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Child Lock; Time - LG WD-K1087TP Owner's Manual

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ow to use washer

Child Lock

If you choose to lock the buttons on the
control assembly to prevent tampering this
function may be selected.
• Child Lock can be set by pressing the
Temp. button and Option button
simultaneously. (About three seconds)
• When child lock is set, all buttons are locked
except for power button.
• To deactivate Child Lock system, press
Temp. and Option buttons simultaneously
again. (About three seconds)
• To change to the desired program, whilst
in child lock mode.
1. Press both Temp. and Option together
once again. (About three seconds)
2. Press the Start/Pause button.
3. Select the desired program and press the
Start/Pause button again.
• The child lock can be set at any time and it
is automatically canceled when operational
errors occur. Also Child Lock works when
power is off.


1. Time Save
• This option can be used to reduce the
time of a wash program.
• To use this option press the Time Save
button once before the wash program is
• This option is not available with
Quick 30 program.


Table of Contents

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