Trouble-Shooting; Cleaning The Lint Filter - Haier HWM40-32 User Manual

Haier single-tub washing machine user's manual
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Disposal after washing

Cleaning the lint filter

The lint filter must be used during washing.
It must be cleaned in time after each using.
1. Take off the lint filter
Put hand at the indicated position.
Push down to take it off. (See to
Figure 1)
2. Clean the lint
Put it in water and clean while it is still
wet.(See to Figure 2)
3. Install the lint filter
After cleaning, insert the bottom of
the lint filter (marked with "down side")
into the filter frame, then push the
upper part of the filter in (marked with
"up side"). (See to Figure 3)
Attention: be sure not to confuse the direction.
Wipe the complete unit with soft cloth
twisted dry.
Wipe with neutral detergent if too dirty.
Do not wash it directly by water.


The following phenomena are not breakdowns sometimes. Please confirm again before
sending it to repair.
The washing machine
does not act
There's abnormal sound
inside the machine.
The drainage does not work.
Is there power failure?
Is the power plug inserted tightly?
Is the machine slanting?
Is there metal item inside the tub?
Is the drain hose put down?
Is the drain hose frozen?
Is the front end of the drain hose blocked?
Figure 2
After washing, dismount the water inlet hose.
Pull off the power plug and hang up the
power cord.
Do not store water in the tub for long period.
Discharge the water immediately after each
Wipe off the water drops on the surface and
inside the tub with clean soft cloth. Open the
cover of the wash tub for some time (about
one hour), then close it.
Hang up the drain hose.
How to check
Figure 1
Figure 3



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