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Troubleshooting - LG LAM770T1 Owner's Manual

7 inch wide tft color tv system/mobile monitor
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Check following points first before judging as trouble.
Although you have checked following points, if a problem still remains, call the
service center in this manual and we will take a proper action. (As this product is
assembled in delicate parts, only a skilled technician is recommended for the
disassembly of product.)
Small red, blue and green points display on the screen.
• LCD screen is made in a high technology. So, this may happen due to lack of
pixels by 0.001% or frequent lighting up of pixels. But, it is not the reason of
any trouble.
Audio and Video do not work.
• Check if the starting switch of a car is on ACC or ON.
• Check whether a connection code is unstable or is disconnected.
• This does not work while driving.
Video works but Audio does not.
• Check with a volume controller if the volume level is proper.
• Check whether an output port for voice is connected.
The corner of the screen displays on TV.
• If LCD screen has been used for long dark hours, it becomes dark gradually.
• If it gets dark severely, replace its exclusive fluorescent tube.
Voice quality is bad while receiving TV signal.
• Change the frequency in case of interference from a radio station.
TV displays only in black.
• Check its color by adjusting Color Set on Menu.
TV function is only available for LAM770T1.


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