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Before First Use; Initial Cleaning; Setting The Time; Daily Use - Electrolux B43019-5 User Manual

Electrolux built-under oven
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Table of Contents
• Nonstick flat baking tray
For cakes and biscuits.
• Triple oven shelf runners
2 shelf supports with 3 telescopic runners

Before first use

Initial Cleaning

• Remove all parts from the appliance.
• Clean the appliance before first use.
Do not use abrasive cleaning agents! This can damage the surface. Refer to chapter "Care
and Cleaning".

Setting the time

The oven only operates after time set.
When you connect the appliance to the electrical
supply or in case of a power cut, the Time function
indicator flashes automatically.
To set the current time use " + " or " - " button.
After approximately 5 seconds, the flashing stops
and the display shows the time of day set.
For time change you must not set an automatic
function (Duration

Daily use

To use the oven, push the retractable knob. The knob then comes out.

Switching the Oven On and Off

1. Turn the oven functions control knob to an oven function.
2. Turn the temperature control knob to a temperature.
The power indicator comes on while the oven is in operation.
The temperature indicator comes on while the oven temperature increases.
3. To switch off the oven, turn the oven functions control knob and the temperature
control knob to the Off position.
or End
) at the same
Before first use


Table of Contents

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