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Electrolux EKG5402K User Manual
Electrolux EKG5402K User Manual

Electrolux EKG5402K User Manual

Freestanding cooker


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Freestanding Cooker
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Summary of Contents for Electrolux EKG5402K

  • Page 1 EKG5402K EKG5303B EKG6404X Freestanding Cooker User manual Classified as Internal...
  • Page 2 Specification of Hobs: Gas Pressure: LPG / 30 mbar ELECTR UNIT ICAL MODEL HOTPLATE GAS POWER(kW) IGNITION SIZE(CM) BURNER POWER (kW) ONE HAND EKG5402K 50x55x85 1.0+1.75+1.75+3.0 IGNITION ONE HAND EKG5303B 50x55x85 1.75+3.0+4.0 IGNITION ONE HAND EKG6404X 60x60x85 1.0+1.75+3.0+4.0 IGNITION Specification of Oven:...
  • Page 3 EKG5303B EKG6404X IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION It is very important that this instruction book should be kept safely for the future consultation. If the appliance should be sold or given to another person, please ensure that the booklet goes together with it, so that the new owner can know functions of this appliance and also be aware of the necessary precautions.
  • Page 4 Where supplied you must use the adjustable feet. The cooker chassis must not sit directly on the floor, a plinth or support surface. To fit adjustable feet.- Place the cooker on a piece of polystyrene packaging or similar exposing the base for fitting the feet.
  • Page 5 Correct Incorrect The following instructions are meant for a qualified installer, in order that the operations of installation, regulation, and service are executed according to the existing regulations. Whenever changes are made involving the disconnection of the machine it is necessary to proceed with maximum caution.
  • Page 6 This electric fan must be powerful enough to ensure in a kitchen an air replacement of 3 to 5 times its volume per hour. WARNING - If the oven touches the side of other pieces of the kitchen furniture, ensure they can withstand a temperature of 75℃. Electrical connection Before you connect the gas cooker, please check that the voltage indicated on the rating plate to ensure that it corresponds to the mains power supply available.
  • Page 7 The hose must not touch the back of the cooker. Upon completing the installation, check and make sure that all pipes and hoses are connected correctly. Always use soapy water to check gas leaking. For safety reasons we would advise you to inspect and change the rubber hose for the gas connection yearly.
  • Page 8 USING COOKER FOR THE FIRST TIME We recommend that before you cook in your new cooker you heat the oven to 180℃for 2hrs to run in your new oven. After the oven cools wipe it out with hot water and a mild detergent.
  • Page 9 • Glass or Metal covers should not be closed when the cooker hob is operating. Before close the cover please make sure to take out the wok adaptor. • Always ensure that the knobs are in the "O" Off or Stop position when the appliance is not in use.
  • Page 10 • Ensure that the oven grids are inserted correctly.(See instruction as below.) Correct Incorrect • The gas oven becomes hot with the movement of air. The holes on the bottom of the oven must never be obstructed. • Do not cover the sides of the oven with aluminum foil, particularly the lower part of the opening at the base of the gas oven.
  • Page 11 Make sure that burners are always in position and located correctly. Control knobs on the gas burners The knobs for the gas burners of the cooker are found on the control panel. The regulating knobs should be turned in anti-clockwise direction until the small flame symbol, vice- versafor the larger flame symbol.
  • Page 12 The ignition will spark and ignite the burner. At this position the gas supply is at the maximum and the flame also at its maximum. You can reduce the flame size by turning the knob in anti-clockwise direction to achieve your requirements.
  • Page 13 • After few minutes, check the temperature and adjust the oven control knob if necessary to obtain the required level. Gas grill (down) Gas oven(up) Maximum gas supply If you turn to “G”, the gas oven open; if you turn to “120”,the gas grill open. IMPORTANT SAFETY: Apply knob protection plate when using gas grill burner.
  • Page 14 BEFORE AFTER (Knob protection plate is stored at the compartment.) After a few minutes check the temperature and adjust the grill control if necessary to obtain the required level. IMPORTANT SAFETY: In the event the flame in the oven extinguishes by itself, please take the following steps below: 1) Shut off the oven control knob on gas oven model also shut off the gas cylinder valve.
  • Page 15 First, insert the forked branch into the spindle of motor. Then take out the hook according to the direction of the figure below. Next, put the turnspit in which it has a slot hang on the hook. (While removing in reverse order.) •...
  • Page 16 TIPS FOR OVEN COOKING For baking cakes: • Pre-heat the oven for at least 10minutes before use. • Do not open the oven door when baking. The jet of cold air will block the raising process of some cakes, pastries and soufflé s. •...
  • Page 17 added during the last half hour. Begin cooking raw meat at a high temperature, reducing the temperature to finish cooking the inside. The cooking temperature for white meat can be mode-rate throughout. • The degree of cooking can be checked by pressing the meat with a fork, if it penetrates easily then it is cooked.
  • Page 18 The "TIPS FOR OVEN COOKING" relating to cooking in the oven and by grill is provided as a guide. Experience will show possible variations to the values set out in the table. NOTE –If in doubt, always carefully follow the indications given in the in the recipes you intend to follow.
  • Page 19 sponge 500g cakes pizza 150g Cupcakes 500g Roast fish 500g beef 300g chicken 1000g bread 500g potato 750g Pasta 300g Sand 500g shrimp MAINTENANCE & CLEANING Before each operation, disconnect the unit by unplugging the socket and gas hose. Oven lamp replacement Disconnect the power supply to the appliance, unscrew the lamp and replace it with a high temperature fitting (300℃) with the following specifications:- Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz)
  • Page 20 • Drops of sauce, fruit juice etc, should be removed as soon possible with a soft cloth soaked in warm detergent water. Do not use steel wool or knives to take off stubborn layers of dirt or grease. Remove stubborn marks with a well wet soap impregnated pad, but care must be taken not to scratch the enamel.
  • Page 21 WARNING - Never line any part of the oven with aluminium foil particularly the bottom. It can result in an accumulation of heat which might affect the cooking results and also damage the oven enamel. Gas Cylinder Safety • Periodically check the condition of the flexible hose of gas connection and have it replaced by skilled technicians as soon as it shows abnormalities.
  • Page 22 GUARANTEE AND SERVICE • We, Electrolux, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our option repair or replace the same FREE OF CHARGE for labour, materials or carriage on condition that: •...
  • Page 23 CONNSUMER CARE CENTER Consumer Care Tel : (+66 2) 725 9000 Consumer Care Center Tel: 1300-88-11-22 Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd. Electrolux Home Appliances Sdn. Bhd. Electrolux Building 14th Floor Corporate Office Address: Unit T2-7, 7th Floor, 1910 New Phetchaburi Road, Tower 2 , Jaya33 Hyper office, No.
  • Page 24 Dah Chong Hong, Ltd. - Service Centre 8/F., Yee Lim Godown Block C 2-28 KwaiLok Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. Classified as Internal...

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