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KORG TRITON Classic Easy Start Page 5

Music workstation synthesizer.
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Press the PlyLoop 1-8 tab at the bottom of the screen Press the Track Play Loop checkbox for Track 2 Leave the
Loop Start Measure at "001"
INC, dial, or keypad) Press [LOCATE] to move to the song beginning, and then press the [START/STOP]
key to play back the song and looped bass track
Repeat previous steps 4 and 5 as you record additional tracks and set desired Play Loops.
...Continue by Automating the Mix:
Press the Preference tab, then press the Overdub radio button under Recording Setup.
Press the Mixer 1-8 tab at the bottom of the screen and select a track from the previous steps for mixing by pressing its
Press the [REC/WRITE] key, then the [START/STOP] key, and record volume changes on the track by using the DIAL
or the VALUE slider Press [START/STOP] when finished.
Press [START/STOP] to audition the results - the volume parameter and value will update as the song plays back. Note
that track pan messages may be recorded in similar fashion
Using the Compare function as 'UNDO' in Sequence mode:
If you are dissatisfied with a 'take' or a recorded mix, press the [COMPARE] key once so it is lit: it serves as "one level
of Undo". Simply Record again while the [COMPARE] key is lit, and you'll record new data in the current track. "Toggle"
the COMPARE key to listen to both "takes". Note that moving to, and recording/editing another track (or leaving
sequence mode) will clear the Compare buffer. Before you begin work on a new track, make sure that the currently
selected state of Compare contains the data that you want to keep!
Examine the Effects in your Template Song: 5 Insert FX, 2 Master FX, and Global 3-Band EQ!
Press the [MENU] key, then P.8 Insert Effect to view the (up to) 5 Insert Effects chosen by the Song Template
the field labeled IFX/Indiv. Out BUS Select Tracks whose popup is assigned to
Effects by the values in the Send1 (MFX1) and Send 2 (MFX2) rows.
assigned to the Insert Effects visible in the top half of the display.
Press the popup for Track 2 (probably your bass track): the second column contains the choices for assigning a track to
one or two of TRITON's 4 auxiliary outputs.
Press the [Insert FX] tab at the bottom of the display to see an expanded view of the currently selected Insert effects
The Send1 and Send2 rows govern how much an Insert Effect is being fed to the Master Effects
popups in the Insert Effects row: Just like TRITON's sounds, effects are arranged in categories
algorithm in the current category to choose it, or press one of the category tabs on the left side of the display to choose
an effect from another category Press one of the five IFX tabs to view all the parameters of the currently selected Insert
Effect Press any of the popups (other than Control Ch.
Control Ch.
popup allows control of a given effect by a specific MIDI channel of the sequencer.
Press P.9 Master Effect to view the 2 Master Effects chosen by the Song Template Press one of the popups by
or MFX 2 to substitute effect algorithms as on the IFX page Press either the [MFX1] or [MFX2] tab at the
bottom to view and edit the currently selected effect's parameters Press the [Master EQ] tab to view and edit the global
3-Band EQ.
Alternate quick song method featuring One-Touch Recording:
Choose any Program or a Combi Tap the [ENTER] key at least 3x to enter a desired tempo.
Hold down [ENTER] and press [REC/WRITE] Press [OK] to answer "Setup to Record: Are you sure?" Triton
jumps to Record mode, with the [REC/WRITE] key already armed.
Press the Loop End Measure and set it to the last measure you played on Track 2
Press the [START/STOP] key again to stop.
) to view the 32 available Dynamic Modulation Sources The
L/R are fed directly into the Master
Tracks whose popup is assigned to
Press any other effect
TRITON EasyStart
Look at
IFX# are
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