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Moving The Computer; Heat Dispersal; Using The Hard Disk Drive (hdd) Protection - Toshiba NB200 Series User Manual

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Moving the computer

While the computer is designed for rugged durability you should exercise a
few simple precautions when moving it in order to help ensure trouble-free
Make sure all disk activity has ended before moving the computer -
check that the HDD and other indicators on the front of the computer
are off.
Turn off (shut down) the computer.
Disconnect the AC adaptor and all peripherals before moving the
Close the display panel.
Do not pick up the computer by its display panel.
Before carrying your computer, shut it down, disconnect the AC adaptor
and allow it to cool down - a failure to follow this instruction may result in
minor heat injury.
Be careful not to subject the computer to impact or shock - a failure to
follow this instruction could result in damage to computer, computer
failure or loss of data.
Always use a suitable carry case when transporting the computer.
When carrying your computer, be sure to hold it securely so that it does
not fall or hit anything.
Do not carry your computer by holding any of its protruding elements.

Heat dispersal

To protect from overheating, the CPU has an internal temperature sensor. If
the computer's internal temperature rises to a certain level, the cooling fan
is turned on or the processing speed is lowered. You can select whether to
control the CPU temperature by turning on the fan first, then if necessary,
lowering the CPU speed. Or, by lowering the CPU speed first, then if
necessary, turning on the fan. These functions are controlled within the
Power Options.
When the CPU temperature falls to a normal range, the fan is turned off
and the CPU operation returns to standard speed.
If the CPU temperature reaches an unacceptably high level with either
setting, the system automatically shuts down to prevent damage. Data in
memory will be lost.

Using the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Protection

This computer has a function for reducing the risk of damage on the hard
disk drive.
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Table of Contents

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