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HP MSM720 Specification page 5

Msm controller series
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Advanced fast roaming (requires mobility controller or upgrade)
provides WPA2 Opportunistic Key Caching through controller support and inter-/intra-subnet roaming and seamless roaming
(less than 50 ms roaming delay) support for Voice-over-Wi-Fi deployments
Integrated IDS support (Premium Mobility version required)
Automated AP and client classification
reduces manual effort (administrator can override AP classification)
Comprehensive detection capabilities
detects a wide range of attacks
Flexible event reporting
enables configuration of which events will result in notifications
Location tracking capabilities
helps identify the location of a rogue device
Flexible deployment models
supports time slicing or dedicating a radio to detect full time
Secure shell
encrypts all transmitted data for secure remote CLI access over IP networks
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
encrypts all HTTP traffic, allowing secure access to the
browser-based management GUI in the switch
IEEE 802.1X, Active Directory, and RADIUS network logins
control wireless network access for authentication and accountability using IEEE 802.1x, Microsoft Active Directory, and RADIUS
RADIUS-based MAC authentication
authenticates a wireless client with a RADIUS server based on the MAC address of the client; this is useful for clients with minimal
or no user interface
Web-based authentication
provides a Web browser-based environment to authenticate clients that may not support the IEEE 802.1X supplicant
IEEE 802.1x supplicant on MSM APs
helps prevent deployment of rogue networking equipment
Secure management access
securely encrypts all access methods (CLI, GUI, or MIB) through SSH v2c, SSL, and/or SNMPv3
Policy management
Standards-based authentication support for Microsoft Active Directory and IEEE 802.1X
seamlessly integrates into existing authentication services or uses the built-in database
Integration with HP IMC Network Management software
helps ensure consistent policy enforcement across wired and wireless networks
10 GbE connections to the switch fabric (MSM765 zl Premium Mobility controller only)
two 10-GbE wire-speed internal connections help ensure that the network connections from the application to the switch
backplane will not limit application performance
IPv6 wireless client traffic forwarding
is supported for Layer 2 and Layer 3 mobility (MTM) and for client traffic directly bridged at the AP
IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) and HP port trunking (MSM720 controller only)
support up to six ports bonded via LACP; support manually configured trunks between an HP switch and the controller
DA - 13271 Worldwide — Version 18 — December 20, 2013
HP MSM Controller Series
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