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7 inch wide tft color tv system/mobile monitor
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Important Safety Instruction
1. Do not operate the TV while driving.
Operating while driving may cause a fatal or serious accident.
Always operate after the vehicle is parked at a safe place.
2. While driving, do not watch the TV or video
Watching TV or video while driving may cause a serious accident.
3. At a trouble or abnormal state, do not use it.
If you use it at no sound or with smoke or strange smell, this can be the
cause of a fire.
4. Do not expose your eyes or face close to the pole of an antenna.
This may be the cause of injury.
5. In case of vehicles equipped with air bags, place the TV away from the
operation range of the air bags.
In case of an accident, impact between the air bags and the TV may cause
a serious facial injury to passengers.
6. To place the TV with a double - sided tape, ensure to wash the
adhesive side cleanly then place it.
7. Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause
hearing loss.
Disassembling prohibited
1. Do not disassemble or modify it.
This may be the cause of an accident like a breakdown or a fire.
TV function is only available for LAM770T1.


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