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LG LAM-N760 Owner's Manual

7inch wide tft color tv system/mobile monitor


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7inch Wide TFT color
TV System/Mobile Monitor
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this
product, please read this instruction booklet
carefully and completely.


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Summary of Contents for LG LAM-N760

  • Page 1 LAM-N760,N760SP_ENG 7inch Wide TFT color TV System/Mobile Monitor OWNER’S MANUAL LAM-N760SP/N760 Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Safety note Main features Installation 9-14 Parts supplied .......9 Before installing .
  • Page 3: Safety Note

    Safety notes CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT SPLIT COVER(OR BACK) NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user about the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock.
  • Page 4: Safety Notes

    Safety notes Before you use the products, please read these instructions. When you use the products you must read all warnings and follow all the instructions. Keep this manual for future use. Warning Prohibition 1. Do not operate the unit while driving. Operating while driving may cause a fatal or serious accident.
  • Page 5 Safety notes Notice Prohibition 1. Do not drop it and avoid heavy impact at anytime. This may be the cause of a trouble or a fire. 2. Do not watch TV or video for a long time with engine turned off. A vehicle may not start due to the discharge of battery.
  • Page 6: Safety Note

    Safety notes Notice Compulsion 1 Do not touch an antenna line or the monitor when lightning. This may be the cause of an electric shock. 2. In case that cable passes through a hole or touches a metal part, protect it appropriately. 3.
  • Page 7: Main Features

    Main features This unit is designed to fit the environment of vehicles. Unlike general units for home Use, the unit for the Vehicles is equipped with a special circuit inside the product to provide good quality picture and sound. 1. Video Low reflection and high definition LCD Our LCD provides HD quality screen using 7 inch wide TFT LCD with 336,960 pixels.
  • Page 8: Main Features

    Main features 4. Convenient Functions Dimmer Function According to the brightness of surrounding, that of the screen can be adjusted. Up to 93 channel memory Our TV is capable of transmitting regular broadcasting TV (public) and automatically memorizes up to 93 channels for regular broadcasting TV stations.
  • Page 9: Installation

    Installation Parts supplied Earphone Cigar light adapter Remote Control AV Cable Section-mount cradle Section-mount cradle (Front) (Rear) Before installing At low temperature (20°C… or less) Turn on the heater for a proper temperature. (to enhance adhesive power). At high humidity (fog, rain and so on) After making adhesive side dried with a dryer, install the unit.
  • Page 10: Installation Order For The Stand

    Installation Installation order for the Stand 1. Decide a place for installation and make a forming by bending the adhesive side of the Stand according to the shape of the place. 2. Wash the adhesive side cleanly with a neutral detergent or alcohol.
  • Page 11: Treatment Of Monitor Cable

    Installation Treatment of monitor cable Importance If the Monitor is installed and the Cable • connected, put the cable in a good order not to disturb a safe driving. Pay attention to the cable not being caught in the • rail of a door or a seat.
  • Page 12 Installation Adhere it on a place not to disturb the operation of air bags. Importance Do not install on the place where disturbs front • sight and the operating of steering, transmission shift lever, brake pedal and makes other passengers risky. This may be the cause of an accident or an injury.
  • Page 13: Installation Order For The Stand (Rear Seat Monitor)

    Installation Installation order for the stand (Rear seat monitor) 1. First, separate the head rest A. Note Refer to your car’s user guide. 2. Insert the head rest A into the a hole placed on the up side of the section-mount cradle. 3.
  • Page 14: Connection Of Exterior Units

    Installation Connection of exterior units Rear View Camera, DVD, Video Camera, LDP, Player and etc. Connect it with a Cigar Jack. Can use to DC 9-12 V by Free Voltage employment. Note TV functions only for LAM-N760SP. When the AV Cable is insert and pulled out of the AV jack, the picture will flicker for a short moment, which is normal.
  • Page 15: Parts Name

    Parts name Front view : Power ON/OFF 2. • TV/AV : Mode conversion (TV t AV 1IN t AV 2 IN) : LAM-N760SP • AV1/AV2 : Mode conversion (AV 1IN t AV 2 IN) : LAM-N760 3. V V : • Channel down select : LAM-N760SP •...
  • Page 16: Rear View

    Parts name Rear view 1. Left/ Right Speakers 2. TV Antenna (This functions only for LAM-N760SP.) 3. Docking connector Note Actual player may vary slightly from images shown.
  • Page 17: Remote Control

    Parts name Remote control 1. POWER 2. • TV/AV : Mode conversion (TV t AV1 IN t AV2 IN) : LAM-N760SP • AV1/1V2 : Mode conversion (AV1 IN t AV2 IN) : LAM-N760 3. A.MUTE (AUDIO MUTE) 4. • VOLUME UP U U / DOWN u u •...
  • Page 18: Operation

    Operation Power ON/OFF • When connecting the power to the main system, red LED of STBY lights on. • Press the Power button, the ON/OFF can be STBY : RED repeatedly executed. PWR : GREEN • At the power ON, green LED of PWR lights on. Note When power of the main system is turned on or off, the picture sometimes flicker, which is normal.
  • Page 19: To Enter The Picture Menu

    Operation PICTURE To enter the PICTURE menu BRIGHTNESS BRIGHTNESS 1. Press the TV/AV (or AV) button. CONTRAST CONTRAST Please select the AV1 IN or AV2 IN first. SHARPNESS SHARPNESS 2. Press the MENU button. COLOR COLOR Note When you press the AV1/AV2 switch, the pic- DISPLAY MODE 16:9 DISPLAY MODE...
  • Page 20: Auto Memory

    Operation AUTO MEMORY TUNING 17.25 Press the b b or B B buttons to start auto search. CHANNEL CHANNEL ADD/ERASE ADD/ERASE All active channels will be preset and stored SOUND SYSTEM SOUND SYSTEM into the memory automatically. After presetting, FINE TUNE FINE TUNE the TV will go to the channel before the auto AUTO MEMORY...
  • Page 21: Fine Tune

    Operation FINE TUNE TUNING 17.25 Fine tuning is unnecessary under normal CHANNEL CHANNEL conditions. However in areas of inferior ADD/ERASE ADD/ERASE broadcast conditions where adjustment is SOUND SYSTEM SOUND SYSTEM FINE TUNE FINE TUNE necessary for a better picture and sound, use AUTO MEMORY AUTO MEMORY FINE TUNE.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Check following points first before judging as trouble. Although you have checked following points, if a problem still remains, call the service center in this manual and we will take a proper action. (As this product is assembled in delicate parts, only a skilled technician is recommended for the disassembly of product.) Small red, blue and green points display on the screen.
  • Page 23 Troubleshooting These cases are not the trouble. Under following cases, it is difficult to watch TV because TV receiving signal is bad. Faded in Screen Shaking double or triple Sound It noises. It noises. A power cable Between Buildings nearby Environment At an airplane or a Deep in the moun-...
  • Page 24: Specifications

    Specifications Type..................LCD color monitor Power supply ...................DC 9-12 V Consumption power .................15 W Receiving channel.................93 channels Operating temperature..............-10-60 °C Maintenance temperature ..............-20-80 °C LCD panel.............7 inch wide TFT LCD panel Pixels ..............112,320 pixels (234 x 480) Effective pixels................99.99% or more Display............Transmission type of color filter Operating system ..............TFT active matrix Sight angle (Left/Right) ..............120°...

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