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    PRECAUTION It is essential to follow the precautions below when using the system, both in the interest of safety and to prevent material damage. You must always comply with the laws of the country in which you are travelling. Precautions when operating the system –...

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    FCC Warning 1. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the grantee of this device could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. To comply with FCC RF exposure compliance requirements, a separation distance of at least 20cm must be maintained between the antenna of this device and all persons.

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    GENERAL DISCRIPTION Introduction Your vehicle’s multimedia system performs the following functions: – FM/AM/RDS Radio, – CD(MP3) Playback, – USB, SD(SDHC) Playback, – Auxiliary audio source output Radio Function The multimedia system can be used to listen to FM (frequency modulation), and AM (amplitude modulation) radio stations.

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    GENERAL DISCRIPTION Hands-free Phone Function The hands-free Bluetooth® phone system makes the following functions possible without having to handle your phone : – send/receive/suspend a call – transfer the list of contacts from the phone memory – access the call logs for calls which have come through the system –...

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    KEY FUNCTION Insert CD Mute Sound Eject CD Bluetooth Select Band Select Media Source Select Car Information Sound Control Main Menu - PUSH : - PUSH : Insert SD Power ON/OFF Radio/Media Scan -Turning Right / Left : -Turning Right / Left : Volume Control Searching Wavelength/Media Files * USB, AUX –...

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    RADIO MODE ① ② ③ ⑧ ⑨ ⑦ ⑥ ⑤ ④ ① BAND SELECT ⑤ SETUP Select the wavelength (FM or AM) required Enter the radio setup menu. Refer to the page 7. by pressing wavelength. ⑥ MANUAL Tuning frequency by manual mode. ②...

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    RADIO MODE Radio Settings Display the settings menu by pressing “SETUP”. You can activate or deactivate functions below. (the setting menu varies depending on the wavelength). – Scan – TP (Traffic Program) – Radio Text – Seek Mode (Station list / Preset list) –...

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    RADIO MODE * RDS Some FM radio stations broadcast text information relating to the program being listened to (the name of a track, for example). Note : This information is only available on some radio stations. * TA (Traffic Announcement) When this function is activated, your audio system makes it possible to automatically search for and listen to traffic information when they are broadcast from certain FM radio stations.

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    MEDIA MODE - CD/MP3/USB/SD/BT AUDIO ① ② ③ * In case of playing mp3 file in SD ⑥ ④ ⑤ ① MEDIA ② MENU Select the media devices (CD, SD, USB, BT AUDIO) Enter the whole system’s setup menu of audio. required by pressing source in connection.

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    MEDIA MODE - CD/MP3/USB/SD/BT AUDIO ⑧ ⑦ ⑨ ⑩ ⑦ ⑧ TRACK UP/DOWN, FF/REW ⑩ REPEAT / PAUSE / SHUFFLE SETTINGS Push Short This function allows you to repeat one This mode allows title to be searched manually song or all songs. by scanning the selected file or track.

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    MEDIA MODE – EXTERNAL AUX Connection Connect the jack of your portable audio player or external device to the AUX jack input. No indication of the name of the artist or the track is displayed on the system’s screen. Note : you cannot select a track directly from your audio system. To select a track, you must do so directly via your portable audio player, when the vehicle is stationary.

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    MEDIA MODE Media Settings Display the settings menu by pressing “SETUP” in playing media device. You can activate or deactivate below functions. (the setting menu varies depending on the media device in playing) – Scan – External AUX Device – Mix/Repeat including subfolders –...

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    MEDIA MODE * Audio Formats The media audio source formats include MP3, WMA only. * Folder & TAG Information If you connect a USB key, all the folders will be at the same level on the tree structure. Depending on the type of digital portable audio player, you can refine your selection by using folders or files or by searching the following criteria : –...

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    SOUND CONTROL ① ② ③ ⑦ * Equalizer Setting ⑥ ⑤ ④ ① EQUALIZER SETTINGS ④ MUTE Tap “+” or “-” to adjust the Bass, Mid or Treble. Muting the sound. After setting Bass, Mid or Treble, tap “BACK”. ⑤ SETUP If you tap “RESET”, the setting becomes default.

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    SOUND CONTROL Sound Settings Display the settings menu by pressing “SETUP”. You can control below functions. – Maximum switch-on volume – Traffic announcements – Volume by speed – Acoustic touchscreen feedback – AUX volume – Bluetooth audio...

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    SYSTEM SETTINGS * To access the system parameters : Push “MENU” Key -> “Setup” or tap “MENU” -> “Setup” in each media or radio mode. ① Display switched off You can switch off the screen. ② Screen Setup Set the display brightness, clock showing or acoustic touchscreen feedback. ③...

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    SYSTEM SETTINGS ⑤ Bluetooth Setup Refer to the section of Bluetooth ⑥ Factory Setup This function allows you to initialize various settings to the default settings. – All : Initializes all the settings to the default settings. – Phone / Bluetooth : Initializes all the settings related with phone, Bluetooth. –...

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    MIB Entry SE370/1 Bluetooth Manual  Searching  Pairing  Connection  Outgoing call  Incoming call  BT audio(A2DP)  Phonebook...

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    Searching  Press hard key ‘PHONE’ and click on ‘Find telephone’  Or press hard key ‘SETUP’ -> Bluetooth setup -> Find devices -> Find  List of searched Bluetooth devices will be listed as shown in the below diagram...

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    Searching  Select a Bluetooth device that is to be connected  Profile can be chosen in this here  Choose ‘Connect all profiles’ which enables both HFP and A2DP * HFP : Hands Free Profile , A2DP : Advanced Audio Distribution Profile...

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    Pairing  Passkey Pop Up will be displayed as below  Check the passkey of both MU and device, then click on ‘OK’...

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    Connection  Bluetooth Device is connected if the below scene is displayed (Refer to the top left corner)  The connected device can be checked in ‘My devices’ menu following the below steps.

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    Outgoing call  Contacts : List of contact info in the device is displayed.  DIAL : Make outgoing call by the displayed keypad.  Callstack : List of call history is displayed. * Using Contacts, Dial, Callstack menu, Outgoing call can be made...

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    Incoming call  Below Pop up will be displayed when there is incoming call on connected device  On Pop up : Button on the left side is Accept / in the middle is Mute / on the right side is Reject ...

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    BT audio(A2DP)  BT Audio menu is entered by pressing hard key ‘MEDIA’ (after device is connected, including A2DP profile)  Media source can be changed by ‘MEDIA’ soft key on the top left corner PREVIOUS NEXT REPEAT START/STOP RANDOM...

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    Phonebook Phonebook download will start automatically if there is phonebook exist in the connected device  Pop up will be displayed once download is completed as shown in the below diagram.  Phonebook can be manually downloaded by pressing hard key ‘SETUP’  User Profile  Import contacts (This function is disabled while phonebook download is on going)

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