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KORG TRITON Classic Easy Start Page 7

Music workstation synthesizer.
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Press the [REC/WRITE] key
sampling, then press [CREATE].
Press the [REC/WRITE] key
sampling, then press [CREATE].
Press the [REC/WRITE] key
stop sampling.
That's it! Now play the keyboard: play each note (half-step) from C2 to D#2, and you'll hear the sampled words,
"Sampling is easy with TRITON ".
...Continue by sampling through one of TRITON 's 102 Insert effects:
Press the [Input Setup] tab
Press the MENU key, then press P8: Insert Efffect.
make sure 000: No Effect is highlighted.
Reverb Hall")
Speak into the microphone to hear the effect being applied
screen to view and edit the effect parameters.
Press the [MENU] key, then press P0: Recording
"arm" the sampler
Press [Create] to make a new index in the multisample
Speak into the mic and adjust the recording level as needed (see step 7 above)
key, speak to sample
next available index.
More new features of O.S. V. 2.5!
Time Slice Samples to Pattern/RPPR: This makes it easier to use multiple samples that were originally at different tempos.
Load PCG (RAM) and samples: This intelligently loads only the sample-related Programs and Drumkits from a PCG file (and their
samples) and allows you to append them to any Bank, facilitating the merging of multiple sample files. This is a big benefit when
using the new CD sample libraries! (TNCD001 TRITON Sampler Starter Pak,TNCD002 Global Village, TNCD003 TRITON
Drum Hits & Ambience, TRCD Trinity Drum Loops for TRITON, and more!)
Additional Footswitch and pedal assignments: This allows hands-free control of more controller functions than ever before.
Append Load SNG Files: It is easy to merge any number of Songs for a given performance.
Improved behavior with external sequencers: Many parameter changes can be recorded to an external sequencer.
GM Initialize: This command provides an efficient way to create General MIDI sequence tracks.
Individual Output for Metronome Click when Sampling: Now there can be a tempo reference, not only a countoff, for sampling.
File Compatibility: Sound and song files may be shared between ALL the Korg workstation instruments.
Bulletproof Sequence memory: Even if you should use all available sequencer memory, the data you've already recorded is
Press the [START/STOP] key and say, "is easy"
Press the [START/STOP] key and say, "with"
Press the [START/STOP] key and say, "TRITON "
In the Input 1 field, press the popup by
Use the numeric keypad, to enter 5 > 2, then press the [ENTER] key ("52:
Speak into the mic and adjust the recording level as needed
Press [START/STOP] again to stop sampling. The new sample will playback on key E2 – the
Press [START/STOP] again to stop
BUS(IFX) Select : and choose IFX1.
Press the "OFF" toggle button in the IFX1 box to turn it ON, then
Press the [IFX1] tab at the bottom of the
Press the[Recording] tab, then press the [REC/WRITE] key to
Press [F2] ("Rec")
Press the [REC/WRITE] key to "arm" the
TRITON EasyStart
Press [START/STOP] again to stop
Press [START/STOP] again to
Press the [START/STOP]


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