Standard Features - HP 570SFP+ Specification

Dual-port 10gb ethernet onload server adapter
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Standard Features

Dual-port 10 Gigabit
Ethernet Throughput
PCI Express Interface
Jumbo Frames
TCP/IP Stateless
Interrupt Coalescing
802.1p QoS Tagging
The 20,000 Mbps full duplex Ethernet transfer rate per port (40 Gbps aggregate full duplex) delivers
outstanding network performance that improves response time and removes bottlenecks for the next
generation data center. 10 Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth is ideal for financial services, high performance
computing, database clusters, iSCSI storage, storage backups, grid systems, virtualization, server and I/O
consolidation, fabric consolidation, and more.
The HP 570SFP+ Adapter is designed with an eight lane (x8) PCI Express bus based on the PCIe v2.0
standard. The adapter is backward compatible with four lane (x4) PCI Express, automatically auto-sensing
between x8 and x4 slots.
The HP 570SFP+ Adapter supports jumbo frames (also known as extended frames), permitting up to a 9K
byte (KB) transmission unit (MTU) when running Ethernet I/O traffic. This is over 5X the size of a standard
1500-byte Ethernet frame. With jumbo frames, networks can achieve higher throughput performance and
greater CPU utilization. These attributes are particularly useful for database transfer and tape backup
For overall improved system response, the HP 570 SFP+ adapter supports standard TCP/IP offloading
techniques including:
TCP/IP checksum offload (TCO) moves the TCP and IP checksum offloading from the CPU to the
network adapter.
Large Send Offload (LSO) or TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO) allows the TCP segmentation to be
handled by the adapter rather than the CPU.
Interrupt coalescing (interrupt moderation) groups multiple packets, thereby reducing the number of
interrupts sent to the host. This process optimizes host efficiency, leaving the CPU available for other
IEEE 802.1Q virtual local area network (VLAN) protocol allows each physical port of the HP 570SFP+
adapter to be separated into multiple virtual NICs for added network segmentation and enhanced security
and performance. VLANs increase security by isolating traffic between users. Limiting the broadcast traffic
to within the same VLAN domain also improves performance. The HP 570SFP+ Adapter provides support
for 802.1Q (VLAN).
DA - 14544 Worldwide — Version 4 — September 10, 2013
HP Ethernet 10Gb 2P 570SFP+ Adapter
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents