, and service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently without notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the content or the continuity of the services.
  • Page 80: Link Functions (Q-Link / Viera Link)

    Use fully wired HDMI compliant cable. Connect the equipment supporting VIERA Link to the TV’s HDMI1 or HDMI2 terminal via an HDMI cable. About HDMI cable for connecting Panasonic HD Video Camera or LUMIX Camera, read the manual of the equipment.
  • Page 81 VIERA Link (HDMI and Audio out connections) Connected equipment Blu-ray Disc theatre Player theatre with Amplifier with with VIERA Link VIERA Link function VIERA Link function Features function Preset download – – – Easy playback – Power on link – Power off link Reduce unnecessary power –...
  • Page 82: Power Off Link

    Q-Link Preparations Connect the DVD Recorder / VCR with the following logos: “Q-Link”, “NEXTVIEWLINK”, “DATA LOGIC (a trademark of Metz Corporation)”, “Easy Link (a trademark of Philips Corporation)”, “Megalogic (a trademark of Grundig Corporation)”, “SMARTLINK (a trademark of Sony Corporation)” Q-Link connection (p.
  • Page 83: Easy Playback

    ” VIERA Link “ Enjoy additional HDMI Inter-Operability with Panasonic products which have “HDAVI Control” function. This TV supports “HDAVI Control 5” function. Connections to the equipment (DIGA Recorder, HD Video Camera, Player theatre, Amplifier, etc.) with HDMI and SCART cables allow you to interface them automatically (p. 80, 81).
  • Page 84 Reduce unnecessary power consumption in Standby [Standby Power Save] Set Standby Power Save [On] in the Setup Menu to use this function [Standby Power Save] (p. 42) The power consumption in Standby mode of the connected equipment is controlled higher or lower in synchronisation with the TV on / off state to reduce the consumption.
  • Page 85 Pause Live TV programme [Pause Live TV] You can pause the current TV programme and resume later. The current TV programme will be recorded on HDD of the connected DIGA Recorder. This function is available with a DIGA Recorder which has HDD. If you connect a variety of recorders including other manufacturers’...
  • Page 86: Operate The Menu Of The Equipment

    Select [VIERA Link Control] select VIERA Link Menu Pause Live TV Start access Direct TV Rec Start VIERA Link Control Recorder Speaker Selection Home Cinema Select the equipment to access Select the type of the connected equipment and access. select VIERA Link Menu Pause Live TV Start...
  • Page 87 Speaker control [Speaker Selection] You can control the theatre speaker with this TV remote control pointing at the TV’s signal receiver. If you cannot operate, check the settings and the equipment. “Summary of Q-Link and VIERA Link features” (p. 80, 81), “Preparations” (p. 83) Display [VIERA TOOLS] and select [VIERA Link] select access...
  • Page 88: External Equipment

    External Equipment These diagrams show our recommendations for connection of your TV to various pieces of equipment. For other connections, consult the instructions for each piece of equipment, the basic connection (p. 12 - 14), the table (p. 89), and the specifications (p. 102, 103). Check the type of terminals and cable plugs are correct when connecting.
  • Page 89 Headphones Rear of the TV Less than 10 cm (M3 stereo mini plug) Ferrite core - Small size (supplied) Installing the Ferrite core Pull back the tab Wind the cable twice Close To adjust volume [Headphone Volume] (p. 40) Camcorder / Game equipment (Viewing) Camcorder (Listening)
  • Page 90: Technical Information

    Technical Information Auto Aspect The optimum size and aspect can be chosen automatically, and you can enjoy finer images. (p. 23) Aspect Control Signal [WIDE] will appear in the top left of the screen if a Widescreen signal (WSS) or a Control signal through SCART / HDMI terminal is found.
  • Page 91 The data may not be available if a folder MPEG2 MPEG Audio structure on the device is modified. This TV supports Motion JPEG DivX3 DivX4 Dolby Digital recorded by Panasonic LUMIX Camera DivX5 DivX6 Dolby Digital This TV is not available for playing back Plus H.264 BP/MP/HP .mov...
  • Page 92 DivX4 Dolby Digital DivX5 DivX6 .f4v Dolby Digital This TV supports this container H.264 BP/MP/HP Plus .m4v recorded by Panasonic products. For MPEG1 details, read the manual of the products. HE-AAC .mp4 MPEG2 MPEG Audio MPEG4 SP/ASP .flv H.264 –...
  • Page 93 DivX DivX Certified ® to play DivX ® and DivX Plus ® HD (H.264/MKV) video up to 1080p HD including premium content. ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX ® is a digital video format created by DivX, LLC, a subsidiary of Rovi Corporation. This is an official DivX Certified ®...
  • Page 94 Electrical interference, static electricity, or erroneous operation may damage the data or device. Back up the recorded data at regular intervals in case of deteriorated or damaged data or erratic operation of the TV. Panasonic is not liable for any deterioration or damage of recorded data. HDMI connection HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) is the world’s first complete digital consumer AV interface complying with a...
  • Page 95 You cannot use two or more same kind of USB devices simultaneously except USB Flash Memory. Additional information for USB devices may be on the following website. (English only) USB Keyboard The USB Keyboard requiring its driver is not supported.
  • Page 96 Characters table for numeric buttons You can enter characters by using numeric buttons for free input items. Press the numeric button repeatedly until you reach the User input desired character. Name A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P Q R S T The character is set automatically if you leave for 1 second.
  • Page 97: Faqs

    Before requesting service or assistance, please follow these simple guides to resolve the problem. If the problem still persists, please contact your local Panasonic dealer for assistance. Block noise, frozen or disappearing image occurs in DVB mode / White spots or shadow image (ghosting) occurs in Analogue mode / Some channels cannot be tuned Check the position, direction and connection of the aerial.
  • Page 98 Problem Causes / Actions Set [P-NR] in the Picture Menu to remove noise. (p. 38) Chaotic image, noisy Check nearby electrical products (car, motorcycle, fluorescent lamp). Is [Contrast], [Brightness] or [Colour] in the Picture Menu set to the minimum? No image can be (p.
  • Page 99 TV off with Mains power On / Off switch, then turn it on again. message appears Check foreign objects are not inside the USB port. Follow the message’s instructions. An error message appears If the problem persists, contact your local Panasonic dealer or the authorised service centre.
  • Page 100: Maintenance

    ® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Panasonic Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. SDXC Logo is a trademark of SD-3C, LLC.
  • Page 101 MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. At least three (3) years from delivery of products, Panasonic will give to any third party who contact us at the contact information provided below, for a charge no more than our cost of physically performing source code distribution, a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code covered under LGPL.
  • Page 102: Specifications

    Specifications Product fiche Manufacturer Panasonic Corporation Model No. TX-P42UT50E TX-P50UT50E Energy efficiency class Visible screen size 107 cm / 42 inches 127 cm / 50 inches (diagonal) On mode average power 131 W 178 W consumption Annual energy 191 kWh...
  • Page 103 Temperature: 0 °C - 35 °C Operating conditions Humidity: 20 % - 80 % RH (non-condensing) AV1 input / output SCART (Audio/Video in, Audio/Video out, RGB in, Q-Link) 1.0 V[p-p] (75 :) VIDEO RCA PIN Type × 1 AV2 input AUDIO L - R RCA PIN Type ×...
  • Page 104 Warranty Service purposes. Model Number Serial Number Web Site: © Panasonic Corporation 2012 Printed in the Czech Republic...

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