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Introduction And Features - JBL Synthesis S5165 User Manual

Power amplifier.
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Thank you for purchasing this JBL Synthesis
embodies the best of what JBL has discovered about the emotional power of audio reproduction in more than
sixty years of preeminence in the field. This amplifier has been designed and crafted to provide the user with a high
level of sonic performance; special attention has been paid to minimize the number of components in the audio
signal path, resulting in extremely low distortion, excellent transient response and wide dynamic range. Synthesis
products set new benchmarks in audio technology, and, when used as part of a complete JBL Synthesis system,
will bring the ambience and acoustics of some of the world's greatest concert halls and theaters into your home.
To obtain the best performance from this amplifier, please be sure to completely read this user's manual and use
the S7165/S5165/S820 only in accordance with its instructions.
WARNING: Always make sure that two people lift the unit together. Never attempt to lift the unit by
yourself. Failure to follow this instruction may result in personal injury or irreparable damage
to the unit that is not covered under warranty.
The JBL Synthesis S7165/S5165/S820 power amplifier features the following:
• Multichannel Operation
All Synthesis amplifiers have been designed to integrate well into the world of multichannel audio. They are
designed to reproduce the front left and right, center, subwoofer and ambient channels, to produce a truly
enveloping sound field. They are a solid foundation on which to build a high-performance home cinema system
that will astound the listener with its power and realism. The S7165 is designed to be used in all Synthesis
systems that require seven channels of amplification, the S5165 is designed to be used in all Synthesis systems
that require five channels of operation, and the S820 is a 2-channel amplifier that can also be operated in bridged
mode as an extraordinarily powerful single-channel amplifier.
• High Power Capability
The S7165/S5165 provides a satisfying 160 watts per channel of distortion-free audio (<0.03% THD) into 8 ohms.
The S820 provides a truly satisfying 200 watts per channel of clean audio (<0.03% THD) into 8-ohm loads, and
800 watts when operated in bridged mode into an 8-ohm load, making it ideal for powering subwoofers. Because
of their power capabilities, all Synthesis amplifiers have an extremely wide dynamic range, an element critical to
realistic home cinema. Sound levels equal to those at original performances are easily re-created in even the
largest of home listening environments.
• Auto Turn-On and Power-Sequencing Circuitry
When used in a JBL Synthesis system, the S7165/S5165/S820 can be turned on automatically whenever the
surround processor is activated. No longer do you have to get out of that chair to turn on the various pieces of
equipment in your entertainment system; just one touch on the remote control of the surround processor, and
you're a few seconds away from a truly impressive audio presentation!
Modern amplifiers produce more power per channel (and frequently have more channels) than those of the
traditional two-channel stereo era. Due to the high current demands of power amplifiers at the instant of turn-on,
the S7165, S5165 and S820 amplifiers are equipped with power-sequencing circuits that turn on each unit in
sequence, avoiding the large instantaneous current demand (and possible house circuit-breaker tripping) that
would occur should they all turn on at the same instant.
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