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KORG TRITON Classic Easy Start Page 6

Music workstation synthesizer.
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TRITON EasyStart
Press [START/STOP] to begin recording Press [START/STOP] again to stop recording. What could be easier?!
Alternate song method for copying Combis with Arps:
Choose any Combi with the [ARP ON/OFF] switch on (lit).
Create a new song
with [F8]
Check both boxes "with Effects" and "Auto Adjust Arp for Multi REC" Press [OK]].
Press [START/STOP] to begin recording
Swing quantize
Press [MENU]
Press [P5] [TrackEdit]
M:001 to End of M:004)
Press the upper right corner drop-down menu and select Quantize
"Swing:" field, type or dial in a percentage, and press[OK].
Sampling mode
TRITON samples at 48kHz, 16-bit, in mono or stereo. With the provided 16 MB, the TRITON is capable of
recording samples of 174 seconds @ mono, or 87 seconds @ stereo. Fully expanded with SIMM modules to 64
MB, it allows about 11 ½ mono minutes or 5.8 stereo minutes of sampling! The correct SIMMS are 72-pin, non-
parity, EDO or Fast Page (FPM) DRAM SIMM, 60 ns (nanoseconds) or faster, 11 Bit Addressing.
Recording "one-shot" vocal samples
Before proceeding clear the TRITON's sample RAM by powering OFF, then ON.
Connect a microphone to the [AUDIO INPUT 1] jack on the rear panel, set the MIC/LINE switch to MIC, and set the
LEVEL control to the 12 o'clock position.
Press the [SAMPLING] key
and choose L/R Set Input 1 Pan: to "C064" with the DIAL or numeric keypad In the Recording Setup field, press
the Auto radio button, set the Threshold to –30 db, and set Pre Trigger REC: to 5ms with the DIAL or keypad.
Press the [Recording] tab and make sure that "MS" (Multisample) is set to "000:new MS____000"
OrigKey and TopKey fields to a value of "C2". The easiest way to set this is by holding down the [ENTER] key and
pressing the [C2] key on the keyboard. Under the REC Sample Setup field, touch the popup by Sample Mode:
set to "L-Mono".
Press the [Preference] tab and set the Zone Range to 1key with the DIAL or keypad .
Press the [Recording] tab Press the [REC/WRITE] key to "arm" the sampler, and then speak into the microphone. If
"ADC Overload" flashes above the "level indicators", lower the rear panel LEVEL control until this message no longer
Press the [dB] fader in the Recording Level field and adjust with the DIAL while speaking into the mic. Set
this for a "hot" signal level, but watch and adjust if the display indicates, "CLIP".
Press the [START/STOP] key and say the word, "Sampling"
press [CREATE]. Note that the "keyboard" display moves to the next key after you press "CREATE".
Press the upper right corner drop-down menu and press "Copy from Combi"
Press [START/STOP] again to stop recording.
Select a Track to edit; select the first four measures as a region to edit (from
Press the [Input Setup] tab In the Input 1 field, press the popup by
Set Resolution to the 16
Press [START/STOP] again to stop sampling, and then
Confirm [OK]
note icon
Press the
BUS(IFX) Select:
Set both the


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