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How To Use Washer; Pre Wash; Start/Pause; Door Lock/Option - LG WD-K1087TP Owner's Manual

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ow to use washer


1. Start
• This Start/Pause button is used to start
wash cycle or pause the wash cycle.
2. Pause
• If temporary stop of wash cycle is needed,
press the Start/Pause button.
• When in Pause, the power is turned off
automatically after 4 minutes.
• NB. The door will not open before 1 to 2
minutes when Pause is selected,
or at the end of the wash cycle.
Door Lock
• Lights whenever the door of the washer
is locked.
• The door can be unlocked by pressing
the Start/Pause button to stop the
• The door can be opened after a short
• By pressing the Option button, all Option
functions may be selected.
1. Rinse+
• Used to additional rinse, which may
assist in removing traces of detergent
• By selecting Rinse+ function, the rinse
time and the rinse water are increased.

2. Pre Wash

• If the laundry is heavily soiled, "Pre Wash"
course is effective.

3. Crease Care

• If you want to prevent crease, select this
button with spin speed.
4. Bio
• If you want to eliminate protein stains
(milk, blood, chocolate...), you may select
Bio function by pressing the option button.
NB. You can select Bio function when
temperature is higher than 60°C in
Cotton, Baby Care and Synthetic.
The required lamp will light up for


Table of Contents

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