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If you suspect a problem with the battery, check the DC IN connect and the
battery indicator. For information on indicators and battery operation see
Chapter 6,
Battery doesn't power
the computer
Battery doesn't charge
when the AC adaptor
is attached (Battery
indicator does not
glow amber).
Battery doesn't power
the computer as long
as expected
User's Manual
Power and Power-up
The battery may be discharged - connect the AC
adaptor to recharge the battery.
If the battery is completely discharged, it will not
begin charging immediately. Wait a few minutes.
If the battery still does not charge, make sure the
outlet is supplying power. Test it by plugging in an
appliance. If it doesn't work, try another power
Check whether the battery is hot or cold to the
touch. If the battery is too hot or too cold, it will
not charge properly. Make it reach room
Unplug the AC adaptor and remove the battery to
make sure the terminals are clean. If necessary
wipe them with a soft dry cloth dipped in alcohol.
Connect the AC adaptor and replace the battery.
Make sure it is securely seated.
Check the Battery indicator. If it does not glow,
make the computer charge the battery for at least
20 minutes. If the Battery indicator glows after 20
minutes, make the battery continue to charge at
least another 20 minutes before turning on the
If the indicator still does not glow, the batterymay
be at the end of its operating life. Replace it.
If you do not think the battery is at the end of its
operating life, see your dealer.
If you frequently recharge a partially charged
battery, the battery might not charge to its full
potential. Fully discharge the battery, then try to
charge it again.
Check the power consumption settings in Power
Management. Consider using a power saving


Table of Contents

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