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Brake Fluid; Checking; Retreads - Smart Fortwo coupe Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
Tires and wheels

Brake fluid

During vehicle operation, the boiling
point of the brake fluid is continuously
reduced through the absorption of moisture
from the atmosphere. Under extremely
strenuous operating conditions, this
moisture content can lead to the formation
of bubbles in the system, thus reducing the
system's efficiency.
Therefore, the brake fluid must be replaced
regularly. Refer to your vehicle's
Maintenance Booklet for replacement
The brake fluid level in the brake fluid
reservoir may be too low if the brake
warning lamp in the instrument cluster
comes on (
page 21) although the parking
brake is released.
! If you find that the brake fluid in the
brake fluid reservoir has fallen to the
minimum mark or below, have the brake
system checked for brake pad thickness
and leaks immediately. Contact an
authorized smart center immediately. Do
not add brake fluid as this will not solve
the problem.
Remove the service flap and insert it on
the front of the vehicle (
The brake fluid reservoir is located in the
front compartment on the passenger side.
Checking brake fluid level
Perform a visual check of the brake fluid
reservoir :.
The brake fluid level is correct when it
is between the minimum mark and the
maximum mark.
If the brake fluid level has fallen
slightly below the minimum mark,
drive to an authorized smart center.
If the brake fluid level has fallen
significantly below the minimum
mark, call Roadside Assistance or an
authorized smart center.
Remount the service flap and close it
Tires and wheels
Safety notes
Contact an authorized smart center for
information on tested and recommended
rims and tires for summer and winter
operation. They can also offer advice
concerning tire service and purchase.
Replace rims or tires with the same
designation, manufacturer and type as
shown on the original part. For further
page 120).
information contact an authorized smart
center. If incorrectly sized rims and tires
are mounted, the wheel brakes or
suspension components can be damaged.
Also, the operating clearance of the wheels
and the tires may no longer be correct.
Worn, old tires can cause accidents. If the
tire tread is worn to minimum tread depth,
or if the tires have sustained damage,
replace them.
When replacing rims, only use genuine
smart wheel bolts specified for the
particular rim type. Failure to do so can
page 120).


Table of Contents

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