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Anti-theft Systems; Anti-theft Warning System; Electronic Immobilizer; Hydraulic Brake Assistant - Smart Fortwo coupe Operator's Manual

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Anti-theft systems

through the ESP
damage the brake system which is not
covered by the smart Limited Warranty.
will only function properly if
you use wheels of the recommended tire
size (
page 216).

Hydraulic brake assistant

The hydraulic brake assistant operates in
emergency situations. If you apply the
brakes very quickly, the hydraulic brake
assistant automatically provides full
brake boost, thereby potentially reducing
the braking distance.
Apply continuous full braking pressure
until the emergency braking situation is
The ABS will prevent the wheels from
When you release the brake pedal, the
brakes function again as normal. The
hydraulic brake assistant is then
When the hydraulic brake assistant is
malfunctioning, the brake system is still
functioning normally, but without the
additional brake boost that would normally
be provided during an emergency braking
maneuver. Therefore, the braking distance
may increase.
The hydraulic brake assistant cannot
prevent the natural laws of physics from
acting on the vehicle, nor can it increase
braking efficiency beyond that afforded by
the condition of the vehicle brakes and
tires or the traction afforded. The
hydraulic brake assistant cannot prevent
accidents, including those resulting from
excessive speed in turns, following
another vehicle too closely, or
hydroplaning. Only a safe, attentive, and
may otherwise seriously
skillful driver can prevent accidents. The
capabilities of a hydraulic brake assistant
equipped vehicle must never be exploited
in a reckless or dangerous manner which
could jeopardize the user's safety or the
safety of others.
Activating the hazard warning flasher
after an emergency braking maneuver
If you bring the vehicle to a complete stop
by strongly braking at a speed of more than
43 mph (70 km/h), the hazard warning
flasher comes on automatically as soon as
the vehicle is at a standstill. The hazard
warning flasher will remain on until it is
switched off using the hazard warning
flasher switch (
page 69) or until the
speed of the vehicle has exceeded 6 mph
(10 km/h).
Anti-theft systems

Electronic immobilizer

The electronic immobilizer prevents
unauthorized persons from starting your
When leaving the vehicle, always take the
key with you and lock the vehicle. The
engine can be started by anyone with a key
that is left inside the vehicle.
Activating: Remove the key from the
starter switch.
Deactivating: Insert the key in the
starter switch.
Turn the key to starter switch position 1.

Anti-theft warning system*

Once the anti-theft warning system has
been armed, a visual and audible alarm is
triggered when
someone opens a door or the tailgate
someone enters the vehicle's interior
* optional


Table of Contents

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