Installation Order For The Stand - LG LAM770T1 Owner's Manual

7 inch wide tft color tv system/mobile monitor
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Double-sided tape

Installation order for the Stand

1. Decide a place for installation and make a
forming by bending the adhesive side of the
Stand according to the shape of the place.
2. Wash the adhesive side cleanly with a neutral
detergent or alcohol.
3. After uncovering a double-sided tape out of the
Stand, install it.
If the temperature of the adhesive side is low
(20°C... or less), the adhesive power of the tape
may be weaken. To prevent this, stick the Stand
after heated.
4. Drive the screws into the product.
(The screws is not supplied.)
After screwing, check and take notice to escape
any damage to the wire or the equipment of
dashboard inside.
5. While putting the stand screw into a hole placed
on the back side of the monitor unit, adjust
installation height and angle.
Adjust the height and angle of the unit to reach a
dashboard in order to prevent trembling by the
vibration of a vehicle. After adjusting the height
and angle, surely screw to fix it. While driving, this
may be the cause of an accident by its bolting.


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