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Emission Control; Radio Transmitters - Smart Fortwo coupe Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
Driving instructions
water being ingested by the engine through
the air intake, causing severe internal
engine damage.
Any such damage is not covered by the smart
Limited Warranty.
Passenger compartment
Always fasten items being carried as
securely as possible.
In an accident, during hard braking or
sudden maneuvers, loose items thrown
around inside the vehicle may injure
vehicle occupants.
The cargo compartment is the preferred
place to carry objects.
Control and operation of radio
Radio and telephone
Please do not forget that your primary
responsibility is to drive the vehicle
safely. Only operate the radio or
if road, weather and traffic
conditions permit.
Bear in mind that at a speed of just 30 mph
(approximately 50 km/h), your vehicle is
covering a distance of 44 feet
(approximately 14 m) every second.
Telephones and two-way radios
Never operate radio transmitters equipped
with a built-in or attached antenna (i.e.
without being connected to an external
antenna) from inside the vehicle while the
engine is running. Doing so could lead to a
malfunction of the vehicle's electronic
Observe all legal requirements.
system, possibly resulting in an accident
and/or serious personal injury.
Radio transmitters, such as a mobile phone
or a citizens band unit should only be used
inside the vehicle if they are connected to
an antenna that is installed on the outside
of the vehicle.
Refer to the radio transmitter operation
instructions regarding use of an external

Emission control

Certain engine systems serve to keep the
toxic components of the exhaust gases
within permissible legal limits.
These systems, of course, will function
properly only when maintained strictly
according to factory specifications.
Any adjustments to the engine should
therefore be carried out only by qualified
smart center authorized technicians.
Engine adjustments should not be altered
in any way. Moreover, the specified service
jobs must be carried out regularly
according to smart servicing
requirements. For details refer to the
Maintenance Booklet.
Inhalation of exhaust gas is hazardous to
your health. All exhaust gas contains
carbon monoxide (CO), and inhaling it can
cause unconsciousness and lead to death.
Do not run the engine in confined areas
(such as a garage) which are not properly
ventilated. If you think that exhaust gas
fumes are entering the vehicle while
driving, have the cause determined and
corrected immediately. If you must drive
under these conditions, drive only with at
least one window fully open at all times.


Table of Contents

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