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Wood Lathe
ModeL G1067Z
Copyright © 1996 By grizzly industrial, inC. revised July, 2009 (tr)
WarnInG: no portIon of thIS ManuaL May be reproduced In any Shape
or forM WIthout the WrItten approvaL of GrIZZLy InduStrIaL, Inc.
#5983 printed in taiwan.


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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Wood Lathe ModeL G1067Z InStructIon ManuaL Copyright © 1996 By grizzly industrial, inC. revised July, 2009 (tr) WarnInG: no portIon of thIS ManuaL May be reproduced In any Shape or forM WIthout the WrItten approvaL of GrIZZLy InduStrIaL, Inc. #5983 printed in taiwan.

  • Page 2

    WARNING Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grind- ing, drilling, and other construction activities contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of these chemicals are: • Lead from lead-based paints. •...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table Of Contents SECTION 1: SAFETY...2 Safety Instructions For Power Tools ...2 Additional Safety Instructions For The Lathe...4 SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION ...5 Commentary...5 Unpacking ...6 Piece Inventory ...6 Site Considerations ...7 Clean Up ...7 Circuit Requirements ...8 Grounding ...9 Extension Cords...9 SECTION 2: ASSEMBLY ...10...

  • Page 4: Section 1: Safety, Safety Instructions For Power Tools

    G1067Z Wood Lathe VISITORS...

  • Page 5

    14. MAINTAIN TOOLS WITH CARE. Keep tools sharp and clean for best and safest performance. Follow instructions for lubri- cating and changing accessories. G1067Z Wood Lathe 15. USE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES. 16. REDUCE THE RISK OF UNINTENTION- LENGTH 17. CHECK DAMAGED PARTS. Before fur-...

  • Page 6: Additional Safety Instructions For The Lathe

    DAMAGED OR WORN PARTS. Maintain your lathe in proper working condition. Like all machines there is danger associated with the Model G1067Z. Accidents are fre- quently caused by lack of familiarity or fail- ure to pay attention. Use this machine with respect and caution to lessen the possibility of operator injury.

  • Page 7: Section 1: Introduction, Commentary

    We are proud to offer the Model G1067Z. This machine is part of a growing Grizzly family of fine woodworking machinery. When used according to the guidelines set forth in this manual, you can expect years of trouble-free, enjoyable operation and proof of Grizzly’s commitment to customer...

  • Page 8: Unpacking, Piece Inventory

    Unpacking The Model G1067Z Wood Lathe is shipped from the manufacturer in a carefully packed carton. If you discover the machine is damaged after you’ve signed for delivery, please call Customer Service immediately for advice. Save the containers and all packing materials for possible inspection by the carrier or its agent.

  • Page 9: Site Considerations, Clean Up

    Site Considerations Floor Load The Model G1067Z weighs 179 lbs. Most com- mercial floors are suitable for your machine. Some floors may require additional reinforcement to support the machine, the operator, and the workpiece. Working Clearances Consider existing and anticipated needs, size of...

  • Page 10: Circuit Requirements

    Circuit Requirements Amperage Draw The Model G1067Z motor is wired to operate at 110V and will draw the following load: Motor Load...8 Amps Plug Type The Model G1067Z is supplied with a NEMA 5-15 plug. DO NOT modify the plug or power cord in any way.

  • Page 11: Grounding, Extension Cords

    NOTICE The wire on the power cord with green or green and yellow striped insulation is the grounding conductor. G1067Z Wood Lathe Extension Cords 110V Operation If you find it necessary to use an extension cord at 110V: •...

  • Page 12: Section 2: Assembly, Pre-assembly, Stand

    SECTION 2: ASSEMBLY Pre-assembly Assembly of the G1067Z is straightforward. We have organized the assembly process into steps. Please follow them in sequence. Tools Required: Only a few common tools are needed to assemble this machine. Specifically, a 6" adjustable wrench, 12mm open end wrench, regular and Phillips head screwdriver and an 8mm Hex wrench.

  • Page 13: Installing The Switch

    With an assistant, set the lathe bed assem- bly on the stand, orienting the front of the headstock with the switch opening in the stand leg. Bolt the lathe bed to the stand using the eight ⁄ ''-18 x 1 cap screws and hex nuts supplied and tighten down (Figure Figure 4.

  • Page 14: Tool Rest, Tailstock

    Figure 7. Tool Rest The tool rest is equipped with a cam-action clamping system to secure it to the lathe bed. To install the tool rest assembly: Remove the large hex nut and lock plate from the bottom of the tool rest assembly.

  • Page 15: Spur Center, Face Plate

    Spur Center The G1067Z is supplied with a #2 Morse taper spur center for use when spindle turning. The spur center is used in conjunction with the tail- stock live center. Install the spur center by insert- ing into the hole in the inboard spindle (Figure 10).

  • Page 16: Section 3: Adjustments, Headstock

    SECTION 3: ADJUSTMENTS Headstock The Model G1067Z headstock can be swiveled 180˚ as well as positioned anywhere along the bed. Loosen the quick release lever by pushing it down (Figure 13). Move the headstock to the desired position and re-engage the quick release lever (Figure 14).

  • Page 17: Tailstock

    Serious personal injury may occur. Figure 16. Headstock set at 90˚. Figure 17. Headstock set at 180˚. G1067Z Wood Lathe Tailstock The tailstock is equipped with a cam-action clamping system to secure it to the lathe bed.

  • Page 18: Live Center, Speed Selector

    (1) The tailstock barrel lock handle (Figure 19) must always be locked down while the lathe is in use. The workpiece can be thrown from the lathe if this step is not observed. (2) The tailstock barrel should not protrude from the tailstock housing more than 2''.

  • Page 19: Section 4: Operations, Test Run, Tool Rest

    Ensure that the lathe chisel is fully supported by the tool rest. Support the lathe chisel on the tool rest with one hand, while controlling the chisel with the other hand (Figure 21). For outboard turning, it may be desirable to use a free standing tool rest.

  • Page 20: Spindle Turning

    Spindle Turning Before a workpiece is mounted into the lathe, the points of the installed spur center and the live center must align perfectly with one another (Figure 22). View the alignment from above the lathe and from the side.

  • Page 21: Outboard Turning, Indexing

    17'' and a maximum thickness of 2''. Figure 24 depicts the lathe setup at 90˚ for turn- ing a bowl using the tool rest extension supplied. Figure 25 depicts the lathe setup at 180˚ for turn- ing a bowl using a free standing tool rest (not sup- plied).

  • Page 22: Section 5: Maintenance, General, Lubrication

    -20- Lubrication The G1067Z Lathe is equipped with a split pulley system which allows the speed of the lathe to be changed while its running. To assure the smooth operation of this pulley system, we recommend the main spindle and motor spindle be greased occasionally.

  • Page 23: Section 6: Closure

    Washington location using the address in the Introduction. The specifications, drawings, and photographs illustrated in this manual represent the Model G1067Z as supplied when the manual was prepared. However, due to Grizzly’s policy of continuous improvement, changes may be made at any time with no obligation on the part of Grizzly.

  • Page 24: Machine Data Sheet

    Customer Service #: (570) 326-3806 • To Order Call: (800) 523-4777 • Fax #: (800) 438-5901 Model G1067Z Wood Lathe Design Type ...Floor Model Overall Dimensions: Including Stand ...45 Swing Over Bed...14" Swing Over Gap ...17" Distance Between Centers ...40"...

  • Page 25

    105V2 G1067Z Wood Lathe -23-...

  • Page 26

    -24- G1067Z Wood Lathe...

  • Page 27

    P1067Z046A LEG, LEFT FRONT V2.01.02 P1067Z047 LEG, RIGHT FRONT P1067Z048 LEG, RIGHT REAR P1067Z047 LEG, LEFT REAR P1495050 TOOL REST BODY P1067Z051 CROSS BRACE, LONG G1067Z Wood Lathe part # P1495051 PB31 P1067Z054 P1495031 PN02 ⁄ PW07 PCB01 P1067Z061 P1067Z062...

  • Page 28: Warranty & Returns

    Warranty & Returns Grizzly Industrial, Inc. warrants every product it sells for a period of 1 year to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs or alterations or lack of maintenance.

  • Page 29: Warranty Card

    Do you think your purchase represents good value? ___Yes Would you recommend Grizzly Industrial to a friend? ___Yes Would you allow us to use your name as a reference for Grizzly customers in your area? Note: We never use names more than three times. ___Yes Comments:_________________________________________________...

  • Page 30

    FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE Send a Grizzly Catalog to a friend: Name_______________________________ Street_______________________________ City______________State______Zip______ GRIZZLY INDUSTRIAL, INC. P.O. BOX 2069 BELLINGHAM, WA 98227-2069 TAPE ALONG EDGES--PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE Place Stamp Here...

  • Page 31

    Buy Direct and Save with Grizzly Visit Our Website Today And Discover Why • • • ® – Trusted, Proven and a Great Value! ® Grizzly Is The Industry Leader! SECURE ORDERING ORDERS SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS E-MAIL RESPONSE WITHIN ONE HOUR...

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